Rev. # 12 & Fire # 12
Howe Ridge Fire, August 12, 2018. NPS photo.
Father God says ... I am the smoke and i am the Fire
burning to clean up a filthy World and Church today.
Father God is the smoke and
he is also the fire! He also is
seen in signs in the white
over the fire, as the white
Lamb of Jesus with him seen
in the middle of the smoke
and fire seen left.

Notice the fire God below in
the second Open Vision
showing Father God pointed
out with his black eyes and
fiery beard and the dark
Church in the middle of God's
fire, and the capital letter "V"
for the Virgin churches today
in the fire from Almighty God.
Below the "V" is the face of
<----Lamb Jesus
<-----Father God ... "V" Virgins
the Church now going into the fire of ...
Purification for God is seen as the
God of Fire
and this fire is his last and final baptism

This number
"12" fire shows the Midnight
Hour is now upon us ... this
Midnight 12 hour of
Matthew 25:"6-7
" is now at the front door of the
sleeping Churches today, waking up and
looking the fire and smoke from God in their

Below is a large sign from God Almighty in the
fires burning on the West Coast of second Jer-
USA-lem. Notice the number "12" sign in the
fire burning today. Number
"12" ... Church its
"12" O'clock ... MIDNIGHT and the fires from
God are now burning

War has already happened in heaven seen in
"12" and Micheal and his angeles has
gone to war with Satan and his angels and now
lost their place in heaven and have been cast
to the earth below! Now hell is opened up on
earth today as one can plainly see all the
killings and lies coming from Satan who was
cast to the earth below and runs the show on
earth until God says,
it is finished.

Here we see Revelation
"12" verse "12" saying
"Rejoice heavens for Satan has been cast out!
12.  "Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea
because the
devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his
time is short.
Revelation 12:"12" ...

When the Dragon was cast to the earth he pursued the woman who gave birth to the man child ...
this man Child in this passage is Jesus. It was the Jews who gave birth to Jesus! Then in verse "13"
we see the Dragon, Satan, going after Israel spewing water from bis mouth ... meaning armies of
soldiers chasing after old Israel, but God helps the 144,000 Jews seen in Revelation 7 and swallows
the armies of Satan. Tbis makes Satan angry and then he goes after her offspring ... the Church ...
(Read it)  those who obey God's Commandments and hold to the Testimony of Jesus ...
today's Church that has gone astray but still preach Jesus which the Jews do not preach
Jesus but the fallen Cburches of today preach, but do not obey all his commandments!

What is happening today if not horrendous things, like people killing people ... mothers killing their
children and etc? Satan is running rampent today like never before for he has been cast out of
heaven as seen in Revelation
12 today ... heaven is happy for this but the earth below where he
has been cast down to ...
hell has been opened up on earth and will only get worse as the
days go by! We are living in the days of fire without a shadow of a doubt!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...