Praying Naked Church - Burn
Left shows the naked woman
Churches of today setting with her
crossed looking up to
heaven waiting for a rapture the
liars are telling them they will soon
be taken out by Almighty God ...
which is a lie from hell! They are
looking for a rapture seen above
them in white form, but this white
form is a finger of God pointing to
the red rooster of fire
going after them! This
year of 2017 is the year in
China of the Rooster that
comes into the homes
and rape the woman as
seen in Zechariah 14:1-2.
The fiery burning Bush of
Moses day was God
talking to Moses!
This Burning Bush of today is speaking to God's second Moses in a different form! God is telling
him again through a
Burning Bush, George W. 43 who is seen above as a ROOSTER with his body on
FIRE and his head is sticking out in front of him pointing to the naked woman Church just ahead of
his burning body telling lies to the sleeping,
naked Churches of today! Notice the water falls on the
left, is the sign of the water Kingdom of Jesus Christ coming in soon and suddenly just after the
"42" months of wrath is completed!

Don't listen to the fiery Rooster Preachers today, but if you do you will go along with them into the
hot fiery 42 months of wrath spoken about in Revelation
13:5-7. (This is also seen in Isaiah 66:17 ...
a must to read for it says, those following these men will go with them into hell
!) This passage
states, this beast,
"42" ... Bill Clinton will be given another "42" months of power, wrath, to come
against the saints and to conquer them
! The lying Roosters tell the sleeping Church this does not
speak about them, it speaks again of old Israel,
a lie straight from hell!

Now we add Rev. 13 + 5 + 7 = "25" = Matthew "25" added refers to the "7" Churches! Revelation
13 verses "9-10" speaks to the "7" Churches of Revelation 2 and 3 which states:
"He who has an ear
let him hear
!" This passage says, you must not take up arms against your foes! This means these "7"
Churches of today must
practice patience, non-resistance and not going to war against their foes!

This also touches on the OT witness seen in Isaiah 4:1 ... which speaks about "7" women, meaning
"7" Churches of today, taking hold of one man,
meaning Jesus Christ, and telling God, we will  eat
our own food and provide our own clothing,
but just let us use your name, "Take away our
." The liars tell the Church this speaks of a war so large that one man is left for "7" women,
a lie from hell! This ties into Zechariah 14:1-2 as this entire Chapter speaks about today and the end
when the nuclear bombs falls down upon their heads, then Jesus comes back into the picture seen
in the later part of this chapter that speaks about Jesus passing out cooking pots to the survivors
of this nation!

Zechariah 14:1-2 begins with the armies of China who killed thousand of their girl babies at birth to
slow down their over population! Now they have
"1" woman per "7" men and when the 200 million
man Chinese soldiers coming into this land seen in Revelation 9:16 and enter the homes, they rape
the women, a sign from God! This entire Chapter of Zechariah speaks about the end of days as we
know them, and verse 12 speaks about nuclear war and the last few verses speaks about Jesus
setting up his 1000 year kingdom on earth putting bells on the animals and passing out cooking pot
for the survivors to cook in!  

The year 2017 is the year of the
Fire Roosters in China, and next year 2018 is the year of the
Monkey! This shows the fiery Roosters on top of God's holy mountain are being taken off his Holy
Mountain and God is using the Chinese soldier from the Fiery Roosters, to do his awesome work
today. The Church of today have made themselves out to be Monkey's to God and to the entire
world today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

PS: We see Revelation 17:1-8 showing this nation and its Church has messed up the entire world!
This scarlet Church who rides the scarlet Beast, the Presidents of this nation that old John the
Revelator could hardly believe what God was showing him, of what this last day Church would be
doing, messing up the entire world at
Judgment time, today! She is seen below riding the beast
from one of God's Hubble telescope Open Visions seen below.
This Open Vision from God
Almighty was taken from
the Hubble telescope in
his heavens, of the
headed scarlet woman
riding the beast
. The
number of the beast is
seen on the black frame
over the red headed
woman's head ... number
M42 which refers to Bill
Clinton 42
. Notice this
woman Church of today is
riding sidesaddle as many
women ride horses. Notice
to the right of this Church
woman's head, is the head
of a baby, for this Church
of today are still babies
that have never grown up
to maturity!  
Prophet Paul ...
Right of the woman Churches head you
can see the head of the Fire Rooster
preachers soon to burn her down by
telling her lies from their god, Satan.