Pearl Ring of Husband Jesus
God is now showing the Wedding Ring of his Son Jesus in
his Hubble space telescope, his Silver wedding ring, as
silver refers to Redemption! God is taking these over-
coming 144,000 Saints of Revelation 14:1-5 to heaven with
him soon and suddenly ... this is the Marriage of the Lamb
of God and the overcoming saints today.
Above from God's heavens, he show his Son Jesus Christ coming in with his Pearl Wedding Ring to
put on the ring finger of his 144,000 saints who has overcome Satan to date, seen in Revelation
14:1-5. The picture on the right is a tree where I had parked my vacation trailer under in 2001 when I
parked on top of God's Holy Mountain by Bly, Oregon for 42 days. When I parked it under this tree I  
never noticed the wedding ring at the time.

What happens to the rest of the Churches when this
Wedding Ring comes about? God-Jesus cuts
them down seen below with the
Rock-Axe-Head of Lion Jesus sets in the middle of the "7" tree
Churches he is now ready to cut down! Donald Trump is the Beast causing this to happen today.
These "7" tree Churches soon to be cut
down, stood about 20 yards south of the
Wedding Ring that God is bringing in to
put on the wedding ring finger of his
overcoming Bride Church of today seen in
Revelation 14:1-5! Back of these
"7" tree
Churches with the
AXE head of Jesus
Christ the Lion of God, is the Sprague
River that the seven Churches of today
turned their backs on and follow Satan
who they think is Jesus Christ but the
devil himself
. Left on this AXE Rock Jesus,
you can see the face of the Lion Jesus.
Over the word Churches is the sign of the
Cross of Jesus who died for our sins.
Notice under the word Down is a small branch showing sideways the capital letter "V" for Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7 who went to sleep laying down in true Christianity and soon to wake up in nuclear war!

Today is Tuesday  
2/ "19" added 2 + 1 + 9 = "22" the end, and the end, the last chapter of the Holy
Bible Revelation 22 and God's last day Prophet, yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" year "34" add 3 + 4 = "7" preaching today to the "7" Churches God is ready to cut down!
We go back to Joesph who refers to Jesus Christ in the days of
the Jew, and his
"10" older brother touches on the "10" sleeping
Virgins of today seen in Matthew 25:6-7.
Joseph ... Jesus' mother
was the
MOON and his Father was the SUN who is the iight of the
world. The Church is and has crash landed as this
huge MOON
seen on the "19"th is going down never to rise again as
she is today! This is the day ... the
"19"th this huge moon Church
seen today in the heavens is going down and then Jesus Christ is
seen in Daniel 9:24 ... 9 + 24 =
"33" the age of Jesus when he died
on the cross for our sins and rose again still
"33" years of age
when he comes  back as King of the World for 1000 years! This
Ministry is also seen in this passage just before Jesus sets up his
1000 year kingdom on earth.
"These Open visions and Prophecies
are coming to a close and then Jesus comes in to reign

I came back to the Lord "33" years ago, born into a preachers
"6" of "7" Children who left the Moon Church in my late
teens and today am sold out to Almighty God because God showed
me where the
Moon Church of today went Sour! God is the God of
numbers not Satan the sleeping Moon Church of today claim! I lost
the use of my legs and feet due to Diabeties, I can stand on them
holding on to something solid and I sleep in a hospital bed and get
around in a wheel chair or this electric cart seen left.

I purchased this red electric cart on sale for
"33" hundred dollars
from the state of Florida that was marked down from
"73" hundred
dollars. You can also see me as the last day Paul Revere riding
his red horse at midnight telling the Moon Church ... "The Red Coats ... Russia and China are
." We add 73 = "10" sleeping Virgins. I took my Paul Revere Red Horse down town, Klamath
soon to fall USA Oregon twice
telling the people down town in the middle of November and December
when they had closed the Main St. to automobiles for special occations of adertising things these two
days. I passed out Ministry cards to people and talked to some about the
Red Coats coming in!  I
fullfilled my ministry of
Paul Revere in no uncertain terms!

I had also fulfilled my Ministry some years ago as Paul Bunyon the logger, the tree faller, as I had
worked in the woods logging for about 3 years when I was in my early 20's. I had written a news letter
some years ago about Pail Bunyon the logger!  I said, God, the logger Paul Bunyon will be walking
through his forest land, reaching into his pocket and pulls out a
farmer match, lift his right leg up
and stricks the match on his thigh and toss the match out to start the forests on fire. This has already
happened in California and other states here in this gone down the tube of second Jer-
USA-lem by
God's lightning strikes and other means he uses to light the woods on fire.
Lastly you are looking at God's last day Apostle Paul, his second one
preaching this awesome message 2000 years later. First Apostle Paul was
talking to the true Awake Church when he said in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
those who sleep during this horrible time today horror will come upon
them as
labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, meaning the
sleeping Church of today ...
and they will not escape!

Jesus said in Matthew 25;6-7 this Church of the last days are sleeping!
How much plainer can this get? Get ready sleeping Church the first, and
now the second Apostle Paul 2000 years apart, are saying the same thing!
The Wedding of the Lamb is coming seen above in no uncertain terms!
God confirms this seen left from his Hubble
Space Telescope in his heavens!
The SUN ...
SON Jesus in the middle looking at you with
a line tied to the 144,000 overcomers from
the true Church seen in Revelation 14:1-5
who has overcome Satan
Jesus-God  is
soon to pull out ... take out to be with him
while the rest of the Church stays behind to
have the 42 months of fiery wrath burned
out of their lives.

This is seen in Isaiah 66:7 ... 6 X 7 = 42 month
when this Rachel Church of today gives
birth to the 144,000 saints who has
overcome Satan and are seen to be born
just before the 42 months of labor pain
comes upon this Rachel Church who
fell asleep at kingdom time

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Jesus above
the Sun ... Son
144,000 above
overcoming saints
Silver Redemption Pearl
Ring of Jesus Christ
bringing in his
Overcoming Church.