Red Horse Rides - Fires Begin
The Red Fire Horse is running now like the wing. The fire image above right, looks like the
woman Church of today and others running with their mouth wide Open in horror, not only in this
nation but around the whole world
, as this picture came from Greece!  As in the days of Noah so shall
it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ!
 (Greece touches on a Slippery slope
that the world is on today and cannot get out of the way of the fires God is sending on the world)
God is a consuming Fire!  

How many people did God save in Noah's day when Noah preached this message to the world in his
day for 120 years and le
ft with only 7 besides himself? This message I am preaching today does not
leave many left on earth ...
as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of Jesus Christ.

The above images shows the
red fire horse running today like the wind, and right behind this fire
horse comes the Woman Churches of today
and others, with their mouths wide open as the lying wolf
preachers have been telling them,
do not worry because God will take you out before the fire comes
down upon you ... a lie from hell!
God is showing houses by the thousands burning down in this
nation of second Jer-
USA-lem and many of the people call themselves Christians!

What has happened? Did God forget to take them out before the fire fell down on them and their
Wake UP O' sleeping Church your now at the end of your road and nothing but
horror awaits you
!  If you are not part of the overcoming 144,000 saints who have overcome Satan
to-date seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who has Jesus and the Father's name written on their foreheads
who comes from the Church
and not the house of the old Jewish nation, then your in the fire of God!

This is also seen in the OT in Isaiah
"66:7" ... the man child overcoming Church Children are born
from this Pregnant woman Church
of today, just before the 42 months of labor pain wrath falls down
upon the woman Church
who are left behind after she gives birth to the true Children of God. Those
taken out are the 144,000 world wide
, with Jesus and the Father's name written on their foreheads,
leaving all the rest behind to be purified before they can see God in all his glory.
Those left behind
are seen in verse
"8." (Number 8 means a new beginning)

, you have been lied to by the wolf preachers who do not know God, to say the very least!
Jesus said,
"The letter kills but the Spirit gives the light!" The sleeping Churches know the Bible to
the letter, but they do not know it in the Spirit
! Today the letter is beginning to kill them and will
continue to kill them until this shot
from God is all over! Many saved will be laying on the ground
dying of major heart attacks
or other causes when they see the fire coming upon them, as this fire
today will soon turn into a
Nuclear Fire that comes from the Russian Bear!

, we see Peace and Safety between Putin and Trump, but Apostle Paul stated in 1 Thes.
5:1-6 that when the sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7
--- wake up ... as Paul stated this will come  
upon them as labor pains comes upon a pregnant woman ...
they will not escape!  The labor pains
are now falling upon the sleeping Churches of today and they will not

The first Apostle Paul of 2000 years ago, was talking to the Awake Church  and today this last day
Apostle Paul is speaking to the
Sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7. I speak today to the Matthew 25
added is
"7" Churches and born in a preacher home "6" of "7" children ... more signs from heaven.

You can see where I preach today in Revelation 14
, from my third flying in mid-air Angel website at
HOUR of JUDGMENT ... this Eternal Gospel in verses "6-7." Now I wonder who the God of
really is if not my awesome, miracle God and not Satan that the Churches of today claim!
They are following Satan today who they believe is Jesus Christ! Jesus warned us 2000 years ago
this would happen, Satan coming as an angel of light and we were to be aware of this!

