Prophet On Red Dragon Hill
Paul's head
above looking
up in Rock Form
burned out by
Almighty God.
I took this picture of myself from a
tripod at the time I took it but  I
never noticed the rock shaped like
a man's head until now. This ties to
my head that I see today that God
burned out in solid rock, and today
we see this in
Daniel 5:25!

God's Handwriting is on the wall
right over my shoulder!
Jesus said,
people are seen as trees. You can
see me dressed in white and right is
the tree by my head and the rock is
right of the tree! I had an only son  
we named
ROCKY who lived two
days ... a premature baby boy of
months. I speak for God, Jesus the
Rock today without hesitation.
Right of my head, you can see me looking up
into the heavens showing you this 3 to 4
hundred yard
Red Dragon Rock of Satan. This
Red Dragon begins right of Prophet St. Paul's
head, the Rock, or my son who lived two days
like Jesus lived two days or two thouand years
as Peter said, Jesus, the Rock lived and died
and rose again and alive today and soon
coming back into his 1000 year kingdom on

Right of my head are the two first heads of the
"3" headed Lion Dragon beast, DemocRAT  
Beast Bill Clinton
42 and Repulican Elephant
George W. Burning Bush 43. Behind
Republican Elephant Bush is the
Red Shark of
these men, and behind them is a Skull refers
to the Elephant see in the white cloud above,  
the Republicans with their trunk in the air
bringing in the
Dead Skull Church people.

Below the dead Skull Church is the sleeping
Church of today laying down sleeping, and
riding behind her is the Elephant G.W. Burning
"43" and Donald Trump "45." We add 4 +
3 + 4 + 5 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Wash.,
DC., two presidents and one Democ
taking down the sleeping Church.

Below I show a black cloud God told me to
take a picture of, showing a black
RAT ...
RAT heading this Red Dragon Rock and
ending it with the third head of the
"3" beast
president men ...
Donald J. Trump.

You can see the Republican Elephant Bush
"43" beginning the long Red Dragon Rock,
Republican Elephant Trump 45 ending it  
riding behind the
sleeping Church above who
put this last and third beast into power
The Open Vision above the black Rat, Bill Clinton 42,
we see the sleeping Woman Church laying down
sleeping ... Matthew
25:6-7 with the Elephant Trump
45 who they put into power.
We see the RED head of
the Wolf-Dog Preachers preaching lies to the
sleeping Church today at the end of days!

I marked the two ears of the Wolf-Dog Red Preachers
riding the tail of
Red Dragon Rock! The ear on the left
are the heads of the Church todayl. The ear on the
right is the head of beast Donald J. Trump 45 that the
Dog-Pig Goat Church put into power who soon takes
them down.

Below this Red Wolf-Dog-Goat preachers are the
beasts of today talking to the
GOAT Church of the last
! God shows this in one of his fiery volcano's of
the Goat Church of today lalking to the beast of
13:18 and Isaiah "66:6." Revelation 13:18
"Let him who has insight caluclate the number of
the Beast, for it is man's number, his number is

The Bush family belongs to the "Skull & Bones"
secret society of the
NWO and the Illuminati of Satan.
Look over Bushes white head you can see the White
Skull of the Beast Satan, that the Burning Bushes
belong to.  

Below the Goat Church soon to be Blue in color when
the stuff hits the fan, is talking to the Burning
Head of Republican Trump
You can see below the head on top left
with the crown of the Presidentcy on his
head. Below his head you can see a
the sign of G.W.
Bush. Inside the BUSH
you can see God put a
Cross, as G.W.
Bush 43 added refers to G.W. Bush who
claims to be a good Christian but is a liar
instead ... number
"43" added goes after
"7" Churches!

This Burning Lying ... Red Pants Lion
Beast has two other Lion Beasts riding
along with him, Lion Clinton
"42" and
right of him is the larger head, Donald J.
Lying Trump
"45." All three President
beast men claim to be Chritians but all
three belong to the devil, Satan and all
three Presidents are gross liars like
Satam who they all three belong to today
without a shadow of a doubt!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet
Paul Gerig the rock seen above
I've been in a Fire for
33 years