Old Rome Coin & New Rome
Left is an old ancient Roman coin of
Jesus day and old Rome, and it ties
to today and second Rome ... the USA
in no uncertain terms! We see this in
Revelation 17:
9-11. “This calls for a
mind with wisdom. The seven heads
are seven hills on which the woman
sits. They are also seven kings.
have fallen, one is, the other has not
yet come
; but when he does come, he
must remain for a little while. The
beast who once was, and now is not, is
an eighth king. He belongs to the
seven and is going to his destruction."

Revelation 17:
9-11 ...
It was "911" when the towers went down in second Jer-USA-lem ... second Rome! Two Boeing 767
airliners took down these towers of
Second Rome seen in Daniel "7:6-7." I won't go into
explaining this passage as I have already written about it more than once which is still on my front
page. The passage in Revelation 17 of
"9-11" shows this nation as second Rome in God's
numbering system. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits and are seven kings.
The first King was George H.W. Bush 41 ... added is
"5" has fallen. George 41 fell to the second
head of the beast, Bill Clinton number 42 in 199
2-3 ... 2 + 3 = "5" has fallen to number "6" beast,
Clinton 42 added is

5" have fallen, this George H.W. Bush 41 who fell to Bill Clinton 42 added is six in years 1992 and
1993 ... 2 + 3 =
"5" has fallen. The other has not yet come but when he does come he must remain
for a little while. Who was the next king to come? George W. Bush
"43" added is this "7"th king.
"The beast who once was, now is not is an eighth king, he belongs to the seven and is going to his
This beast number "8" is Bill Clinton coming back also seen in Revelation 17:"8."

Bills number is "42" ... 2 x 4 = "8" as Bill is the beast who comes back and the people who will be
surprised when this happens, their names have not been written in the Lambs book of life, read it.
The man with the goat is this beast man who once was, now is not and yet is coming, Bill Clinton 42.
The goat refers to this golden goat nation where the golden goat today is Donald Trump 45 sets as
president who stands where he does not belong. And this
Golden Goat Church of today rides this
Golden goat nation going into nuclear war with the Russian Silver Goat as I show below in solid rock
form burned out by the fire finger of Almighty God
This rock Open Vision shows the cross of Jesus Christ with a
pig head at the top left, refers to the pig Church of 2 Peter 2:
20-22. It shows the cross and right of the lower cross you can
see the naked woman Church riding the cross of Jesus
Christ and the Golden Goat at the same time! Notice she is
wearing a dark witches hat. Notice she is on the back of this
golden goat nation today and soon to hit the silver head of
the Russian goat just over the head of this red headed little
girl Church nation who has never grown up to maturity seen
in Zechariah 5:5-11 and Hebrews 5:11-14.

Notice this little
red headed scarlet  girl Church of Revelation
17:1-7 sets under the mussel of these two goat nations ready
to go to war! Notice she is wearing a man's necktie as the
little girl is boys and girls still here when the nuclear fire
bombs drop! She is sitting over the
Brush ... Bush pile with
the two letters in stick form ...
UA ... United America now
upside down
. Notice the Church riding the cross is showing
her two naked breast to the entire world!

Below this also in rock form burned out by the fire finger of
Almighty God who created all things, shows the man which
also includes the Woman, naked as pointed out. This Church
today are only circumcised in the flesh and not
the heart as this shows they are only a fleshly
Church and not an end time Spiritual Church
that they are suppose to be. God shows them
in this burned out rock in no uncertain terms,
they are a
MONEY Church which are soon to
be destroyed.
He-She has their hands in the
air as worshiping the Bull Market they are
laying on today. Notice how God shows them in
their hand raised up, the form of the capital
letter "V" for the
"V"...irgin Churches of
Matthew 24 and 25. This means today when
this is happening, the soldiers of War Come.
I took a picture of this rock after seeing the image God had showed me also the one above, put it
into my Adobe Photo section of my Computer and put in the writing, that is all I did for God did the
rest. He shows this last day Church a money Church laying down on the old money Bull Market soon
to go down.
After the Back Bull Market leaves then the Red Bear Market of Russia and China
comes in
!  Below in another rock pile close to my old home also burned out by God, shows this
last day Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 which also refers
to them as Pigs ... walking to the left both the Catholic
and the Protestant Churches of today. Notice God
shows the dogs with a golden face looking to the left
while her human face is turned around looking Black
Satan in his face who she thinks is Jesus but is the
devil himself.

Behind Satan are the three heads of the
"666" beast
men who takes out the Church who has become an
enemy of God seen in Isaiah
"66:6." Clinton 42 born
year "4
6" ... Bush 43 ... born year "46" ... Trump 45 born
year "4
6" ... here are the three beast men of the "666"
soon to go after this sleeping, naked, dog Church of
today. Notice Bill on top and Burning Bush below with
the cowboy hat on his head, and the shark Trump in
power today with the red headed scarlet woman in his
mouth going up her leg to where his middle letter "J"
for John is located, by the Woman Churches vagina is located. We have a Sex Maniac beast
President in power today as also the first beast seen here, Bill Clinton had problems with this same
thing when he was in office and almost lost his presidency when he was caught lying about the
young Jewish intern that he did not have sex with ... this is seen in Revelation 13:3. One of the
heads of the beast seamed to have had a fatal wound ... meaning to his presidency but the fatal
wound healed and now the whole world is going after him. The House Impeached Bill but a little later
the Senate turned him loose ... his fatal wound had healed.
Left is part of the Open Vision above showing the
naked, woman Church riding the cross and the
golden beast at the same time. This Open Vision left
was taken somewhat above the woman riding the
cross. This shows the first head of the beast, Bill
Clinton who was born on Leo the lion month of
"19" ... I circled his number "19" in front of
his chest. In this Open Vision from Almighty God you
can see Bill coming down over the head of this
scarlet ... red headed woman Church of Rev. 17:1-7
as she has her head on the chopping block today.
The signs is this; God is using the beasts seen in
"66:6" to cut off the headship of Satan over
his Church that has been following Satan.
Left is another fiery volcano from God Almighty showing
the naked butt the Churches of today setting firmly on
the head of this beast nation! Notice the white hat of the
president with his head turned around looking at you as
he stands on is front legs and sets down on his hind
legs with his tail stick out behind him. Notice the red fire
fight of the naked woman Church which has already
begun to burn.

This very naked rear end of the Church today are
standing on Rock Jesus holding onto the rock with her
hand and God is showing her today kneeling down to the
little Rock, Satan while she claims to be worshiping God
but is praying to and kneeling down and worshiping
Satan while she holds onto the rock, Jesus! Notice the
rock at this naked woman's knees shows this is the head
of little rock Satan they are worshiping today all except
the 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5 that God soon
takes out to be with him before Hell is opened up on
earth. You can also see this in Luke 21:34-36 and Isaiah
66:7 the pregnant Church of today giving birth to the
144,000 man child children just before the "42" months of labor
pain wrath falls down upon this naked pregnant woman Church!
This pregnant women Church is then seen in verse "8" seen
above showing the beast, Bill Clinton seen in Revelation
17:9-11 ... also seen as number "8" and you can see this
number "8" in the first four paragraphs heading this message
that also ties into Revelation 17 verse "8" the coming back of
Beast Bill Clinton and the sleeping, naked, woman Church will
be surprised.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ..