One-Scarlet Church Goes To Hell
<-------Dark hair Church   with
horns of Satan laying sideways

sleeping in Christianity!
White faced woman looking  at U ----------->
Hell Fire
Above I got off God's Hubble telescope in his heavens! The top part is the Red Headed Scarlet
woman Church of Revelation 17:1-8 going to  hell
! Below this you can see hell wide open with this
same woman I pointed out in hell, the one looking at you. The top right God shows her again, notice
naked breasts as she is laying down sleeping stark naked with her head pointing to the right.
The cloud picture under her
, God shows her setting on cloud "9" sucking her baby finger as she
awaits her
RAPTURE the wolf preachers are promising her that will never take place.
One mile east of my home sets a huge rock I named
Babylon Rock some 2
5 so years ago. On the south
side of this large rock, God burned out in solid rock
JESUS NAME and below his name is his Open
showing the wolf preachers today preaching
out from it and dragging behind them
are the dead
s of this Church seen above, still an infant
her thumb as she lays down stark naked
before God and the whole world. Below is the same
picture only larger, and right of the
dead head
wolves and dead head so called Christians,
is the abbreviated letters
"IS" for ISIS. God
is now in the process of cutting off the
heads of the Church that are under the
headship of Satan
! This ties to David when
he was a young man when he walked down
to the creek and picked up "5" smooth
stones tying into Jesus who died of
wounds and then David walked up to the Giant, pulled out the Giants own sword and cut off his
head. This Giant refers to Satan today! Below in another rock close to my home,
shows the sleeping
Churches of today laying down on the tail of Dragon
Rock sleeping
, with one head of the beast, Elephant
George W. Republican Bush 43. Behind him is the
face of
todays wolf preachers who has messed up the
entire Church system all except the 144,000 who has
Jesus' and the Father's name written on their
foreheads seen in Revelation 14:1-5 that the lying
wolf-dog preachers say refers to the Jews, another
lie from hell
! Why would God put JESUS' name on the
Jews who never accepted Jesus as their Messiah?
God didn't and he wouldn't!

The left ear of the sleeping Church is seen  on the
head of the dog preachers, and the right ear is
head of beast Bush 43 ... 4 + 3 = "7" Churches who
actually follows the beast into hell
! Below this wolf
head you an see the head of this very long Red
Dragon Rock lead by
Beast Bill Clinton 42 with the
Republican elephant's trunk attached to the back of
's # "42" head. Behind Bush 43 you can see the
Shark, Trump 45 that also makes SKULL and BONES
from the sleeping Church with Beast Bush 43 who
belongs to the secret society of the NWO ... Illuminati
of the
"Skull & Bones."

Notice what God put over the
SKULL just ahead of the
sleeping Churches of today soon to be
put in white cloud form the Elephant Bush 43 of the
"Skull & Bones Secret Society." Notice God shows
the Elephant Bush with his trunk in the air in cloud

God cannot make these truths any plainer than he has
made them today through his last day Moses,
Jeremiah, John Paul the second Prophet! This long
Red Dragon Rock is so large I had to take more than
one picture to get the whole
scene. This large Red
is probably 3 to 4 hundred yards long if not

Wake up O' Sleeping Church your days are now at
hand! Prepare to meet your God ... god whom
-ever he
may be!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Naked Church Sleeping
Sarlet Baby Church Dreams