Isaiah 14:13-14 tells us this would happen and it has happened! Satan said he would put his throne
above the stars of God and he would rule over them which he has done! The Churches of today say
the stars are God's Angels which is a lie from hell. Apostle Paul was taken to the third heaven in
spirit form and was told not to tell what he saw. God and his angels occupy the third heaven, and
Satan who was cast out now occupies the second heaven, and the saints of God occupy the first
heaven where you see the stars. Below I show you this message coming from God's Hubble
telescope below, showing a man on top looking down and the woman below looking to the right. 1
Timothy 2:11-15 Paul states, the woman is not to be over the man, but today the Churches have
tossed this out and use woman to preach to men.
The two witnesses are men and woman alike as
seen left. Notice God shows them in the stars of
heaven, people not angels as the sleeping
Churches claim. The man is on the top over the
women in the Churches as seen in 1 Timothy
2:11-15. The 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 in the NT
and the man child soon to be born from this
pregnant woman Church, is seen in the OT in Isaiah
66:7 They are soon born, taken out by Father God
just before the labor pains of the
42 months of
wrath begins, The Church who gives birth to the
man child 144,000 children ... saints ... stay behind to
go through the
42 months of fiery wrath seen in
"8." They stay behind to be purified!

Jesus said,
"God will burn off all the Hay, Wood and
Stubble, you will be saved but Only as one
through the Flames of Fire.
Running Church
has started
The two liars are together over a peace plant behind liar
Trumps right hand of second Jer-
USA-lem. Paul said when
they say
Peace and Safety sudden destruction will fall
down on the
Sleeping Church like labor pains coming upon
a pregnant woman and they will not escape! Paul was
talking to the
Awake Church but today this second
Apostle Paul is speaking to the
Sleeping Church of

God is a God of numbers but the sleeping Church say
Satan is the one of numbers ... very very wrong!
What we see is Satan copying God but twists everything around to lies that the sleeping Churches of
today believe comes from God, but from Satan himself. Now we look at Matthew
"25:6-7" and we
see this: 2 + 5 =
"7" added to verses "6-7" we see "767" the two Boeing "767" Airliners that took
down the
"2" tall towers in NYC, Babylon on "9/11/1." The first Babylon tower God also took down is
seen in Genesis
"11:1-9" ... the same numbers as this third Babylonian nation today but in reverse!
The third tower to fall was tower number
"7" that touches on the "7" churches now going down!

The first two tall towers to fall were
110 stories tall, as Jesus Christ has "11" letters in his name and
we do not use the "O" in
110. These towers looked like the number "11" Jesus standing in the
skyline of this great city. It was the sign of Jesus Christ number
"11" that is over the "7" Churches
9/11/1  that today God is now burning down that started on the West Coast where his end time
Prophet lives and sees the smoke over his area of Klamath
USA...soon Falls, Oregon ... and now
going across this whole nation and world.
Churches it time to start running! The
Red Horse of fire has now begun to
ride across this nation and world.
When they say Peace and Safety sudden destruction
will come on the sleeping Church as labor pains coming
upon a pregnant woman and they will not escape! The
pregnant Church is seen in Isaiah
66:7 soon to give
birth to the
overcoming man child children just before
these labor pains of the 42 months of wrath comes
down upon this
pregnant woman, Chicken Church of
. Remember Matthew 25:6-7 that also touches on
Matthew 24:6-7  and the two Boeing "767"s that took
down the towers in NYC, Babylon on

We add Matthew
24:6-7 and we see Isaiah "2 + 4" =
66:7 and the pregnant woman Church of today
is very soon to give birth to the Overcoming 144,000 saints and leaving the rest of the Chicken
Church behind, those who did not do their jobs!   
"6" "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but
see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.
"7" Nation will
rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various
" Matthew 24:6-7 ...  (2 + 4 = "6" = Isaiah ... and 24 added shows Isaiah "66:7" as the pregnant
Church of today of Matthew 24, are now ready to give birth to the man child
overcoming Church and
God takes them out leaving the Church of Isaiah
66:8 ... those of Matthew 24 and 25 behind to be
cleaned up.

The Chicken Church left behind are seen in Matthew
24 and 25 added is "67" We multiply 6 x 7 =
"42" and we see the man child born just before the "42" months of labor pain wrath comes upon
the pregnant, woman Church who stays behind. Number
"42" is also the number of the first head of
the "3" headed Lion Beast men and is also seen in Revelation 13:5-7 ... the beast Clinton
"42" is
given another
"42" months to come against the saints, the left behind Church and to conquer

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...