Repub - 666 Trump Con-Artist
...  the Beast Hiding Behind Second Jer-USA-lem's flag ...
Some years ago when I was registered to vote in the Republican party where my wife Lori was Secretary Treasure
of the Republican Party in Washington County in Portland, Oregon, much has taken place between the
Republicans and the Democrats since then. Today a literal "3" Ring Circus is going on in Washington DC just
before God has gotten his belly full of this Garbage of this last day Mystery, third Babylon seen in Revelation 17:1-
7 that has messed up the
entire world and killed the true saints of God ... read it!

You can see me in the upper left Open Vision from a volcano with the Trumpet to my mouth hollering out the
truth today and the very rich Donald Duck Trump Presidency that is lying before the entire world as if he were
God, but is from the devil himself!  Beast
"666" Trump is also seen in Isaiah "66:6" as one of the "3" beast
presidents of this gone down the drain nation that takes out the sleeping Churches soon and suddenly. God says
in this passage
I will take out my enemies, meaning the Churches ... read it!

Quote from Trump: [Democrats are] actually con artists because they know how quality
this man is and they have destroyed a man’s reputation and they want to destroy it even
more. And I think people are going to see that in the midterms. What they have done to
this family, what they have done to these children, these beautiful children of his, and
what they have done to his wife. And they know it’s a big, fat con job.
 Unquote:   (Another
liar like beast Trump)

Before I go any farther I will bring in the "3" beast presidents who fill the bill of Isaiah "66:6" the beast
ready to take out the dead, sleeping Church of today as God shows all "3" of them
without a shadow of a doubt!
Notice, God is the God of Numbers not Satan as Numbers controls his entire creation and also his entire Bible
from Genesis
"1" all the way through Revelation verse "2---1" two number "1"s. Liar Trump, a sex maniac
himself who is now being sued by two women accusing him of sexual misconduct with them, is trying to defend his
choice for the Supreme Court in this land of the "3"rd red Babylonian nation seen in Revelation 17:1-7 who has
messed up the entire world and Churches of today. We add 17:1-7 ... 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC.

Now to show you what a child could understand ... all
"3" beast men of the "666" are two Republicans and one
Democrat! The first Beast is Democrat William Jefferson Clinton 42 from Washington. The second beast of the
"666" is Republican George W. Bush 43. The "3"rd Beast of the "666" is Republican Donald J. Trump 45 who is
making large waves today just before God takes out the third beast Babylonian nation today, the USA.  All
beast men were born in year "4
6" and we see "666" of the last days on earth and led by a Roman Catholic
today who wants to bring in another Roman Catholic to put on the Supreme Court of this land.

Before I go any farther I will show you in Revelation 2:20-23 that this Roman Catholic Church seen here as the
first Church named
Thyatira where the spirit of Jezebel came out from ... where the second Church, the
Protestants called Sardis came out from. Sardis in Greek means the
"Remains" meaning the remains of the
true Church. It was Thyatira who burned the Sardis Church, the Protestants at the stake during the dark
Reformation. Next, came the Church of Philadelphia ... the Pentecostal Churches of today who are still called

Here is the kicker! The Roman Catholic Church are seen as laying in a bed of SUFFERING in Rev. 2:20-23 ...
this the
Roman Catholic Church of today led  by Roman Catholic Trump 45 who is trying to push into power
Roman Catholic on the Supreme Court in this last day Babylon nation ... second Jer-USA-lem. This
passage also states; she will lay in a bed of suffering and those, meaning the Protestants and the Pentecostals who
commit adultery with her, will also go into this same
hot bed of suffering unless they repent of her ways.

The first head of the beast,
WJC ... who has "23" letters in his long name, as 23 means DEATH ...and is seen in
the Church of Thyatira, the Roman Catholic Church of today, and verse
"23" shows her children going into
DEATH as Jesus said, "I will strike her children DEAD." This also ties into the Protestant and Pentecostal
Churches of today unless they repent of her ways, the ways of the Roman Catholic Church ... the president of
this nation today, devil filled Donald John Trump making awesome waves like never before!

