One Of Worst Fires - California
Two left images & Fire is a Match from Camera in Sky = Red Church
Red Headed Church & Hollywood Ca. soon
to Wake up in fire head below.
Two eyes below & mouth muffled
Taken from space
Fire Head
mouth wide
The Open Vision far left was taken from the sky and the picture of the Red Headed woman next
shows a conformation from God Almighty! The first image in signs you can faintly see, are her two
how close we are today from Fire from Almighty God to clean up his
Gone Crazy Sheep Church
that is now a
GOAT Church seen below in one of God's fiery volcano's showing Red Pants Burning
as one of the "3" beasts making up the "666" that takes out the Isaiah "66:6" Churches of
today who are
ENEMIES of Almighty God ... read it!
Muffled Mouth
Left God made this ... not man! The
Skull of the Beast is over Bushes head
George W. Red Pants Burning Bush
talking into a microphone along with
Goat Churches on the left of his
face is also talking into the
for Satan. George W. Bush
43 belongs to the secret society of
Satan ...
"The Skull & Bones." God
shows this
"Skull" over Bushes head
who talks to the Goat Churches today.
Right of White head Bush is Black Satan
seen here with a white eye! This is the
condition of the Churches of today who
used to be a
Sheep Church now Goats!
These Goats are seen today in Matthew 25:6-7.
They wake up at midnight to see the fire coming
upon them,
this is what wakes them up to truth!
They are seen left in this large rock close to my
showing the Armies of China and Russia
coming in seen top right, a military man wearing
a military war helmet
!  This Goat Church is
laying down stark naked over the
Black Bull
Market, a money, Goat Church of today!
shows the hand of this Church of Matthew
25:6-7 as the sleeping Virgins, notice their right
hand in the air, a Church circumcised only in
the flesh and not the heart!
Left is another large rock close to my
home showing this beast,
George W.
Burning Bush
, another sign of the days
of first Moses and today of second
Moses, your truly! All I did here was
put the writing in showing what God is
showing today about this man, the sign
of the
Burning Bush of First Moses.
We go from the top left Crown on
Bushes head. He is hiding as you can
see behind a
BUSH and the CROSS of
Jesus Christ is hidden in this BUSH, of
George Bush
. He is seen here as the
Lion's head looking to the right and
the other Lion is behind him, Clinton
42 who was behind him as President.
Ezekiel 38 and this nation of Magog which means "3" Gogs, Gog Washington ... Father Bush
GeOrGe and Son Bush GeOrGe ...
the land of many GeOrGe's. Now notice right of GeOrGe Bush 43
you can see going back from GeOrGes face, a light green tying into the head of the beast just left
of the large tree. Behind this beast is seen here in rock form, the word
LION. This Lion is Bill
Clinton 42 the first head and Bush pulls Bill back into power as the first head of this two headed
Lion beast. These are the two Lions seen in the Open Vision above seen on Bushes back.

Add 42 with 43 is
"67." These two beast men goes after the Church of Matthew 25 added are the
"7" Churches of verses "6-7." God is revealing today these two beast men by his last day Moses
Prophet born
"6" of "7" Children in a preachers home and preaching today from my "3"rd flying
angel website seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" today at the HOUR OF JUDGMENT!  Preaching
what? This
"Eternal Gospel" that the Goat Churches of today do not know nor do they
understand! They must, and will all go into the
Fire of Purification and those who refuse this
purification will go to hell as seen below in two Open Visions from Almighty God.
G.W. Bushes Nose--->
Head of Beast---->
Left is another Open Vision from Almighty God,
showing the naked, dog-pig church of today going into
the lake of fire from God to be purified! Notice the skin
falling off the arm of this woman dog Church with the
leash still attached to her arm and to the dog she is
walking, meaning she is the
DOG Church of today.
Notice the man this side of her has lost the meat off his
body as well. This happened in Japan in year
when Truman dropped two Atomic Bombs on them that
ties to Trump
"45" and this happened to them as well.
God is purifying this Church of today over the lake of
fire and those who refuse this repentance go to hell,
as seen below in the lower right corner.

God confirms this from this huge storm on the Rocky
Mountains in Colorado a few years ago seen below.
This Open Vision shows dirty water coming down from
his Rocky Mountain, the sign of the Rock,
Jesus, and you can see this man's black
head in the black roadway going down the
tube, the highway tube washed out by this
huge storm from God showing what is soon
to take place with his dirty Church! Notice
below his large black head going down the
tube and many go to hell. Notice under his
large black head the white line from the
highway pointing down to the man in hell
who refused to repent! Below this is this
man in hell
wearing dark glasses of the
bright hot fire in hell
. Now I wonder who
made these images if not Almighty God?
I serves an Almighty God who shows these truths today without
Miracle after Miracle after Miracle, yet the sleeping Sodom
and Egypt Churches of today see the same things the Pharaoh of
Egypt saw, nothing
... coming from God through his first Moses. He
would not believe anything either just like the Pharaoh Churches of
today do not believe God's second Moses as well seen in Revelation
11:8 ... seen here as
figuratively speaking where also our Lord is
Crucified Again, this time by the
Goat Gentile Churches.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...
The Nuclear Fire is
coming from Almighty
God soon and suddenly