Ring of Fire - Dogs Leaving
Hawaii's Volcano National park is
the head of a Dog plain and simple
looking left. Right of this is
another picture of the Dog Church
of 2 Peter 2:20-22 shown above in
lava, flowing from the
Ring of Fire
Volcano's in Hawaii. Left seen in
white, are a group of dogs in
smoke form from Almighty God,
showing the Dog Church of today
is soon to
SMOKE. Left, another
large dog head in smoke from
God's Ring of Fire in Hawaii.
Do we finally get the picture from God Almighty that this Dog Church of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22
is right on the mark? Miracle after miracle coming from Almighty God and still the Dog's seen exactly
nothing! They are like the Pharoah of Egypt when God showed through his first Moses, many miracles
that Pharaoh would not believe either.
"What was before will be again, and what is now was before."
1:19 and Eccl. 1:9-11.    (God is the God of Numbers confirmed In Rev. 1 & Eccl. 1)

We can see in Revelation 11:8 this passage about
Sodom and Egypt figuratively speaking where
also our Lord was Crucified!
 Meaning again but this time by the Dog Church at Kingdom time,
meaning today!
Revelation is not a history book as some of the Dog Churches make it out to be if it
doen't fit their false religion. One really bad false prophet preacher,
Jimmy Swaggart, uses this book
of Revelation to fit his lying false prophecies. Not only does he use the Book of Revelation to miss
interpet the Bible, but he begins in Genesis all the way through Revelations.
As Satan was the leader in heaven of music, so
Swaggart of the earth below is also seen as a
leader of
Chrisitan Music. Coming from the lava
flow in Hawaii left, God shows this balding white
head of Jimmy Swaggart looking to the right,
the black face of Satan
. God put a white ring
around Satan's nose for you see for verification.
Notice the lava flow as music flowing down to
the Dog's Ears with their mouths wide open and
their red tongue sticking out enjoying this Dog
preachers music and then believe all his lies
coming from his mouth and also the Bible he and
Satan has written with Jimmy's own translation in
RED below the orginal KJV Bible. Notice in some
Bibles in the NT shows in
RED Jesus speaking.
Jimmy's Bible does this from Genises to Rev.
Left is another Lava flow in Hawaii, showing the military
solute of Hitler of world war 2 ... and part of the Lava flow
seen above and also below, as I show you behind
Swaggarts head the head of old HItler in signs soon to
go after the Church! Jesus said, what was good for the
Jew is now good for the Gentile for God does not show
favoritism. This happened to the Jews in the 30's and
40's added together is 70 and dropping the zero we see
"7" Dog Churches of today.

Below Hitler I show you the full picture of Swaggart,
Satan, and HItler behind the balding head of Swaggart.
Notice behind Swaggarts head, you can see Hitler's
Military war hat. Below this
you can see his whte face
looking to the left just before
he turns around and goes
after the white, red tongue
dog Churches of today.
Below HItler and his military
hat, is another picture of the
dog above with a large red
tongue that I took from
another angle laying down
as sleeping like Matthew 25:6-7 says she is doing.  
But then she wakes up at the darkest hour when
she hears the nuclear bombs going off in her ears
coming from the Russian bear!
Below the dog Church laying down, is Hitler in cloud
form from God even showing his black Mustache.
Right of HItler is another Open Vision from the lava
flow in the
Ring of Fire Hawaii. You can see God put
the President in the drivers seat roaring down the
road today with the
dirty dust billowing out behind
. You can see this black-bird Trump 45 heading
into the white-hot nuclear bombs from Russia with
his blabbering mouth wide open! ... his black head
bird  beak wide open as usual and blowing off his
lower jaw and soon to Blab no more!
After looking at these miracles from Almighty God and walking away and doing nothing, I do not feel a
bit sorry for you! I have been acussed of making these miracles from God myself but how in the
world would one go about it? It is my God showing these things just like he did it through the first
Moses as well, but Pharaoh would not listen to him either just like the Pharaoh Dog Church of today
will not listen either ... Rev. 11:8 figuratively speaking where also our Lord is crucified,
this time by
the Gentile Dog Churches
.      (Rev. 11:8 ... 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping dog Churches of Matthew 25:6-7)
Hitler            Swaggart               Dogs
Swaggart          Satan
Donald John Trump 45 in drivers seat
Hitler in cloud form
Dog Church laying
Down soon to get
up and start
Dogs blown off God's
mountain on Ring of
Dog Church soon goes
Top 2 a Match on Ring of Fire
The Solar Eclipse that happened last year
August 21 happened one day before my 83rd
August 22 ... meaning the end of days
and the last Chapter of the Holy Bible,
Revelation 22:21. This refers to a new
beginning coming in, the 1000 year kingdom of
Jesus Christ! God is showing this also in
numbers ... 2 + 2 + 2 =
"6" plus 1 = "7" put
together is
"67." God is showing the Church
today in Matthew 25, added refers to the
Churches seen in verses
"6-7." This last day
God's Moses Prophet was born in a preachers
"6" of "7" children. I preach this message
to the Church at the Hour of Judgment today ... this Eternal Gospel from my third Angel website seen
in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." The coming in beasts first head is "6 x 7" = Bill Clinton "42" who came
out from the Baptist Church! The NT says, the anti-Christ will come out from the Church and was said
2000 years ago seen in the NT Bible.

Above, God shows his Solar Eclipse going over the small county of
St. Paul, Oregon and leaving at
South Carolina. Above shows the map of Oregon and the small red part is St. Paul. God has them
blow up St. Paul in white, and looking to the left with a
red circle around his eye. This ties into the
Red Ring of Fire seen above around the Pacific Ocean and also the area where I grew up as a child
and still live on the West Coast, the east side of the
Ring of Fire. Notice my face looking left and
seeing the message from Almighty God, shows the bear of Russia coming down covering the
EYE of
Dog-Pig Church of today and they see nothing. Notice the mouth of these Dogs and PIgs wide
open soon to be screaming out ...

US Florida Birds Going To Hell   ...  Click the left side of your mouse on the blue to see this awesome
message. It shows this ministry beginning at the
Solar Eclipse in St. Paul, Oregon and leaving at
South Carolina
! God shows this in cloud form of my face in this huge Pam Cloud also showing me as
his Lion's face also seen from the Tribe of Judah where Jesus the Lion came from! I speak from this
LION Jesus today. You can see my arm laying in bed reaching out to the two large capital letters,
"SC" for South Carolina.

It shows this ministry preaching from short-wave and long wave radio to the whole world for half and
hour from South Carolina year 2000. The Prophet from SC called me and put me on the air for half an
hour and asked me who the coming in beast is ...
I said, Bill Clinton 42 and in the same breath I said,
"Russia will nuclear bomb this nation." I said this 18 years ago and today Russia and China are
preparing to take out this second Jer-
USA-lem nation because this nation has turned against the
living God and worship Satan!

After we hung up the phone we were talking from, I picked up my Bible and opened it up and it fell in
front of my eyes on Revelation 8:1 ... which said,
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour." This
meant Heaven was listening while God's last day Moses Prophet told the world who the coming in
main beast is, Bill Clinton
"42" who came out from the Sleeping Church without detection!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...