Red Church & Satan's Hot Bread
Naked Red Burning Church looks at
the white hot Safan-berger
Sandwich  she goes into.
Right taken from God's
Hubble telescope camera in
his heavens shows the red
soon to be burning Church of
today, far right looking at the
sandwich she soon goes into!
You can see her sort of laying
down with her main body
raised up with her two hands
together at her waist and
falling backwards from the
white hot nuclear fire coming
upon her. Also from God's
camera in his heavens is this
Church below soon to run.
Below shows Isaiah
28:13-15 being hit in
her face with nuclear
radiation and falling
backwards seen in
"13." Chapter 28
added refers to the
"10" sleeping Virgin
Church of today. You
can see below her face
her two naked breasts
and below her stomach
you can also see her
dark area below!
Looking at the white hot bed for the red Church seen almost laying down and the light white color of
the letter
"V" for Virgins hitting this woman Church above her two hands on her stomach and falling
backwards. All "3" Open Visions came from God's Hubble space telescope camera in his heavens!

Are you ready to eat Satan's Communion white hot bread the little rock god of Satan today? This is
the little rock god the Church of the very last days are worshiping! Below God wants you to see this
All "3" Open Visions came from God's
camera in his heavens showing this
Churches very near future!
very naked woman Church stark naked with her hand on Rock Jesus
standing on Rock Jesus while she bows her knees to little rock Satan
her little rock god! Look at her knees and you can see the rock looking
to the right and the naked woman's knees bowing down to Satan!

This naked woman Church of today are standing looking over the water
waiting for Noah's Ark which is not coming for her! The Ark is coming for
only 144,000 saints who has overcome little rock Satan today seen in
Revelation 14:1-5 who has Jesus and the Father's name written on their
foreheads while the rest all bow their knees to Satan today who they
think is Jesus, the Rock but is the little rock Satan!

This also ties into the first head of the
"3" beast presidents, Bill Clinton
42 who was Governor of ...
"Little Rock, Ark ... ansas." Below I show
you the Dog Church the same dog Church heading this awesome
message with its golden face walking to the left and her pretty woman
face turned around backwards looking black Satan in his face thinking
he is Jesus. Behind black Satan you can see the first head of the
beast Presidents, Bill Clinton 42 the little rock of Arkansas. Below also
burned out in solid rock from God's fire finger, is the Texan cowboy
wearing the Texan hat ... George W. Buring Bush 43. Below
burning Bush you can see the sex maniac Donald J. Trump ...
the Shark with the golden X on his neck eating the scarlet red
head woman Church of Revelation 17:1-7 ... 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 =
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. Donald J. Trump sets
behind the desk of this nation gone to pot and everyone
knows he is a sex maniac if only they want to admit it. God
shows this for poof positive left with Trumps middle initial
for John beside her sex organ. I didn't make this Open Vision
from Rock close to my old home, God made it!

God very plainly shows this Dog Church of today walking left
with a golden face that also ties into Donald J. Trump
who starts nuclear war! Harry Truman dropped two Atomic
bombs on Japan in year
"45." Now you know God is the God of
numbers not Satan the sleeping dog-pig Church claims.

Below Trump eating the naked woman Church, we see the
black woman Church with her two red dogs ... the rear one
going potty and the woman Church squating as going potty as
well with her right hand on the other dogs rear end. The tide is
rolling in meaning God says this is over of the Dog's going
potty in my house which is now no more than a stinking mess.

Below in cloud form God shows what is now ready to take
place! God shows the dog's mouth is wide open today as usual
and the hammer and sickle of the Communist Party is shutting
up this Dog Church Nation and she will be no more!

God shows this in very plain cloud form, the hammer on the
right and the sickle on the left takes down the Dog Church
which is nuclear fire!
Hammer and Sickle ... Communists
Above you can see the West One, yours truly that God show
from the West Coast of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation
blowing my Jesus Trumpet today loud and clear in his Tropical
storm several years ago on election day. You can see above
the beginning of the yellow word JE for JESUS my mouth
blowing this Jesus Trump hitting the white head of our bald
Eagle nation killing it. Below Jesus' head is the state of Florida.

God's Eiijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...