Ram & The '7' Women Churches
<---Man's head
Ram Trump 45.
<--- Woman Churches head
The Ram Man ... the beasts of
Revelation 13:18 speaks about
the one with insight to calculate
the number of the beast for it is
man's number his number is

The 45th President Trump is the
Ram Beast put into power by
the Woman Church of today! It
is this
huge mouth 45th beast
that God shows
below with his arms spread out
as usual, standing on two legs
with his huge mouth wide open
as usual, smoking a nuclear
PIPE who is part of the
on the building of his son-in-
law as this family are all part of
Satan who claims to be good
Christians but are from Satan.

"7" women Churches of
today the
Ringer of the Ram,
President Donald Trump 45 ...
the battering Ram seen above
in a storm from Almighty God,
and the head right of the center
of this storm shows the head of
a man, big mouth Trump with
his huge Know it all head down
as usual soon to suck this
woman Church into his mouth.
The entire world knows Trump is a sex maniac to the hilt
and a
huge liar as well! Left God shows in burned out
rock close to my old home in the high wilderness area of
once volcano's
"43" hundred feet in elevation as I saw
on my altimeter in my motor home. I was born in year
and now we put these two numbers together we see
"77" the cloud picture God put over my home seen
below. This touches on Daniel 9:24 showing this which
begins with "77"
is decreed for
your people and
land to stop
sinning. This
Ministry is seen
next in same
verse these Open
Visions and
coming to a close
and after this Jesus Christ "33" years of age sets up his 1000 year kingdom on earth. We add Daniel
9:24 equals
"33" the age of Jesus and it was "33" years ago when i came back to the Lord.

The huge rock above shows the golden head
Dog Woman Church of today stark naked! You can see
her golden dog head and her woman head turned around shows the face of a woman looking into
black Satan's face who she believes is Jesus but the devil himself! Remember what Apostle Paul said
in 1 Timothy 2 ... he said he did not allow women to teach over men for it was Eve
, the woman who
was deceive and not man who followed his wife and sinned along with her.

The golden face of Bill Clinton 42 ... the first head of the beast behind Satan seen above, and below
shows the second head of Texan Cowboy Bush 43. Below Burning Bush is the Shark, Trump 45 with
the golden X on his neck and has this
red headed woman Church in his mouth! Trump is heading up
to her vagina. Notice the golden letter
"J" for Trumps middle name John is right of her vagina! God
who burned this rock out by his fire finger, shows this sex maniac man today who goes after the
sleeping Woman Church and takes her into the wringer of the washing machine of Almighty God to
clean her up!

Today Women are standing behind the pulpits of the Churches by the dozens or hundreds to say the
very least. They torn this passage out from their Bibles and are disobedient to God Almighty! God
named the Church as men and women as the man does the preaching but today have been deceived
and the women stepped out of her roll of giving birth to Children and this also touches on the women
giving birth to the babies ... the baby Church. Raising babies ... Children ... as Paul stated in 1
Timothy, would save the woman!

In no uncertain terms today, Women are out of the word of God! Apostle Paul of the New Testament
had his head cut off and now the last day Apostle Paul most are trying to cut off my head as well. The
Bible in
Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 same numbers says, "What was before will be again, and what is now
was before

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope worle Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...