Political & Spiritual Rich 666
Above is the black two headed Snake of the "666." God also shows
soon to be months of fiery wrath burning under her and melting out all
the gold they took from  in their pants when they slept and had sex with
SATANSatan and committing adultery on Jesus Christ their husband!

Notice the gold running down the legs of the Adulterous Church soon to
take place ... the gold they claim came from God but came from their
little god Satan who gave it to them while they committed adultery on
their husband, Jesus Christ!  Notice below where this gold is heading to
the right with two
Black Heads of Satan, Left above shows the imitation
gold hair of beast Trump and right shows the fake colored black hair of
Beast Dr. Mike Murdering Murdock of the Pentecostal Churches and the
rest of the Protestant Churches along with the Roman Catholic

666 building belongs to the Trump family that shows the Political
and also Spiritual part of the Beast system above. Trump is
"73" years
of age as is liar
Dr. Michal Murdering the Church Murdock.  Beast
Trump and spiritual Beast Murderer Murdock 7 + 3 =
"10" sleeping
Virgins soon to be standing on
Rock Jesus, the third man in the fire
while God burns out of their lives the Gold they got from Satan!
Both evil "666" men are gross fliers to the hilt in no uncertain terms! Both are also multi-
millionaires! Proverbs 30:7-9 tells us ...
"Do not give me too much so i will forget you ... give me only my
daily bread
!" The love of money is the root of all evil the money Church of today ran after! The
men above and many others too many to mention, got their money from money Satan and both are
gross ...
gross liars to the hilt in no uncertain terms! They both are liars, Politics and Church, and
both are liars that it is hard for words to describe it! A true person of God can see through both of
them without hesitation.

Revelation 13:18 ... says ...
"Let him who has insight calculate the number of the beast for it is man's
number, his number is
"666." Next we go to Isaiah "66:6" and we see God using these two beast
"666" men to take down the Temples, the Churches who have become Enemies of God today!
Both evil men were born in year
"46." We add 4 + 6 = "10" sleeping Virgins. We see the second
number in 46 is
"6" of the "666."
Left is a picture of Dr. Beast Murdering Murdock before he had his
head hair and his beard doctored up to dark black of what his heart is,
dark black ... Dr. Murdering the Church Murdock!

Left is the before and below is the after face of Beast Dr. Michel
Murdering Murdock trying to make himself look younger than he is.
Notice his lighter hair and beard before the change. He is also seen
here as the Goat part of the Church ...
his goat - T - Beard!
This goat preacher of
today God shows in
lightning form talking to
the red pants beast
Donad J. Trump!
Notice over the white head of the beast President
Trump who claims to be a good Christian, with the
black microphone in his head and
red pants on fire
from hell, is this Trump President
... the beast head
over this nation!
You can see the small white skull
head of Satan!

Right of Goat Murderer Murdock and Red Pants
Donald Trump, you can see the huge head of Black
Satan in the midst of these last day liars from hell.

Below huge liar Dr. Michael Murdering Murdock is the
image of Jesus Christ who is God and God is seen as
FIRE GOD. You can see Jesus God handing out the
fire that this last day Church are soon to consume!
Below I also show you God's hand of Fire he is now
ready to toss out over this nation and earth to purify it
before his Son, Jesus comes in to preach for 1000
years seen in Daniel
9:24 added is the age of Jesus
when he died and rose again still
"33" years of age.
You can see when this takes place in the ending part
of this same verse that God says,
"These Visions
and Prophecies will come to a close
" ... and then
Jesus sets up his 1000 year Kingdom on earth

Below this evil, lying, Red Fire Beast President Trump
you can see where the
Red Hot Fire comes from ... as
it ties into Kid-Kim of North Korea and the Russian
Bear of Putin. The red fire seen below between
KID-Kim and Trump is the Atom fire of nuclear war!
The black Church on
Rock Jesus
Red Golden
rich Heart of
Black Heart             of Satan
Black 2
<-----Skull of Beast Trump
God is the God of "3"s and he shows it in many ways. The war that is
this number
"3" of Almighty God! Here goes ... God has had "3"
different sets of people, Adam ... Jews ... Gentiles and all "3" has
struck out ...
"3" baseball games of time of man messing up!

God is a God of "3" parts, Father ... Son and Holy Spirit! God created
man in
"3" parts, "body ... soul ... spirit. The first part was Adam in the
Garden of Eden ... the second part was Jerusalem, and the final and
"3"rd part is second Jer-USA-lem with the "3" letters in the middle of
"9" letter word ... USA. Add all "3" togethers and we see number
"9" and this number refers to Judgment!

Now we see this
"3" rd land of God the USA which has "3" coastlnes.
It also has "3" time zones and also has "3" thousand miles across from East to West! Now I wonder
who caused all of these
"3" to happen like this if not God Almighty? God a consuming FIRE has "3"
baptism's .... Noah water ... Jesus the Holy Spirit and Father God the Fire!

