Paul & Trump at Head of Website
I moved my front page
down and it shows
Trump smoking his
pipe and Paul talking
about him as I point
out. Seen in the middle
section of my front
page is the image seen
on the right, of God
spitting out white
nuclear  fire on earth.
Looking at the top of my front page and top right, you can see
Paul as marked, nose to nose with Trump the end time beast!
You can see Trump in this Open Vision Picture from God
smoking a pipe and sticking it in front of my face! This goes
along with God's Open Vision showing the same thing from his
Hubble Telescope in his heavens seen above! God shows
Trump with a huge mouth as the world knows today, with his
two arms sticking out as usual and his two beady eyes looking
at you while he is smoking a
Nuclear PIPE.
God uses his good vessels to do his good work and he uses his bad vessels to do his bad work.
Lying mouth Beast Trump God is using today to punish the sleeping Church gone crazy! Of all the
true saints today, the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 who have overcome Satan to date, are soon to be
taken out by Almighty God who has Jesus' and the Father's name written on their foreheads, are
soon to disappear!

This gone to
POT Crazy Church of today say these with Jesus' name written on their foreheads are
Why would an all knowing God who created everything put his Jesus' name on a people who
refused to believe Jesus is the Messiah
? He wouldn't and he didn't! There is a ministry on TV seven
days a week ... a Seven Day Adventist Church preaching some truth mixed with many lies! They are
also preaching against the Protestant and the Catholic Churches saying they are full of Satan! All are
full of Satan today because Satan is over todays Churches without a shadow of a doubt!
Left is the Dog Churches of today barking out lies with their mouths wide open
and the
Communist Party of the Hammer and Sickle are coming in to shut their
mouth as God shows in a cloud. The second shows her big mouth and this "3"rd
one shows the fish!
one God shows the fish that used to be seen as a Fishing Church but today are
seen as a naked  
DOG PIG Church gone to POT. Right God shows himself in
cloud form his unhappy face of what he must do because his Church has
sinned against him and his patience has run out! God shows in Isaiah 28:13-15
this image seen below, this naked POT Head Church soon to be falling
backwards seen in these
"3" verses of Isaiah 28 added equals "10" sleeping
Virgins. Today no more Virgins to Jesus but whores of Satan!
Fish Church
The naked POT Head
Church are looking
at God's unhappy
face as they smoke a
Bong Pipe naked
messing up their
brains and sending
many to hell with
Satan! The image left
shows the naked
Church soon to be
falling backwards
from Nuclear poison.
God shows this from his Hubble telescope in his heavens ... this Naked POT HEAD WOMAN CHURCH
of today falling backwards as seen in Isaiah 28 verse
"13." Number "13" is the number of Witchcraft
that these Churches of today are all under! I didn't make this image of a very naked woman Church,
God made it! Below her face being hit with Nuclear Poison from Almighty God, you can plainly see her
two very naked breasts! Now drop down past her belly and you can see her dark hairy sex area
below. I remind you I never made this image of a naked woman Church ... God made it!
in his huge mouth that matches the one on the far left. Above the word Trump you can see his huge
mouth with his nuclear pipe almost in my face who is exposing this beast President Trump 45 who
causes nuclear war soon and very ... very suddenly to a people gone to POT, the devil Church today.

Looking at the top right corner of this message you can see this image of
Trump and Paul above the
word God and His letter "G" ... shows the end of Trumps nuclear Pipe and my head is above the letter
OD in GOD. The above top right shows the entire front page of my website that God told me this
morning to draw down over the whole front page of his awesome Ministry!
Far left is an Open Vision from God
from his Hubble telescope
showing Trump smoking a Nuclear
Pipe with his Huge Mouth wide
open with his arms out and seen in
the background of my front page
showing the same thing with his
head against my head with a pipe
Trump        Paul
Left we see the goat Church of today going up
into the air in this real image of the Nuclear
bomb going off over their heads by rocket
form that I laid sideways to show you what
God shows is soon to happen! Right of the
goat Churches head is white headed golden
bill Donald Trump looking right. Below Trumps
head you can plainly see the soon to be dead
White Dead Skulls of the people, including the
Goat Churches. Here we see the head of this
Eagle Bird nation, Beast Trump and the Dead
White Skull Church
Sand-Witched in-between  
Beast Trump above and
Dragon Satan seen
below. I ask this question ...
"How much
plainer must God make it before the sleeping
soon to be DEAD Church gets the message
I remind you the top right corner of this page show the entire front page of
my website as I never changed a thing! God is showing in my front page
the fire now ready to fall down upon mankind who has turned against Him!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Trump &  Paul
God speaks out nuclear war is coming &
above God saying you can see His Prophet
Paul on the top right and on the top left is
Trump who is pulling the pin for this to
happen real soon.
PS: Left God confirms this message today
about his once sheep Church now gone to
POT and now has turned into a  
GOAT Church
and God said, the
GOATS will be on my left
meaning Judgment and my sheep will be on
my right meaning
Mercy! God shows this from
one of his fiery volcano's the soon to be blue
Goat Churches speaking lies to the world
today on TV ... Radio and the internet and the
red pants world and preachers seen here
coming out from the Abyss, Hell if you will
who are soon to burn by
God's Nuclear Fire!
God is now in the process of destroying
second Jer-
USA-lem who has destroyed the
Church and world as seen in Rev. 17:1-7 ... 1 +
7 + 1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave
Washington DC!
<------Skull head of Satan
Black head
of Satan "3"
of a kind