Ring Of Fire - Hawaii Shows End
Dead Head---------->
looking at you.
Two Dead Head left and below
are four more dead heads.
We count "6"
dead heads at
the end of the
today, God says,
it is finished!
Now  comes  
the Ring of
President Trump on Friday approved a disaster declaration for Hawaii as the state deals with
damage from a volcanic eruption on its largest island.

The White House announced Friday night that federal funding had been approved for local
recovery efforts in the area affected by the Kilauea volcanic eruption and earthquakes that began
early last month.
God is showing the Ring of Fire tells the story today of the very end of days! This Open Vision
above from the
Ring of Fire in Hawaii ... shows the world has come to the end of their days and
nothing beast, President Donald Trump "45" can do will stop what God has already began to do ...
taking his world into the ending Fire to purify mankind. God said, he would not end the world in
water again, but would end the world in
FIRE instead; FIRE coming from his Russian Bear who soon
drops Nuclear Fire Bombs on the world. This sign is also seen below a
Rain-Bow of Red-blood War.
Notice left God's unhappy mouth, his war water rainbow
upside down and unhappy and his two black eyes above
... shows this fire is now coming in
, is shown from His
Ring of Fire seen above. The war bow God is using soon
and suddenly
, is coming from Russia and China and other
nations he is using to take down his
"3"rd Babylon ... the
. The USA is the third and largest Babylon ever.
Babylon means the strongest and richest nation on earth
beginning in the days of Adam in Genesis
11:1-9 and the
third Babylon seen beginning to go down in NYC, Babylon
the USA on 9/11/1 seen here in reverse of the first Babylon in Genesis 11:1-9. Where do we see
the second Babylon in Daniel? We see in Daniel
9:11 when the Jews turned away from God and
God told them, anyone who goes to Egypt I will pursue with the sword, and those who stay in
Babylon somewhat escape the wrath
, for I will use Babylon to help clean up my first Israel people. If
you leave Babylon and go to Egypt which means the world, I will destine you for the sword.

"What was before will be again, and what is now was before ... there is nothing new under the Sun."
Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ... The first Apostle Paul spoke from 1 Thessalonian 5:1-7 and he was
talking to the awake Church that labor pains would come down on the sleeping Churches of the last
days, and they would not escape. Today 2000 years later God's second Apostle Paul is speaking to
this Church of today, those sleeping seen in Matthew 25 verses "6-7." Matthew 25 added refers to
the "7" Churches 2000 years later and the verses "6-7" are seen as part of 1 Thessalonian 5:1-7, as
we see the awake Church of St. Paul's first of the Church
, and now St. Paul at the end of the
sleeping Churches today ... chapter 5 and verses 1-7.

Now we add Thessalonian 5:1-7 and we see this today.
5 + 1 = "6" and "7" equals "6-7" of Matthew
"6-7" that refers to the sleeping Church the first Apostle Paul spoke about 2000 years ago and
today at the closing out of this once good fishing Church who today has turned sour, God's last day
St. Paul Prophet speaks to the this dead Church of today
who are still sleeping seeing nothing!

It was the year 2001 when I was in Indiana
. I had breakfast with a woman named Shanon and her two
twin daughters five years old. Shanon told me at the restaurant she had a dream but didn't know the
meaning of the dream. She said   (her mother whose name was Myra ... Myra means ... My Rachel
Churches of today)  
... Paul I had a dream last night and I don't know what it means. "I saw this man
standing on the tomb-stones
in the graveyard preaching Jesus." At that very moment I said to
Shanon, you are having breakfast with the man standing on the tombstones preaching to a DEAD

I was in Kentucky for 13 months preaching to the world on TV for
"7" months to the "7" Churches.
Shannon's twin daughters about 5 years old, cute as could be
, before we went to the restaurant
came running out from their bedroom stark naked and when Shanon saw them made them go back
into their bedroom and dress.
Here is the sign of Shannon's dream. The two little girl Churches of
today are stark naked ... these the two little girl Churches ... the Catholics and the Protestants alike
are stark naked before God and the whole world today.
(This ministry is also seen as a Father

, I preach to a "very stark naked little girl Church" who are suppose to be a woman, running
out from the
Father's house today ... stark naked before the whole world and God at Judgment time.
Rachel comes into the picture of Laban who married two women before the law came out on only
one wife. Leah was Jacob's
first wife refers to Father God's who Jacob worked "7" years to get.
represents the Jews as seen in Revelation 7. Next, Jacob worked another "7" years to get the
prettier wife, Rachel the Church
, seen in Revelation 14.

We see 7 + 7 = Revelation 14, the 144,000 overcomer's from the Church that God soon takes out to
be with him while the rest of the Church stays behind to be purged of their sins by fire. Before this
we see Leah, the Jews in Revelation 7 ... being sealed by God before hell is opened up on earth.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...