Paul Speaking - 3 Beasts & Skulls
Left yours truly
speaking from Red
Dragon Rock close
to my old home in
the high wilderness
area and over my
shoulder right you
can see God
burned out in solid
Rock the image of
my head in front of
the long Red
Dragon Rock approximately 300 yards long looking up to
God! This ties into Daniel 5:25 ... God's Handwriting is on
the Wall ... the Wall of Rock, Rock Jesus
! First we see in
God's awesome numbering system in Daniel 5:
25 two
"5"s with number "2" in the middle showing "10"
sleeping Virgins gone Banana's for sure and today follow
the enemy of our souls, Satan!

A short distance from the rock showing my head looking up
to God begins the long Red Dragon Rock with the first two
heads of the "3" headed Lion Beast! The first head is
Democrat Bill Clinton 42 partially looking at you. Attached to
the back of Bill's head is Republican Elephant George
Bushes trunk! I can't show you this long rock so I show it to
you in sections. Behind the neck of George W. Burning
Bush 43 is the picture God is showing of the Republican
Shark, Donald Trump 45.

You can see between the tail of Shark Trump the Skull he
soon makes of the
Sleeping Goat Church. God very plainly
shows between the tail of shark Trump and the Skulls of the
Goat, Dog, Pig Churches of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 the
head of
Republican Elephant Trump with his trunk in the air
blabbing out lies as usual!

Behind the dead Skull Church you can see her laying down
with Republican Elephant Trump behind her head sneaking
up on her to take her down! They put this Bastard of Satin
into power and soon he turns against them and destroys

Right is the tail end of this long Red Dragon of Satan rock,
the wolf preachers who have led the Church astray.
Paul's head
looking up
to God!
As I pointed out the ear on the left is the head of the Church, the woman vision above this laying
down sleeping, and the other ear is the head of the Republican Elephant, George W. Bush 43 and
Donald J. Trump 45 who are riding just behind the Dead, Sleeping
"7" Goat ... Dog ... Pig Churches
of today
Left God shows in one of his fiery
volcano's coming out from the Abyss,
hell if you will, the fiery pants of the "3"
beast presidents talking to the Goat
Churches of today ... notice the black
microphone in the white head of the "3"
beast Presidents who all called
themselves good Christians but are
from Satan himself. Notice over the
white head of these "3" beast
Presidents you can see the white Skull
of the beast. Right of the fiery red pants
of these Presidents you can see the
large black head of Satan with a white
eye as part of the
"3" heads, the "3"
Churches, the
"3" president and one
big bad  BLACK SATAN!  O' Goat Church of today this is your condition before God Almighty! God
shows you goat Churches of today left, talking to the
Beast and Satan! Jesus said, the Goats will
be on the left, meaning Judgment! He then said my sheep will be on my right, meaning mercy. Here
you can plainly see God putting the GOAT Churches of today on the left, as they soon go into

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