Paul Gerig & Lion Rock 67P
Comet             Rock 67P
This 60 to 70 foot high Lion Rock sets one mile east
of my home showing the golden outlined letter P
for Paul as pointed out by God. This Prophet Paul is
looking up to God who gives me this information.
It shows the Bull Market coming down and below this a
little to the left you can see this Pig Nation and Pig
Church catching on fire and inside the fire you can
faintly see the two capital letters DC for Washington DC
burning down. Left of this you can see the little LION OF
SATAN, Bill Clinton 42 coming around the corner as also
seen in Revelation 17:8 a past beast President who
once was, now is not but yet is coming ... 1 + 7 + 8 = "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington
This Ministry is God's Leo the Lion Ministry looking up to God
and Bill Clinton 42 is Satan's Leo the lion who was governor of
Little Rock, Ark...ansas ... Satan's little ark and this Ministry is
God Big Ark in sign. This first Open Vision shows the Pig
Church burning down the one seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 along
with the Dog Church also seen in the lower right hand corner
of the first Open Vision, the Dogs preaching to the Churches
of today who believe them.

I had an only son we named ROCKY who lived two days and
died in an incubator, a seven month old premature baby boy.
Right of the golden outlined "P" for Paul of Rock Leo the Lion
Paul, is a picture of a volcano blowing up showing the fire "G"
for Gerig on fire for God. The little LION below laying at my feet
represents my young Prophet friend Bryon Perez who is also
part of this ministry.

Below this seen in God's heavens, is
for Prophet Paul who was born
"6" of "7" children in a
Preachers home in year "34" today preaching to the
3 + 4 =
" Churches all gone to sleep and today are committing
adultery of Jesus Christ their true husband while they sleep
with Satan the enemy of their souls.  

Notice the large white capital letter "G" for Gerig above where
I put the rest of my name right of letter "G." I took out the dark
area around the head of the LION to show you this Rock from
God is a head of the Lion along with the head of Jesus Christ
who came from the Lion Tribe of Judah. Below this shows the
face of a LION in cloud form from God Almighty over another
Rock that I had named Lion Rock some years ago.
This Lion Rock shows
the two heads of the
Lion Beast, Clinton 42
left and Bush 43 right.
The cloud picture
above of the face of
the Lion came from
over this rock left.
Below the Lion' face above was a storm off the North Eastern part of the USA. I never touches this
picture but left it as such of God showing this Lion message for today wearing dark glasses and
showing he has a heart for people, this Lion Ministry without a shadow of a doubt. Notice his two
front paws sticking out in front of him.

Below this is a Lion shown by God in lightning form of this Lion Rock over Iceland, this Lion
Ministry today preaching to a cold cold Church who seen almost nothing. Notice my two bright
eyes and fire feet. This also ties to God in Revelation 1:14-15 and his voice is like rushing waters.
God has named this Ministry some years ago as the Ring of Fire Ministry. He also made this ring of
fire above showing this ministry inside with the capital letter G for Gerig on the top.

God means business and we are approaching the end of days, today ... "6" thousand years of
mankind ruling the world that has gone bananas today big time. Now we are heading into God's
1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ, this the "7"th days of the week, "67" the name of the Comet
Rock above showing
"67P" ... God's last day Rock Prophet who had an only son we named Rocky
59 years ago who lived two days! I have lived 28 years in the area I live today writing this message
to a blind, deaf Dog-pig-goat Church of today and will be moving out shortly into Klamath Falls,
Oregon for God is saying; "The USA is Falling that I will be preaching from the streets of Klamath
Falls shortly showing this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem is about to FALL ... Klamath USA ...

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...