Picture of USA & Church Today
What? Is there an end coming? Go tell
this BS to someone else we don't have
time for this
as we're having too much
fun running our vehicle into Hell Fire and
Brimstone to have a hot lunch sand
with Satan our father

You can see the
Red White and Blue and
the hamburger Hot Bun of Satan wide
Open with white hot fire spitting out on
both sides, and the Red headed woman
Church looking into this hot sandwich of
setting down riding her hot bike
into hell
! They can't seem to go fast
enough into hell with their father, Satan,
for the oven is now hot and ready to
for the red headed woman Church.

Below left shows the
burning time for the
Sleeping Church who has gone astray at
Kingdom time!
Left you can see this sleep walking ... running Church of
today running into the fire of purification! Below her in the
fire is the fourth man, Jesus Christ with the three
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.

Below this is a cloud picture from God showing the white
clean 144,000 overcoming saints from Revelation 14:1-5
with Jesus and the Father's name written on their
foreheads that God soon take out to be with him while the
world burns with fire ... today is Judgment time!

The dark Red Church is seen below are the Church left
behind leaning down talking to the Dragon, Satan, their
little rock god!

Below is the pregnant woman Church soon to give birth to
the man child children of Isaiah 66:7 ... the 144,000 of
Revelation 14:1-5 that God takes out soon and born before
42 months of labor pain wrath falls down upon this
Pregnant Star Church, as the people are seen as stars, and
not angels the Church states! The woman below with long
black hair came from a star in God's heavens looking
down. You can see her two naked breasts and her large
stomach as she is pregnant today ready to give birth.
Running hard
into hell fire ...
I put this round star in my Adobe Photo section
of my Computer and took away the rest of this
woman star showing the Star Church in the
heavens ready to deliver the man children of
God who has overcome Satan, Rev. 14:1-5.

You can see this Pregnant Woman Church riding
the beast, left. This is a picture in front of the
World Bank soon to take over after God bombs
the sleeping Church out of his second
USA-lem nation gone to POT and has
caused the entire world also to go to
POT seen
in Revelation 17:1-7. Add 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 =
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC!

Above from God's Volcano he shows the dog
woman and man Church over the lake of fire for
. You can see the woman walking her
dog ... dog Church with the leash to the dog
still attached to her hand while the skin is falling off her naked arm bone. Her man is looking at her
arm and he has lost the skin from his entire body! The Church who will not repent before they die is
seen below in hell looking at you in the far right corner.

Donald Trump
"45" the one who causes nuclear war as what Harry Trump did in year "45" when he
dropped two
Atomic Bombs on Japan and the skin fell off their bodies while they were standing on
their feet.  This is seen in
Zechariah 14:12 when the people seen in this verse loose their eyes and
when they rot in their heads due to the nuclear bombs going off over their heads!

Now we go to the end of this passage to see Jesus Christ still
"33" years of age in verses "12" to
"21" added is "33" when Jesus gives Cooking Pots to the People who fought against second
USA-lem!  I came back to the Lord "33" years ago! Go to Daniel 9:24 added is "33" when God
"77" is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning! This same verse says, "Your Visions
and Prophecies
" ... referring to this last day Ministry will come to a close and after this ... after the
"42" months of wrath is over then Jesus Christ 33 comes into his 1000 year Kingdom.
I lived under this "77" cloud left for many years and it
ties into Daniel 9:24 added is
"33" the age of Jesus
soon to come back into his 1000 year kingdom. The
767 below, came in from South Korea a few
years ago and crashed on landing as you can see the
"7742" on the wing in San Fransisco.

"77" ties to this message and "42" ties into the "42"
months of labor pain wrath coming upon the sleeping,
Pregnant Woman Church who delivers the 144,000
overcoming saints just before God opens hell on
earth, seen in Isaiah 6
6:7 ... "6 x 7" equals "42."

I serve a God of Numbers as numbers do not lie only
Satan and people are liars! God said in Romans 3
3-4 added is "7" Churches who are liars today!
"3" three Churches and God says to these
"3" Churches ... Let God be true and every man a liar!
This ties into the
"3" Churches of today as this
Ministry speaks for God today, his last day true
Prophet born year
"34" ... Roman's 3 verses "3-4."

I ride today a Red Electric Horse a sign of Paul Revere
Gerig riding out at
MIDNIGHT! I am tied into Matthew
6-7 who am trying hard to WAKE UP a very ASLEEP
MIDNIGHT! I was born "6" of "7" Children
in a preachers home in year "34" ... 3 + 4 =
Churches I preach to today at Judgment time! I am also
seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7" preaching this
awesome message today at
final and last
"3"rd angel website seen here as "3"
angels flying in mid-air! Due to loosing the use of my
legs to walking from Diabetes, I purchased a Red
Setting on
Woman &
Riding the beast
into hot hell ...
Woman Church Riding
Beast Into Hot Hell
Electric Horse seen left for "33" hundred dollars. My red Paul Gerig
Revere horse was marked down from
"73" hundred dollars added is 7 +
3 =
"10" sleeping Virgins I preach to today at the midnight hour of first
Paul Revere who rode out at Midnight telling the people ...
"The Red
Coats are coming!
" Red Russia ... Red China ... Red North Korea and the
Red Nations with them!

My Red horse is good for "45" miles on a single charge and will go at top
speed of
"19" mph. It has "3" speeds with a reverse and all ties into
today and the sleeping Church still fast asleep riding at top speed into
hell fire and brimstone.

Lastly I will explain these last numbers at they tie into the sleeping
Church today! First,
"45" ties into the year "45" when Harry Truman
dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan in yr.
"45." This ties into the "45"th
president today, huge mouth Trump number
"45." The Red Coat of
Nuclear war is on its way
! Next we see number "19" is the day the first
head of the "3" headed LION beast, Bill Clinton 42 was born ... August
"19." Next we see "3" speeds ... "3" Churches, Catholic, Protestant and
Pentecostal headed for the graveyard and hell if they do not repent of
their evil ways! My Paul Revere Red Horse also has a reverse! This
reverse ties into the Church of today going into hell unless they Reverse
the road they are on going into ... black ... Hot Hell!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
PS:  Left is not a motorcycle but rather a
Motor type of small boat like a motorcycle
racing across the south coast water! The
water God has and is dropping today on
the Southern coastline of second
USA-lem ... Hurricane  Barry! Notice
the water spashing out beside them as
roar into fun like never before when
red hell of nuclear fire looms
out behind
them coming in following this storm!
"As in the days of Noah so shall it be
in the days of the coming of the Son of
!     Prophet Paul ...
Both wearing
life jackets