Paul G - Speaking At Dragon Rock  
Face of Beast
in rock above
About 4 miles from my home
sets Dragon Rock as I point
out when I was about 67
years of age also seen in
front of my GMC ... God's
Moving Church with license
plate number
"XYJ - 892"
when added in God's
numbering system says,
for crossing,, "Y" for Yahweh
and "J" for Jordan
! The
numbers mean on this
GMC ... 8 X 9 = 72 times "2"
equals 144 and the year
shows the 144,000 that God
soon takes out to be with him
just before Hell is opened up
on earth seen in Revelation
14:1-5 and Isaiah 16:3-4 and
Luke 21:34-36.
Left standing in front of Leo's Camera Shop in down
town Klamath Falls, Oregon, a friend of mine, I show
you the License Plate on my
GMC ... God's soon to be
taken our overcoming Church "
God's Moving Church."
Klamath Falls is another sign from Almighty God as this
shows this nation is now getting ready to
FALL ...

On the tail of this long Dragon rock about 3 to 4
hundred yards long, you can see the Shark of Satan
making Skulls out from the Sleeping Church laying
down with one head of the beast with her! Behind her
is the head of the wolf-dog preachers of today telling
lies to the dead-sleeping Church. Below, I show the
sleeping Churches along with one of the two headed
lion beasts, George W. Burning Bush 43, and behind
him are the lousy wolf-dog preachers.

Ahead of the Shark is the head of Bill Clinton #42 in
rock form behind me heading this awesome message.
Notice over the
SKULL which Bush 43 belongs to, "The
Skull & Bones secret society of the NWO and the
Illuminati of Satan coming in shortly
" ... in cloud form is
the Republican Elephant Burning Bush 43.

Left God shows this Red Pants Burning Bush in a fiery
volcano showing him talking to the
! Above Bushes head is the sign of the
SKULL that he belongs to today that they are now
getting ready to kill these
GOAT Churches!  Jesus said,
my sheep are on the right,
meaning mercy and the
goats are on the left meaning
JUDGMENT! Notice how
God made this awesome volcano, the Goats are on the

Above Red Pants George W. Burning Bush 43 is
another Open Vision from God showing my in-home
care lady Pam who helps me out a couple days a week, pushing me in a wheel-chair at times! I got  
Dieabedies 6-7 years ago that I have lost the use of my legs to walking. I can stand on them only if I
am hanging on to something.

The Lord has taken this last day old Moses Prophet into the hot fire of purification to write these
awesome messages to the Churches before hell is opened up on earth. I preach this message for old
John the Revelator who wrote the book of Revelation. I am seen speaking for him in Revelation
10:9-11 ... for God said ...
"You must prophesy AGAIN about many peoples, nations, languages and kings."
Old John isn't coming back to prophesie again so God has raised up another John-Paul the Second
to stand in the gap for old John

Above in this large storm I am preaching today, you can see me riding in my wheel-chair with Pam
pushing me. This Ministry is the center of this storm as God is showing above. You can see Pam left
of head wearing
dark glasses as she does when the sun in out! You can see Pam left of my cap that I
usually wear when outside. You can see my Trumpet pointing down-ward as I preacher this awesome
message from my third and last flying Angel Ministry seen in Revelation 14:
"6-7." Notice the head of
a man just ahead of my head who is also wearing dark glasses ... the people looking at these Open
Vision Miracles from Almighty God. Now I wonder who made this cloud if not God Almighty?
Left is the huge storm they named Pam
that happened two years ago. You can
see me in this cloud from Almighty God,
top left side over the
red X. Below this
X is the face of a Lion, yours truly Leo
the Lion from the Tribe of Judah,
meaning the tribe of Jesus, speaking
out for God at Judgment time. Above
the second red X is the two letters
for South Carolina
. The bottom rock
below this huge white cloud is a rock
shaped like the hand of God pointing to
this Leo the Lion Ministry, Yours Truly
speaking out for him as I was born on
Leo the Lion month of August 22 ...
which means the end of the Bible,
Revelation 22 ... it is finished!

August 21, 2017 we saw a Solar Eclipse
going over
St. Paul, Oregon and ending
X                  X
ar South Carolina. This Solar Eclipse refers to a new beginning coming in! This touches on the 1000
year kingdo of Jesus Christ who is still
"33" years of age when he died on the cross for our sins and
rose again still
"33" years of age, for God never ages! Daniel 9:24 added is "33" touching on Jesus
Christ and also this ministry. This passage begins with
"77" is decreed for your people and land to
stop sinning. This same verse also states, God bringing an end to these
Visions and Prophesies
and then Jesus comes into his kingdom!
I live in the lower foot hills over the capital
"D" for Daniel at an altitude of "43"
hundred feet and I was born in year
added together is
"77." Now I wonder who put
the cloud
"77" over my home if not Almighty
God? Now call this last day John Paul the
second a dreamer if you will.

I preached over long-wave and short-wave
radio in the year 2000 from SC above ... South
Carolina ... in cloud form seen above from
Almighty God. This prophetic Ministry got one
of my books and called me to see if I would talk
to him on radio in half an hour ... I said yes!
This Prophetic Ministry who is dead now, first asked me ... Who is the beast coming in? I said Bill
Clinton the 42nd president of this nation. In the same breath I told him that Russia would nuclear
bomb this nation and today this is soon to happen some 18 years later.

This last day message to the sleeping Churches today, God showed happening from the small county
of St. Paul, Oregon a few miles east of the capital of Salem, Oregon and leaving at South Carolina.
Could this just be another accident going someplace to happen or what?
The red part in this Oregon map is the county of
St. Paul. They enlarged St. Paul which looks like a
man looking left watching this Solar Eclipse go
over his head. He is seening the Grey Russian
bear coming down from the North to take out this
PIG headed nation and its PIG headed Churches.
This PIG HEADED Churches of today still swim with
a FISH tail as the early Church did but they are far
from what the early Church ever was!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...