Red Church Woman Rides Beast
Left is a picture from God's Hubble
telescope in his heavens, of the Scarlet
... Red headed woman Church of
Revelation 17:1-8 who has deceived the
whole world today riding the
can see the head of the horse she rides
today, the "3" coming back beast
presidents, Clinton 42, Bush 43 and
Trump 45 who rides the Pale Horse today
DEATH! You can plainly see this
horse she rides today is
PALE ... as seen
in  this Open Vision from Almighty God
and the woman Church who rides
s is very red headed!

Below this Open Vision from Almighty
God, is another Open Vision from his fiery
volcano showing this naked bottom
woman Church of today setting on the
head of the Presidents. Notice his head
turned around looking at you as he sets
on his bottom, notice his four legs.
This is the horse beast
the Red headed Church
of today are riding
Left is the red headed
Churches of today riding
this beast, notice her legs
out riding sidesaddle.
Notice right the head and face of
a baby, meaning a Baby Church.
The Pale horseman of DEATH has four legs the red
headed, scarlet naked woman rides.
Below the fire
showing the naked woman's butt
, is the naked woman
Church of today still in bed sleeping and the baby
Church who has never grown up to maturity
is beside
her. Next is
naked Hillary Clinton the wife of the first
head of the "3" beast men,
a Phoenix bird woman, Bill
Clinton's wife stark naked at an assemble running for
president. She is seen here with nothing on period.
She said she has nothing to hide! She is part of the
NWO and Illuminati of the Phonix Bird bringing in
Satan's government like Bill is
also, and also the rest
of the beast presidents.

This evil government coming in is filled with witchcraft
to the rafters, and the
Phoenix bird in witchcraft lives
for 500 years and dies and comes back again in
, a lie from Satan and rules the world.
The USA is 525 years old. I live a little over 100 miles
from this sign on freeway I-5.
Several miles past
Medford on I-5 is Phoenix and a few more miles south

These "3" cities ties into
Isaiah 5:1-5 and "6-7." The
fires that burned in
Northern California this year in the
Grape Vineyards that burned down, refers to the
Church in no uncertain terms
! God said in the Isaiah
5:5 that ties to the "10" sleeping
Virgin Churches of
Matthew 25
:"6-7" ... that he is lifting his hedge of
protection from around her and she will be
! Verses "6-7" God says he will stop the
going to this vineyard and she will turn into a
thorn patch
! No more cultivating and no more puning
she goes back to the wild which she is today!

The first several verses speaks about God digging up
first Israel and removing the stones and taking the   
Then at harvest time today, another 2000 years and 42
generations seen in Matthew 1:17 ...
he went to look
for a good crop of grapes but found ONLY bad fruit
Now we see Isaiah 5:5 ... 5 wise and 5 foolish Virgins that God says he is doing today ... I am lifting
my hedge of protection from around her and she wll be destroyed
! The next two verses "6-7"
ties to the 10 sleeping 5 + 5 = 10 naked, sleeping, baby virgins of Matthew 25 verses

Phoenix is next ... the Phoenix Bird of the Clinton's and the rest of Satan's evil government now
coming into play
! Next we see the city of ASHLAND. This nation becomes an Ashpit after God is
finished burning her down
! After you go through Asland, you turn left at the intersection of highway
"66" that goes to Klamah Falls. In Klamath FALLS, the sign of this nation FALLING .., you take
highway 140 east and the first small town you come to is Beatty which is 41 miles! I called this tower
Beatty and the Beast for it shows the number of George H.W Bush 41. This is the small town my in-
home care lady lives about 15 miles from my home.

Traveling 13 miles east on 140 from Beatty, is a larger town named BLY. Number 13 miles touches
on George W. Bush 43 who was revealed on Witchcraft day 13 ... December
"13" year 2000. Bill
Clinton's step father who married Bill mother when she was pregnant with bill, his last name is
Blythe.  The next town east of Bly is Lakeview another "42" miles. This is the number of the first
head of the
"666" that takes down the sleeping Churches of today seen in Isaiah "66:6."
Next we go to the OT book of JOB that God shows
in the clouds in his heavens. Now to you people
who say numbers are from Satan, look at the cloud
God put in his heavens showing these
JOB people
of today soon to fly away to heaven to be with God.
The book of JOB is "42" chapters ... the number of
the first head of the "3" Beast men, Bill Clinton 42.
After JOB prayed for his "3" friends, today the
Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals, JOB
received twice as much as he had before and he
lived 140 more years ... highway "140."
Now I wonder who laid this all out like this if God Almighty and not Satan who is just a copycat of
what God does? Now we go back to Bly, Oregon where I camped for
"42" days in year 2001. I went
into Bly to get my groceries and Gasoline when met my inhome care lady working at the gas station  
who came to work for me years later when I lost the use of my legs to diabedies. The camp I
camped at for 42 days had a large rock that stood in front of my camp that looked like the Ten
Commandment that God burned out from first Moses and now again for second Moses. The stone
seen below stood "7" feet tall and "10" feet wide, referring to the "10" sleeping Virgins of the "7"
Churches. The Churches are seen in Hosea 8 breaking God's commandments like Israel did!
Right of the sign of the broken again Ten Commandments, this
time by the Gentile Churches, stood these "7" tree Churches
with the
AXE HEAD of JESUS CHRIST in the center of them
getting ready to cut them down and toss them into the fire of
purification. Looking closely at the left side of this large Rock
of Jesus you can faintly see the image of the Lion's head,
Jesus Christ now ready to cut down the "7" tree Churches who
has also broken God's Commandments seen in Hosea 8:1-3.
This image of the "7" trees stood in front on my
42 day camp on the south side ran Sprague
River that comes out from this mountain of

Below these seven tree Churches soon to be
cut down by God, is a picture over my 42 day
camp of the black bear of Russia being raised
up by big eared Rabbit Obama 44. You can see
this black and white rabbit, Obama-nations with
large ears raising up the bear of Russia soon to
hit this nation with nuclear bombs. You can see
Obama 44 with his mouth on the nap of the
bears back raising up the Russian beast that is
now awake and will soon come against this

Daniel 2:41-42-43-44-45 says: In the days of
those kings, Bush 41 ... Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 ...  
Obama 44 ... Trump 45 ...
the God of heaven will
set up a kingdom never to be destroyed nor
left to another people. These four beast
Presidents has already served and the last one
is now in office creating havoc and causing this
nation to fall along with her Churches

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble world telescope
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...