Pot-Head-Trump & Nuclear
The Pot Head Beast "666"
Trump 45 is also seen in
Isaiah "66:6" taking down the
Temples ... Churches God's
enemies today, read it.  
Trump was born in year "46"
along with the other two
beast Presidents, Clinton 42
and Bush 43 all added
together is "666." These "3"
are seen in Rev,
6:7-8 as the
Pale riders of DEATH ...
Trump born month "
6" Bush
month "
7" Clinton month "8"
equals Revelation "
6:7-8" ...
The final and third beast is
billionaire Trump seen in
the middle showing he has
a black heart in hand form.
He is seen right with a
white cross of Jesus
hanging on is neck
showing a black heart of
Satan also in hand form,
the man God is using to
take out his enemy Church
of today. He has a long red
neck tie now getting ready
to burn down a Church of
the last days soon!
This Eagle Bird Babylonia nation, God
shows is dead! The large rock on the
right shows this nation with this Eagle
Bird laying dead on the ground.
Left of this dead EAGLE you can see the Cross of Jesus Christ also laying dead on the ground in this
last and third Babylon nation led today by
BEAST TRUMP of the very end times.
Looking above the dead eagle bird seen above, is the
sign of this second Jer-
USA-lem eagle bird nation!
You can see left of the eagle, the image which I
enlarged with the Capital letters
"JESUS"  over his
Open Bible showing the wolf preachers preaching out
from it and dragging behind them a

Below shows the
ISIS of Syria that Trump said he had
defeated and is still in power today killing several US
soldiers a few days ago. Notice right of the dead head
Churches, the abbreviation of
ISIS ... "IS."
This huge rock I named some 25 or
so years ago ... Babylon Rock, stood
one mile from my home in the high
wilderness of Klamath county,
Oregon. Looking faintly left of the
JESUS ... you can faintly see
the number
"42" written out in
white. Number
"42" means rebellion
seen in Matthew 1:17 ... the 2000
years from Abraham to Jesus and
"42" generations ... read it.
Left in the sandy beach God shows this Eagle bird nation going down!

Below this Eagle Bird Nation sinking into the bottom of the sea of time,
God is showing her on the tattooed arm of a man. The Lord took me to
this Tattoo showing this nation of
RDF which in reverse refers to the
32nd president of this gone to POT nation ...
FDR ... Franklin D.
Roosevelt. I was born year "34" and God moved me to Klamath Falls
Oregon between streets
"3" and "4." I live off Roosevelt St.

Below RDF you can see the Cross of Jesus Christ in front of the USA
Flag. On the bottom of the cross of Jesus, you can see two numbers ...
1942 and 2004. Above in Matthew 1:17 is this number "42" which refers
to rebellion and also refers to Bill Clinton the
"42"nd president of the
USA born on Leo the Lion month of August "19."
Left we see on the arm of a man, the sign of the first beast,
Bill Clinton number
"42" born on Leo the Lion month of
"19" year "46" who was the "42"nd President of
this going down the drain nation ...

Below this is the inside page of Mother's Bible that she
Oct. 15, 1942. My mothers name was Bertha S.
Gerig. Mother had 12 letters in her name added =
beast men of the "666

Mother bought this Bible now in my hands today, in the
"10" month tying into today the "7" Churches of Matthew
25 verses "6-7" that all "3" beast president men came out
from. This last one is seen above with a very black heart
who also claims to be a good Christian like all three claim
to be. Next we see day
"15" that touches on Donald John
Trump who has
"15" letters in his full name.
Next we see the number of the first head of the
"3" headed Lion Beast, Bill Clinton
"1942." Next
we see the bottom line of Matthew
12 added
shows the
"3" beast president men of the "666"
also seen in Isaiah
"66:6." Now we see verse
"43" to verse "46."

Now hold onto your pants for the second beast
President is G.W. Burning Bush number
from Washington whose name is George W.
All "3" beast president men were born in year "46" showing in Matthew 12 added is "3" beast
President men all born in year "4
6" of the "666" of Isaiah "66:6" Now in the process of taking
down the
GOAT CHURCH OF TODAY that are sleeping with and talking to today!
Left God shows from one of his fiery
Red Pants Burning George W.
, one of the "666" beast men of
"66:6" ... talking to the Goat
Churches of today! Notice over Burning
Bushes head, God shows the
Skull of a
. The Burning Bush family belongs to
the secret society of the
NWO, Illuminati of
They belong to the "Skull &
" secret society of Satan!

Below, is a large rock close to my old
home in the wilderness of 28 years ... God
Burning Bush leaning to the left
hiding behind a BUSH
with the Cross of
Jesus Christ hidden
in the BUSH. George
W. Burning Bush 43 has riding on his back
the other two
Lion Beast Presidents, Bill
Clinton 42 and Donald Trump 45 both
looking to the right.

We add Bill 42 and Donald 45 together and
we see 4 + 2 + 4 + 5 =
"15" equals the last
Beast President ...
Donald John Trump
who has
"15" letters in his full name who
is seen taking down this Bald Eagle Nation
today ...
without a shadow of a doubt.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul