Rock Gerig Flying Into Picture
It was 3/8/1959 when my only son ROCkY lived
and die
3/10/1959 two days old in an incubater, a
"7" month premature Baby boy who I will see
very soon again as he will fly back into the
picture after these 59 years with the Lord.

Rocky's Father, yours truly, was born
"6" of "7"
Children in a
Preachers home in year "34."
This comet Rock above with the Capital letter G
for Gerig
, was named through the solar people
by God
"67P" ... which God named after this
Ministry ...
67 for Paul.

I was born the 22nd day of Leo the Lion month
of August
"22" ... "1934" ... meaning the end of
days and also the end of the Holy Bible ... Rev.
22:21. We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus "1" = "7" =

We add August 22, 1934 and we see this! 2 + 2 +
1 + 9 + 3 + 4 =
"21." This also touches on my
August "22" 1934. The solar eclipse
went over St. Paul, Oregon a small county close
to the capital city of Salam, Oregon on August
"21" one day before my 83rd Birthday on
"22." This is seen as the last Chapter
and verse of the Holy Bible ... Revelation

The Solar Eclipse refers to a
New Beginning
coming in! Right of
Rock Gerig God is showing
this Leo the Lion, yours truly, in lightning form
which also speaks about Jesus Christ in
Revelation 1:14-15 ...
as I preacher for Jesus
today loud and clear!

God also shows this Leo the Lion Ministry in a
volcano in fire above with the capital letter
for Gerig on top of my head. Below this is
another pictrue that God put the capital letter
"G" for Gerig over the top of yours truly who
has been in a
hot fire now for "34" years ... as
"34" is also the year I was born.

Below this Ring of Fire Ministry you can see the
Solar Eclipse going over my head in the area I
grew up as a child in the Capital area of Salem,
Oregon that extended to Albany and Lebanon,
Oregon. It was highway
"34" that leads out of
Lebanon, Oregon to freeway
"1-5" that took me
to Portland, Oregon at the age of
"19" where I
served the first part of my military duty before
finishing it in Denver, Colorado in 1955.

God is showing this small county of St. Paul
looking to the left from where this Solar Eclipse
came from and left at
South Carolina. Notice my
face with the
red ring around my eye that the
map people made. They also made the little area
of St. Paul in red on the white map. This map of
St. Paul shows the grey bears of Russia and
China coming down from the North covering
over the eye of this Pig Church and Pig nation
soon to be screaming out
Bloody Murder as this
Pig Church of today still swims with a Fish Tail
but are far from the Fish Church of 2000 years

Next we see this huge Lion Rock one mile east
of my home, which stands about 60 or 70 feet in
the air looking to the upper left. I put
aul right
of the outlined Golden P for Paul that God put
into the  huge Rock resembling Prophet Paul.
Left of the P for Paul ... you can see what looks like the letter "L" for PauL This letter "L" also looks
like a Wheel-Chair that I preach from daily due to loosing the use of my legs and feet to Diabedies
6-7 years ago. I have an in-home care lady who works for me two days a week and her name is
"PAM." I will go into this next after I explain this huge rock picture of St. Paul. Below the word,
coming ... you can see I outlined a black BULL coming down off this Lion mountain of God, meaning
the Black Bull Market of this LIon nation is coming down and then the
Red Bear Market of Russia
and China comes in as seen above in St. Paul, Oregon

Below the black Bull coming down about one inch, and one inch to the left, you can see the head of
this Pig nation on fire with the capital letters
"DC" for Washington DC in fire over this Pig Head
Nation where the Sink-hole is showing up by the White House and taking down this Pig headed
nation with the Pig Headed 45th President, Trump at the helm. The bottom right corner shows the
Dog preachers of 2 Peter 2:20-22 preaching lies to this nations Churches and also to the entire
world, as seen in Revelation 17:1-7.
Left was storm Pam the name of my In-home
care lady. Above the first
Red X you can see my
face and below it is the face of a Lion, this
ministry of Leo the Lion for God. The right
Red X
in the two capital letters,
"SC" for South
where this Solar Eclipse left this nation
on August
"21" ... 2017. We add 2 + 1 + 7 = "10"
the land of the "10" sleeping Virgins and a new
beginning is coming! The botton rock the
weather people show under this huge strom
cloud, points to this last day ministry telling the
world it is finished.

I recieved a phone call from a Ministry in South
Carolina in year 2000 from a prophet who had
gotten hold of one of my books and called me to
put me on short and long wave radio.
X              X
He called me back half an hour later and asked me first ... Who is the beast? I said, Bill Clinton #42
from Washington.
The next thing I said, Russian will nuclear bomb this nation. Today Russia is
threatening to do this very thing and this will surely happen as sure as the sun comes up in the
morning. We talked for half an hour and when we hung up as I often do when something major like
this happens, I picked up my Bible to have it Open Up to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent
from about half an hour
Left in cloud form from Almighty
God, shows Pam Pushing me in a
wheel-chair whie I am blowing this
awesome trumpet today to the
entire world below. You can see
me the center of this Storm with
my trumpet pointing downward to
earth from heaven above. Behind
my head you can see Pam wearing
dark glasses as she does when
the sun in out. Right of my head
you can see a man as below also
wearing dark glasses looking up
hopefully repenting of his sins.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle prophet Paul Gerig ...