Pig - Man - Woman Church
Man -------------------->

The picture above taken from space over the fires burning in California, shows the PIG CHURCH
above, and below the fires burning, are two people, the man on top and the woman below seen as
stars in the heavens have begun to fall! The stars represent the Church that God says, it is
finished. Notice the fires are over the two peoples heads seen as PIGS in 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... in this
picture from God. Add just the "2"s as "2"s and we see "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 added
is "7" sleeping Churches and verses

I am pointing to the man and his nose with his mouth wide Open in pain now happening. I am
pointing to the Woman Churches chin with her head still in the air ... a proud woman Church who
thinks God is going to rapture her out before hell is opened up on earth. What happened Church,
your still here and the fires are chasing you out from your comfortable homes? I didn't make this
awesome Open Vision above, God made it!
God said in Joel 2 and Acts 2 ... equals "22" that
at the end of days signs would appear in the
heavens above and on the earth below before
the return of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. This
top Open vision left, came from God's Hubble
telescope. It shows the man and woman as stars
in the heavens ... the man on top like the image
above with the woman below and right of the
man. Paul said in 1 Timothy 2:9-15 that women
are not to teach man, they must be quite and not
teach men. He also said, it was woman who
sinned first and man just went along with her.

God shows this from his heavens and that man
and woman are seen as stars, not God's angels.
God also shows this from his rocks below on
earth about one mile from my home when I lived
in the wilderness area of Klamath County,
Oregon for 28 years. Number 28 added refers to
the 10 sleeping Virgins of Matthew
24 and 25 and
"6-7" of Matthew 25. Add 24 with 25 =
"67" as both chapters in Matthew refers to the
Church and not the Jews the Church preaches.

Left shows the woman Church of today dancing
with the black headed preachers at the end of
days, black headed meaning not true saints of
God. Behind the preachers are the two heads of  
Satan ... Bill Clinton
42 and the Texan cowboy
wearing the cowboy hat, George W. Burning
43. Add 42 and 43 together is "67."
Behind Satan's Lion Bill Clinton of Leo the Lion born in August "19" is prophet Paul Gerig standing
in for Moses who was also born on Leo the Lion month of August "22" and these two men are see,
Paul for God and Bill for Satan in Isaiah
"2" verses "19-22."  This awesome Open Vision came from
a large rock close to my home and after putting it in my Adobe Photo section of my computer and
seeing the images above, I used my mouse to draw lines around the subjects that God had shown
me to take this picture in the first place. I then removed the substance not pertaining to the
message from God of these "6" people at the end of days, today ... at the end of man's "6"
thousand years on God's earth.

Right of Bill Clinton you can see this Ministry man, yours truly with my arms in the air like first
Moses did at the river Jordan, opening the river for the Jews to cross over to the other side. I
copied my name P A U L and it went around the second witness ... the woman also in gold and you
can see the letter "A" around her waist as men and woman alike are the two witnesses ... not the
two Jewish men the Sleeping Churches claim come back to preacher for 42 months in old Israel
and are later killed and come back to life and go to heaven in a cloud. This is not true but lies from
Satan to the sleeping, dead Churches of today who are dancing with these lying black headed  
preachers of today.

Notice the golden hair on yours truly head and the golden dress the rest of the overcoming
Church is wearing ... the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 ... men and women alike who have overcome
Satan to date and God takes them out. God shows this message I preach today is right on the mark!
The PIG  Church of today are pregnant and ready to give birth to the man child children of God, just
before the "42" months of labor pain wrath falls down on her as seen in Isaiah 6

God shows in Isaiah
"66:6" the three beast men of the "666" that God uses to take out this "666"
Church of today, They are "3" presidents, past and present, Trump born in year "46" ... Bush born
in year "4
6" and Clinton born in year "46" and now we see in God's awesome numbering system
the "3" beast President men seen in Isaiah
"66:6." Next I will show you something to curl your
toenails, Trump was born month "6" ... Bush month "7" and Clinton month "8" here we see the "3"
Pale Horsemen of DEATH ...
"6-7-8." This happens just before hell, hades is opened up on earth.

We see this in Revelation
"6:7-8." Now my friends isn't God a great God of numbers to show you
who the beasts that are coming and here today are soon to be upon the
PIG sleeping Churches
seen heading this awesome message!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Black Hand of
God dropping
the fire from
The first leg
of the pig is
the man,
next is the