Prophet Reveals Beast - From SC
Left is SC for South
Carolina and the
Letter "C" is also a
man's head looking
right. Left of "S" is
my arm laying in this
bed of suffering,
speaking in heaven
for 30 minutes seen
in Rev. 8:1. This
storm was named
Pam my in-home
care lady who
takes care of me in
my home and you
can see the Lion,
yours truly born on
Leo the Lion month
of August 22, 1934.
This also touches on
the solar eclipse
coming in this
year in August 21,
2017. We add 2 + 1 +
2 + 1 = "6 then 7"
born in a preachers
family "6"of "7"
The weather people showed rocks under this huge storm they named Pam that points to
God's end time Prophet who is God's Leo the Lion born on Leo the Lion's month of
August 22. The solar Eclipse is coming this year August 21, 2017 and they say it will be
visible also from
Salem, Oregon where God also speaks about this St. Paul Ministry
showing him in the area next to
Salem ... St. Paul county looking over Salem, the capital of
Oregon. Revelation
22:21 is the last chapter and verse of the Holy Bible. The very end as
we know it is before our very eyes today but the sleeping dog-pig-goat Church see
nothing because Satan has blinded their eyes as Jesus warned us would happen!
This is a map of Oregon found on
the Internet.
The small red spot is
St. Paul and left of St. Paul is
Salem, Oregon
. Left of the map
shows St. Paul looking like a man
looking at Salem, our capital, with
my mouth wide Open in
amazement of what is about to
come about ... the solar eclipse
showing the end of days. Below
my face and eye they circled in red,
shows in grey, the bear coming
down from the North after the
with the pigs mouth wide
open with a fish tail, meaning fish
Church of today is no more than a
pig that Russia is coming in to destroy! On the bottom of the large Open Vision from God,
also shows
this ministry riding in a wheelchair and pushed by Pam overlooking me in the
upper left corner wearing dark glasses as she does when the sun is out.
You can see her
pushing my wheelchair with me the
center of this storm. You can see me in the heavens
with my trumpet pointing downwards, speaking out to the head laying sideways in front of
me, a man also wearing glasses looking into my face.

I lost the use of my legs and feet five years ago to diabetes, and am preaching today from
my wheelchair and bed, to a
Pig Church gone mad, a Pharaoh Church who would not
believe the first Moses either
, as seen in Revelation 11:8 where also our Lord is crucified,
this time figuratively speaking, read it
. It was year 2000 when I received a phone call from
the Stair Ministry from South Carolina who received one of my small books about the end
of days and who the coming beast of Revelation 17:8 really is; the beast that once was,
now is not and yet is coming ... and those who will be surprised when this happens, their
names have not been written in the Lambs book of life, read it for this is real and true!

Stair called and said he would called me back in half an hour and asked me if I would talk
to him on short wave radio. I said yes!
The first thing he asked me, who is the beast? I said,
Bill Clinton 42!
The second thing I said, Russia will nuclear bomb the USA! We talked for
half an hour and when I hung up the phone I opened my Bible and it opened to Revelation
8:1 that said,
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour!" I don't have to ask if this
was just an accident, for I know it was another miracle from God Almighty who is showing
all these Open Visions that I show on this last day Website of God Almighty, and Stair was
just a vessel that God used to show the truth today and the coming of the

It was God who put the rocks under this cloud and named it Pam! It was God who also
shows Pam pushing me in a wheel chair! It was God who put prophet John on the Island
of Patmos who wrote the book of Revelation and had to be carried because he could not
walk before he died. Revelation 10:11 states:
"You must prophesy again about many
peoples, nation, languages and kings
." Old John is not coming back to prophesy again but
God has raised up another
John, Paul the Second to do these Prophesies today before
everything closes down

This prophet is also seen as a Jeremiah Prophet as well seen in Jeremiah 1:13 where God
told Jeremiah to prophesy again! Revelation 1:19 of the NT witness states:
"What was
before will be again, and what is now was before
." Now we go to Ecclesiastes 1 of the OT
witness and we see the same thing as in
Revelation 1 ... there is nothing new under the
What was before will be again, and what is now was before! Below is from a fiery
volcano from God showing Jeremiah's Boiling Pot below Golden rich Donald Trump
wearing a pony tail hairdo and
looking yellow Putin of Russia
also wearing a Pony Tail who is
looking Golden Trump in his face
who is
Smoking a Pipe. Meaning,
Golden Trump is about to
! Now figure it out for your
self, Washington DC is about to
burn! God is looking down upon
this situation today as seen in
the lighter part of the dark above,
for you can see his face allowing
this all to happen before he sets
up his 1000 year kingdom on
earth, cleaning out the garbage!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
Left is eye of the Church tied to
the head of the people I am
preaching to in my wheelchair.
This ties to the skull seen
laying sidways in front
of my wheel chair! Notice his
nose touches the skull of the
man I am preaching       to today.
Pig Headed Church with fish tail
                soon to be destroyed.