Next we see
"3" beast president men from this gone down the drain nation ... Trump born "6"th month ... Bush
"7"th month and Clinton born "8"th month we now see "6" ..."7"... "8." Now we see these "3" Pale
Riders of
DEATH. We see them in Revelation "6:"..."7"..."8." just before Hell is Opened up on earth
coming in as the
"3" headed LION BEAST.
Prophet Paul Blowing His Trumpet
to the world today, it is finished!
Left shows yours truly blowing this Jesus Trumpet
today, revealing the
"White House" going to pot now
on its way out. I removed all the substance in my
Adobe Photo section of my computer, showing only
Paul blowing this Jesus Trumpet today loud nad
clear. This Open Vision happened on Election day a
few years ago showing this Ministry blowing this
Jesus' Trumpet; notice Jesus' head looking down
over the state of Florida while I am blowing this
Trumpet from the
West Coast where I live. Notice
Jesus is coming and hitting this white bald eagle
nation in its head killing it as he uses her 3
presidents to do his job today seen in Isaiah
the "3" pale riders of DEATH!
Quote: Trump and his accusers: Ninni
Laaksonen: The former Miss Finland,
second from left, said Trump groped her
in 2006 before she appeared on the Late
Show with David Letterman with Trump
and other Miss Universe contestants.
Donald Trump posed with Miss Universe
contestants during the July 17, 2006 visit
to the "Late Show with David.  

Quote left:    Stormy Daniels crowd-
funding her legal fees in
suit against Trump ...

One liar to the other liar from the White
House of second Jer-
USA-lem and who
is calling the black pot white
Left on one of God's sandy beaches he shows this Eagle bird
nation going down never to rise again, seen in the book of
Jeremiah 50-51. God completely destroys this Nation very soon.

6.    “My people have been lost sheep;
 their shepherds have led them astray
 and caused them to roam on the mountains.
They wandered over mountain and hill
and forgot their own resting place.
7.     Whoever found them devoured them;
 their enemies said, ‘We are not guilty,
for they
sinned against the Lord, their verdant pasture,
 the Lord, the hope of their ancestors.’ "
Jeremiah 50:"6-7"'...
God, the God of numbers and not Satan as the sleeping Churches claim, those following Satan
today which are most, we see Matthew 25 showing the sleeping Churches of the last days seen in
"6-7" are the Churches of today seen above in Jeremiah 50 verses "6-7."

What does number "50" represent? Number "50" refers to a new beginning! I was looking at year
"50" when I came back to the Lord who died and rose again at the age of "33" ... that was "33"
years ago. I was born in a preacher home "6" of "7" children and I preach to the Seven Churches
today seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" this Eternal Gospel at the HOUR OF JUDGMENT TODAY ...
a must to read. Now take out your calculator to see the rest.

Today we are leaving the "6"th Millennium and going into the "7"th Millennium ...
6-7." Number "50" refers to a Jubilee. Today we are heading into the 120th Golden Jubilee ... and
now we see Satan using his beast,
Golden Rich Donald J. Trump who sets at the head of this nation
taking her down! We are at the end of the
120th Jubilee and today 50 X 120 is 6000 years of man
on earth and his number is
"6" ... the 6000 years of mankind messing up the show today without a
shadow of a doubt! Now we are headed into the "7"th day ... going from day "6" into day "7" ...
Beast "3" hiding behind the
flag of second Jer-USA-lem!
Left, is a huge rock close to my old home
in the wilderness, shows beast Bush
leaning to the left, with the hat of the
president on his head and hiding behind
Cross of Jesus Christ in the Bush!
With him are the other two heads of the
Lion Beasts looking to the right on his
Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Below came from one of God's volcano's
Red Pants Burning G. W. Bush 43  
(add 4 + 3 = "7" Churches) and Bush claims
to be a good Christian but is a liar's
is talking to the Goat Churches
today instead of sheep churches
. Jesus
said, the Goats will be on my left meaning
Judgment, and my sheep will be on my
right, meaning Mercy.

Notice over Bushes head is the white
head of a beast, for Bush is a beast just
like the other two president,
Clinton and
Trump are both beasts
who take down the
Goat Churches of Isaiah "66:6"
that they are working at today without
The "3" presidents are all
beasts today without a shadow of a doubt

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet
John ... Paul the second ...
The "7" Goat
George W. Red Pants
43 Burning Bush ... 4 +
3 = "7" Churches today