Red Headed Church Gives Birth
The scarlet, red headed woman Church of Revelation 17:1-7
is now ready to give birth to the Overcoming 144,000 true
saints today also seen in Revelation 14:1-5. Jesus speaks
about this also in Luke 21:34-36 those who will soon stand
on Jesus' throne in heaven while the fire burns below.
This is also spoken about in Isaiah 66:7 when the Overcomer's are born ... "Just before this
pregnant woman Church with fire flowing out from her behind, gives birth to the Overcoming Man
Child 144,000 Children of God.
" These 144,000 are very soon to be taken out to heaven to stand
before the
Son of Man Jesus Christ. Isaiah 66:7 shows they are born just before the labor pains
of the 42 months of wrath falls down upon the Sleeping Church!
 (66:7 ... END OF 6th Millennium ... 6
X 7 =
"42" the beast number Clinton 42 going after the sleeping Church after the manchild
overcomers are born and taken to heaven by God)   

This pregnant Church then goes fully into the Fire of purification to be cleaned up ... this is seen in
verse "8." (Number 8 refers to a new beginning) This passage states; who has ever heard of such a
thing, can a country be born in a day? that no sooner does Zion ... the Church, go into labor,
meaning the 42 months of labor pain wrath when she gives birth to the rest of her children! This
meaning the rest of the Church left behind, those who have not yet overcome Satan!

We see in Revelation 13:5-7 that the beast, Bill Clinton number
"42" is given another "42" months
of wrath to come against the last day Church left behind,
 to conquer them ... read it. As I write this
I am looking out to the west seeing smoke and a helicopter is flying in the smoke carrying a bucket
of water to put out the fire that broke out a short time ago off highway
"97" that goes through
Klamath Falls ...
USA soon falls to fire!  (This fire is only a very short distance from where I live ...
maybe one mile
if that far)  We add 97 ... 9 + 7 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. Klamath
USA is soon to Fall ... more signs!

My God is a God of Numbers, not Satan that the Church of today claim. All Satan does in copy God
but then he twists the truth all around and has the Churches of today messed up real bad and they
do not know the truth one bit. While this was going on in front of where I live today, my friend Brian
iez of Northern Califoria was in Santa Rosa, California. Tnis is the sign of fire Jesus Christ known
as the
Rose of Sharon where my uncle Benjamin lived some years ago before he died and went
to be with the Lord. You say, so what?

While the Fire was burning across this west coast and also in front of my home, my friend Brian
whose last name ties into the blood line of Jesus Christ, was in Santa Rosa
, the sign of Jesus Christ
Rose of Sharon ... seen as the Fire Lion of Judah, are soon to be taken out ... soon to be born
seen in Isaiah 66:7 just before the 42 months of labor pains falls down upon the pregnant Church of
today who will not escape the coming in fire from God.
(God is a consuming fire per the Bible)

Who are these Church people who stay behind to have the fire of purification come over them?
They are the Church of the
"666" seen in one verse prior to the man child overcoming saints soon
to be born
... taken out ... seen in Isaiah "66:7."  Isaiah "66:6" says: "What is that sound coming
from the ciities ... what is that noise coming from the TEMPLE
(Meaning the Churches) it is the sound
of the Lord repaying his ENEMIES all they deserse
."  Here we see the Churches of today being
enemies of God for this is what it says!
She is soon to be
running in tte fire
... red socks
Trump born year "46" ... Bush year "46"
Clinton year "46" now we see
the "3" beast men of Isaiah
"66:6" that
God chose to come against the
sleeping Churches of today seen in
Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." Trump was
born month
"6" ... Bush month "7" ...
Clinton month
"8" as they make up the
Pale Rider of DEATH
of Rev. "6:7-8."
One does not need a calculator to see who the "666" beasts of the last days are because God is
showing who they are without a shadow of a doubt! All three comes from the "3"rd and final
Babylon, and the first Beast Bill Clinton 42 is the first of the
"666" coming against the Church of

The "3" beast Presidents from this "3"rd and last Babylon, second Jer-USA-em seen above, is a
mystery to the sleeping Church as all "3" beast men came out from the sleeping Church as the
early Church stated 2000 years ago, that the anti-Christ beast would come out from the Church
because he was already in the early Church. The preachers have been telling lies to the sleepers
who do not know the Bible!

Trump 45 ... Bush 43 .... Clinton 42 added is
"130" drop the Zero and we see number "13" the sign
of Witchcraft. George Burning Bush was revealed on day
"13" of December 2000 when he
GORED Al Gore in the 2000 election in Florida. Gore won both votes, the popular and the Political
vote. The NWO ... Illuminati pulled the wool over this nations eyes when they brought in the
"HANGING SHADS" of Satan and put into power GeOrGe W. Burning Bush who had deceived much
of the Church.

Now we add again 42 ... 43 ... 45 and we see this:
"6..."7"... "8" the three beast presidents who
are riding the
Pale Horse of DEATH seen in Revelations "6:7-8."  Now if you are one of the
sleeping Churches saying God is not the God of Numbers ... Satan is ... I guess it was Satan who
wrote the Bible and not God! What does Satan do? He copies God but he twists the true around
making God's Holy Bible a lie to them. Jesus said,
"It is the letter that Kills but it is the Spirit that give
the light."

The Church today live by the letter, and it is now coming upon them in fire which will kill most of
them. This ministry is from Almighty God that most of the sleeping Churches of today do not like, to
say the very least.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...