Father is the Final Baptism as he is also the
"3"rd Adam! Man Adam first ... Spirit Adam Jesus
second, and now we see the
"3"rd Adam ... Atom Father God who created everything from ATOMS ...
God is the last and
"3"rd Adam .... Atom!

God's other perfect number is "67."  God began his Holy Bible in numbers adding up to "67" and
also adding up
"67" at the end of time as we know it! Genises 1 God shows he created man on the
"6"the day of a "7" day week ... "67." Now at the end of time as we know it we see in the last
chapter and verse of his Holy Bible Revelation 22:21 ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus "1" = "7" equals
God is using his end time Prophet today, born "6" of "7" Children in a preacher home in year "34"
add 3 + 4 =
"7" as I preach today to the "7" Churches still in bed sleeping!

I preach this awesome
Eternal Gospel Message today at the HOUR of JUGMENT seen in Revelation
14 verses
"6-7." This passage in Revelation 14 speaks about the "3" angels flying in mid-air
preaching this Eternal Gospel at the end of days, today! This angel website is my final and

A man who has had
"3" wives and has repented of all "3" wives!  My first wife was an Assembles of
God ... Penticoastal ... my second wife was Lutherlin, part of the Roman Catholic Churfch, and my final
"3"rd wife was Protestant. This also ties into God who has also had "3" wives that ended up in
divorce ... Catholic ... Protestant ... Pentecostal.

We go to Isaiah 50 to see God asking his second wife the Jews ... "Where is your mother's certificante
of devorce which I sent her away ... the same sins she committed you are committing
!" God had already
divorced his first wife Adam and Eve, and after the 2000 years of his second wife, the Jews, God
shows here in the
"50"th chapter of Isaiah he has devorced his second Wife the Jews.  Now this
touches on today another number
"50" as it ties into this Father Ministry of Almighty God who is a
God of numbers!

"6" of "7" children in a preacher home in year "34" and seen in Hebrews "3":3-4" I preach this
awesome message today to the
lying Church for Almighty God ... his last day Prophet ... "Let God be
true and every man a liar
." I had left the Lord in my late teens and never came back to him untill the
age of
"50" which means a new beginning!

It was some years ago when God first showed me this Ministry refers to a Father Ministry. This was a
double thing that happened in the new house I had  built in the high wilderness area of Klamath
County where I had iived for 28 years around the rocks I show in this Father Type Ministry. This first
happen one morning when I opened my front door and my screen door only to have this
"3" foot
snake come into my house. I picked it up by its tail and tossed it out not thinking anything about it
untli two weeks later when it happned again. This is when God spoke to me and said, Paul I have also
had two snakes come into my home,
Dan from the Jews and Judas from the Church.

A short time later having a Dog named Kelly which I got from the Pound ... "3" years old which tied
into the
"3" Churches of today, Catholic ... Protestant and Pentecostal ... when Kelly got older at the
age of "18" and got arthritis in her hind quarters, she went over to the neigbhors on this snowy day
when we had about a foot of snow on my roadway with the two tire tracks where she had walked, and
my neigbor called me and said about 10:00 pm ... Kelly is howling down in the roadway by my front
gate and can't get up ... will you bring your
GMC down here and we will put her in and take her back
to her dog house?

I said no, I cannot take care of an invalid Dog ... will you put her down for he was carrying his 9 mm
pistal at the time. A few minutes later I heard the shot that put Kelly down. That very night I had a
dream and I saw Kelly walking down from my front gate to my home and saw this wound on her, the
sign of the sleeping Church of today going into the fire of wrath to be purified!

In the morning I left to go to the restaurant for breakfast when I saw Kelly laying beside the fence
Clinton had pulled her after he shot her. The first head of the "3" beast Presidents is
Clinton 42 and my neighbors name was Clinton who put my dog Kelly down. Kelly 18 years of age
ties into Revelation
"18"who has become a home for Demon's and devils from hell, both parts of her
... Fallen ... Fallen the two parts of this Babylonan nation ... Political and Spiriual parts of this nation
has fallen to Satan!

After leaving dead Kelly and going to the restaurant for breakfast, I walked up to the front door and
the first person I saw after leaving my old Dog,
Kelly, I said hi to the waitress named "Kelly" who was
outside on her break
smoking a cigarette. She belonged to the Church in Sprague River, the
Church of today soon to be smoking who has messed up big time of the Sprague River of God that
comes out from the ground on top of Bly Mountain where I had camped by in year 2001 ... 2 + 1 =

3." You can read about my 42 day camp on top of high mountain Bly from one of my messages on
the front page of this website ... add 4 + 2 =
"6" at the end of the "6"th Millennium going into the
"7"th Millennium ... "67" ... 6 x 7 = "42." I wonder who is the God of Numbers if not Almighty God?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...