Pig - Dog Church Grows From Dragon
"These people are springs without
water and mists driven by a storm.
Blackest darkness is reserved for
them. For they mouth empty, boastful
words and, by appealing to the lustful
desires of the flesh, they entice
people who are just escaping from
those who live in error. They promise
them freedom, while they themselves
are slaves of depravity —for “people
are slaves to whatever has mastered
them.” If they have escaped the
corruption of the world by knowing
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and
are again entangled in it and are
overcome, they are worse off at the
end than they were at the beginning.
It would have been better for them
not to have known the way of
righteousness, than to have known it
and then to turn their backs on the
sacred command that was passed on
to them. Of them the proverbs are
true: “
A dog returns to its vomit,”
and, “A sow that is washed returns to
her wallowing in the mud
.” 2 Peter 2:
God is the God of numbers the sleeping Church of today say
that Satan is the little god of numbers not creator God,
another lie from Satan of hell. 2 Peter chapter 2 verses 17-22
we add 2 + 1 + 7 =
"10" sleeping Virgins of the last days and
"22" means the end of days and the end of God's
Holy Bible Revelation
"22" and also God's last day Prophet  
born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22." Now tie this last
day Prophet of God to the end and we see the Dog and Pig
Church of today above feeding from Satan today, the dragon,
Pig head left Dog head right
grows out of Dragon
There is an old saying a picture is worth a thousand words! Jesus said people are seen as trees!
Heading this awesome message from Almighty God you can see the
Tree Pig Church on the left and
the Dog Church on the right
in this Tree sucking the juice from Dragon Satan seen in Rock form as
she is setting on Satan today as what Peter said in the passage above.

This awesome large Rock Open Vision burned out in solid rock by God Almighty, I took close to my
home in the high wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon. God had told me to take this picture
not noticing at the time in
Shadow Form ... the image of my little black Poodle dog named Tina. This
Open Vision sat beside the Huge Rock I had named Babylon Rock some time before. This Babylon
Rock refers to this last day Babylon Nation ... the Richest and Strongest nation on earth is called
Below, the Open Bible also faintly seen above right of the world Politics, and the Capital letter word
JESUS over his open Bible also seen below the image of the wolf preachers preaching from the left
side of Gods Bible dragging behind them the dead head Church of today. Above you can see the
image of the DEAD White headed Eagle Bird, our symbol soon to be laying dead on the ground! Left
of this dead eagle you can see what this Babylon nation has done to Jesus and His Cross, they
trampled both down into the ground!
Left is Babylon Rock that sets only a
few feet left from the Tree Pig and
Dog tree Church setting on top of
Dragon ... Satan above and sucking
the juice from Satan seen in todays
Church in 2 Peter 2:17-22 the top
Open Vision! Left we go back to the
top Open Vision of the tree, pig and
dog Church of today, I show you on
top of this huge rock over the "R"
on Rock, the oval office of the
Presidency of this second Jer-
lem nation, the White House. Right
of the word Politics in rock form that
I will show below, is the Open Bible
showing the Wolf preachers
preaching out of the Bible dragging
behind them a dead head Church/
The image right of God's Open Bible is the full picture of Jesus and his Open Bible with the Dog Wolf
Preachers of today preaching lies from God's Open Bible. Right of this picture above you can see the
short two letters God burned out in rock ...
"I.S" short for "ISIS" that God is going to cut off the
heads of the Church who are under the Head-ship of the Dragon, Satan!
"You can also see this in
9:1 and Amos 9:10 sleeping Virgins that are sinners are killed by the sword!" Notice both
chapter and verse numbers equals
"10" sleeping Virgins of today! God is the God of Numbers not
Satan the sleeping Pig and Dog Churches of today preach when they preach lies to the entire world
at Judgment time today!

Back to the top Open Vision and left of Tina's head in
shadow form that the Church is today, a
shadow of the Dog Church seen above
... God shows this dog and pig Church in the days of beast
president GeOrGe W. Burning Bush
43 that makes up the head of my Dog Tina. At the tail end of Tina
you can see the burned out in rock by God in this old high volcanic area, the two black letters of
for Bill Clinton the
42nd beast making up the Dragon's tail. When I took this picture I never saw
anything except God telling me to take this picture. Above my Tina dogs back you can plainly see the
head of a large
DEMON and right of this you can see the head of the DRAGON that are over and
under the Pig and Dog Tree Church seen heading this awesome message from God Almighty as he
burned out in solid rock form with his fire finger!
"God's handwriting is on the WALL" ... seen in
Daniel 5 his 5 fingered hand seen below.
Back to the top open vision you can see the head of the Dragon, Satan, looking
to the left where this second Jer-
USA-lem Babylon Rock is located only feet
away to the north. Right of the word,
DRAGON you can see a tree broken that
looks like a house rafter. Over the large yellow letter
"N" that I put there for
your attention, is the small letter
"N" God burned out in rock showing what is
about to take down the Rafters in the houses here in second Jer-
USA-lem ...
Nuclear bombs! God is bringing his Nuclear Fire Bombs against this second
USA-lem nation that turned away from God and today worships Satan who
they think is Jesus Christ! These are the pigs and dogs that are getting their
information ... sucking it all from Satan below who they think is God but the real
devil himself! Again notice the top Open Vision shows the Dog and Pig Church
of the last days sucking the lies from Dragon Satan they are standing on today!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Far left you can see God's silver redemption
hand tossing out the nuclear fire. Right of this
you can see God's cloud in the sky showing his
Father face and his end time second Moses
Prophet as I outlined the cloud right of the
Father's face that showed the capital letter P for
Prophet Paul.  Below God's silver redemption
hand you can see Pam, my nurse pushing me in
my wheel chair as God shows me today as the
center of this storm blowing my trumpet from
Heaven to the earth below. You can see Pam left
of my head wearing dark glasses.