President Trump & God Jesus
I did this Open Vision from my 28 years
living in the high wilderness area of 43
hundred feet some years ago maybe
20 years or so. I put this burned out
rock by God Almighty seen in Daniel
5:25 ...
God's handwriting is on the
! I took this Open Vision with my
Cannon camera
and put it into my
Adobe Photo section of my Computer
and what I saw I put the image of
Father God and his Son Jesus Christ
who has
"11" letters in his name on
his chest where I saw the golden
"11" on Fathers chest and also
wearing a Golden hat.

Right of God's Golden hat you can see
the image of a Goat,
referring to the
Goat Church of today looking to the
. You can see his mussel and
beard looking to the right and his
golden neck with horns on top of his
golden head ... the Church and beast
Trump they put into power today who
is soon to take them all down.
the word President is the golden head
golden rich Donald Trump. I pointed
out number
"16" on top of Trumps
head, referring to
"16" hundred
Goat Head
Penn., Ave., Washington DC. Below number "16" you can see Trumps two eyes that also looks
like the number
"11" Donald Trump who has "11" letters in his name as does Golden Jesus Christ
that Donald Trump thinks he is!!

Golden rich Donald Trump is seen above setting on the heads of the preachers and there  
congregations who put
Trump in power this beast from hell who thinks he is GOD-ALMIGHTY. On the
nose of the preachers Trump is setting on top of, shows
"V8" and I enlarged "V8" in black to
"V8" at the time for "Virgins" and number "8" refers to a new beginning!

You can see Father-Son-God with his hand pulled back ready to take out the
V8 Church of today
and they no more be a Goat Church after the fire has burned off all the hay, wood and stubble from
their lives that Jesus speaks about, and those who repent before they die, will be saved and
worship Jesus for real and not Satan who they think is Jesus but the devil himself.

“‘You profane and wicked prince of Israel, whose day has come, whose time of punishment has reached
its climax, this is what the Sovereign Lord says:
Take off the turban, remove the crown. It will not be
as it was: The lowly will be exalted and the exalted will be brought low.
A ruin! A ruin! I will make it a
! The crown will not be restored until he to whom it rightfully belongs shall come; to him I
will give it
.’" Ezekiel 21:25-27 ...   (This speaks of Jesus coming in and Trump and his Church go out)
Left God shows himself on top of his white mountain with
fire under him, with smoke making up his white head and
the naked woman Church showing her naked breasts! God
says in no uncertain terms, Your off my white Mountain
and my Son Jesus will reign for 1000 years seen in Daniel
9:24 added is Jesus number ... "33." This same passage
speaks about this Ministry of Open Visions and
Prophecies soon to be taken out
soon and then God sets
up Jesus 1000 year kingdom on earth. I came back to the
"33" years ago!

Due to loosing the use of my legs and feet to walking as
old John the Revelator could not walk either and had to
be carried on the Island of Patmos when he wrote the
book of Revelations, I too cannot walk and am seen in
Revelation 10:9-11 ...
"You must Prophesy again about
many peoples, nations, languages and kings
" ... that I am
doing as ordered by God Almighty. Old John isn't coming
back to prophesy again as God has raised up another
John Paul
who shows these truths in Open Visions!

Old John had to be carried as he could not walk. Today we
have manual and electric wheel-chairs and eclectic carts to get around in.
Left is an electric cart I ride to get outside to talk to the people and hand
out these Ministry cards showing God's awesome messages. I purchased
this Red Paul Revere cart from Florida for
"33" hundred dollars marked
down from
"73" hundred dollars. We add 7 + 3 = "10" sleeping Churches I
preach to today! My God is a God of numbers
amd signs and they back up
what God's Prophet says today!

I represent Paul Revere riding out at Midnight trying hard to wake up a
sleeping Church today. I also represent Paul Bunyan in his forest land, as I
said this before that
Paul Bunyan God would walk through his forest and
pull out from his pockets wooden fire matches, lift his leg and strike the
match on his thigh and toss it out setting the woods on fire!
God has all sorts of ways to set his forests on fire to punish the people for turning away from him!
The sleeping ... dead world today call this mother nature is angry with man. NO it is Father God who
is angry with man and now its time for him to come and reign for 1000 years and then we go into
Where will you spend Eternity, with Satan or with God? The choice is yours alone!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...