People Seen As Trees Says Jesus
The seven tree Churches of today are
seen left in the 42 day camp of mine in
the high Bly Mountains in Oregon
. This
was taken in the Spring of 2001 that sat
in front on my camp a little to the right of
the stone of the T
en Commandments
seen below. The large Axe Stone in the
middle named
AXE JESUS, is getting
ready to cut down these seven tree
Churches of today and toss the garbage
from them into the fire of purification.  
This is seen above in tree form, these
seven trees stand naked before God
and before the whole world today.
The Churches have turned into big lying mouths and big Butts to
the entire world who has deceived the whole world, seen in
17:1-8 and 18:1-8. The "7" bird Churches of today are
going into the fire as seen left. Last year I purchased a new
wood stove like the one left, to use with my propane heater. This
Spring just before I had built a fire in this sto
ve, my cat Rex was
looking through the front glass window at a bird that had flown
down the chimney. I opened the front door and took the small
bird out and released it outside. This is the sign from God
showing this in Isaiah 16:1-2 ...
like fluttering birds pushed from
their nests, so are the Women of Moab at the fords of the Arnon
My 42 days on mount Bly, touches on camp MOAB 42 of first
Israel that was Israel's last and 42nd camp.
Bill Clinton 42 from Washington seen left
in solid rock form, comes in after Russia
and China attack this nation. Far left
shows the tree
s, the Golden Dog
Churches of today looking left
with their
pretty face looking backwards into the
face of Satan that they think is Jesus.
Beast Bill Clinton  head of this beast,
Texan cowboy
, George W. Bush 43 who is
wearing the Texan
Cowboy hat.

Below Texan Bush 43 is the setting
president today, Pimp
, Stark Naked Donald
J. Trump. Notice left of the yellow X
Pimp Donald J. Trump the shark,
with the
red headed woman Churches
head in his mouth
going up to her naked
Vagina! ... Notice the golden J for Pimp ...
John Pimp J. Trump beside her gender

that he goes after!

We all know what Billionaire Trump is, a
His "3" wives were all whores. Who
put this pimp into office if not the
sleeping, naked, dog Churches of today?!
The "5" acres where i live today used to be mine, a father
type ministry. Now it is under another name, Clinton who has
taken it over
, and in signs coming after Russia and China
comes ashore
, then Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 and Trump 45
comes back into the picture eating up this dog Church of
today that has
Gone Bananas!

Last year Clinton cut down most of the many trees on this "5"
acre plot and burned the branches from the trees as God
was showing me! God had Clinton, the sign of the beast
cut down the trees ...
todays Churches! He burned up the
garbage from these trees while he kept the good parts, the

logs from these seven tree Churches and burned the
rest in fire.

Put the trumpet to your lips! An eagle is over the
house of the LORD because the people have broken my
covenant and rebelled against my law
. Israel (Church today)  
cries out to me, ‘Our God, we acknowledge you!’ But Israel (The
 has rejected what is good; an enemy will pursue him.
They set up kings without my consent; they choose princes
without my approval.
With their silver and gold they make idols
for themselves to their own destruction
." Hosea 8:1-4 ...
An Eagle is over the house of the Lord today without
a shadow of a doubt ...
the great American Eagle bird
that God is about to destroy after this verse is
. Left, God shows the Churches of today
who has become a Church filled with
GOATS and not
talking to the past two leaders ... Presidents of
Eagle Bird Nation ... Burning George W. Bush 43
seen here coming out from the fiery Abyss, Hell if you
will, with the
Skull of the Beast over his head. Right
of Burning Bush is Black Clinton 42, notice his white
eye. All "3" are talking on the black microphone seen
in the White Head of Burning Bush who claims to be a
Christian but is a liar instead!

Below fire burning George W. Bush 43, we see a
Tropical Storm over this
Bald Eagle Nation on
Election day a few years ago. This is the Eagle now
flying over this
House of God Nation Today who has
gone bananas
! After this is over then Jesus Kills this
Bald Eagle who today is over the House of the Lord ...
Hosea 8:1
. Looking far left on the West Coast side of
second Jer-
USA-lem, you can see yours truly
putting this trumpet to his lips
seen also in Hosea

Below this huge storm over this Bald Eagle Nation on
Election day a few years ago ... you can see me
blowing this awesome
Trumpet ... showing the
Trump  in the White House ... the "45"th President
and soon causes the stuff to hit the fan!
Left you can
see me, God's last day Moses Prophet, wth the
TUMPET to my LIPS as seen in Hosea 8:1. The end of
this last day Trumpet is the
head and face of Jesus
Christ hitting this white, bald eagle nation in its head
killing it.
You can see this happening over the State
of Florida seen above.

I removed the substance from around me blowing
this awesome
JESUS TRUMPET on the left, to show
you the storm from Election day a handful of years  
ago refers to this Ministry. Below God
Confirms this message again f
rom his
Hubble Telescope in his heavens.

God is showing this big mouth, last
day Moses Prophet putting the
Trumpet to his Lips! Notice the
Trumpet below my mouth pointing to
the left
, because God's people have
broken the
Covenant with him and
now the Eagle takes out this gone
Goat Church nation!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Big Mounth Big Butt Goat Churches