Nurse Pam Pushing Paul on Cloud
After I lost the use of
my legs and feet to
walking due to
diabetes, I hired a
nurse, Pam to help
me at home as I get
around in a wheel-
chair. She also takes
me to the doctor
when I need to go at
times. She also at
times helps me get
around doing my
Ministry messages.
Pam has been with me now for "9" years and  God shows her left in cloud form as this ministry today
is the center of God's storm blowing this awesome
Trump-et from heaven down to earth as God
shows above. This is an Open Vision God shows in his clouds from heaven of yours truly blowing
this trumpet to the earth below. I will explain this larger Open Vision below of Yours Truly walking
cross God's heaven as the apple of his eye.

This wrath has already begun, all the killings, all the accidents that are happening seen in Isaiah 5:5
... 5 + 5 =
"Land of the "10" asleep Virgin Church." God said in this small passage for today, "I have
lifted my hand of protection from around her and she will be destroyed
." This is now happening!
The next two verses
"6-7" ties into Matthew 25 verses "6-7" this sleeping Church of today ... God
"I will stop watering ... Pruning ... Cultivating her and she will turn into a thorn patch!" This is what
she is today!

Now God wants you to see this cap I wear when outside! Notice Pam pushing me in my bright white
Wheel Chair the center of this white cloud storm with the
Trump-et end pointing down to the people
on earth below, warning them that Hell is now openning up on earth! The beast Trump and the
people are talking about Gun Laws and taking them out of the killers hands today, but this is no
more than what God is allowing to happen to punish the whole world who has turned away from him
and today follow Satan! God uses his bad people to do his bad work and uses his good people to do
his good work.

My Dark Leather Cap ... And me wearing the cap on God's Clouds ...

Top left showing from clouds from Almighty God ... Pam wearing dark glasses as she does when the
bright sun is out, looking at you while she pushed me in my wheel-chair. Notice right of her head
looking at you, you can see my dark leather cap I wear when outside. Now look at the cloud picture
to the right taken from a real picture from God, shows yours truly today walking across God's
heavens wearing a
dark leather cap! Notice behind the image of this last day Apostle Prophet
second Paul Ministry, is a darker cloud showing the image of an Apple as God shows this Ministry of
truth today is the
Apple of his Eye.
The Apple of God's Eye Speaks from Heaven
Left is a picture of Storm Pam that God shows me in
my bed and my in-home care nurse Pam helps me out,
and takes care of Prophet Paul seen left laying in my
bed. This is the picture God wants his people to see
made in cloud form! The weather people put the signs
of the rocks below on top of this white storm Pam
cloud. The bottom rock shaped like a man's hand
points to God's last day Moses Prophet. I was born "6
of 7" children in a preachers home on Leo the lion
month of August "22" ... meaning the very end of days
and also the last Chapter of God's Holy Bible, Rev.
"22." Top left you can see my face looking at you and
below my human face you can plainly see my face as a
LION. Right of my human face you can see my arm
reaching out to the two capital letters
"SC" for South
Notice the top rock under this white storm cloud above, shows the image of a heart ... referring to
this Ministry who has a heart for God and a heart for the people of God, as I show also from South
Carolina in year 2001 when I spoke for
30 minutes on long and short wave radio around the world
telling them who the first head of the beast is, Bill Clinton
"42" and that Russia was going to nuclear
bomb this nation!

"19" years later ... as Bill was also born on Leo the Lion month of August "19" year "46" soon
heads out with George Bush
"43" and Donald Trump "45" and all "3" were born in year "46" added
... came out from the 4 + 6 =
"10" sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7. We put these "3" headed Lying,
Lion beasts together who were born the same year ... 4
6 ... and we see "666."

6:7-8 speaks about today when these "3" beast men are alive who ride the Pale Horse of
DEATH with Hades ... Hell following close behind! Trump was born on the "6"th month, Bush was born
on the "7"th month and Clinton was born on the "8" month ...
"6-7-8" of Revelation "6:7-8" with hell
following close behind
! What God is showing today ... Hell is now at the door as all can see what
is happening today in this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem and also around the entire world!

Back to South Carolina where I spoke
"19" years ago on long and short wave radio around the world
"30" minutes! I told this preacher from South Carolina who broadcast this message around the
world who the first head of fhe beast was. This Ministry was telling the world
"19" years ago who the
first head of the
"3" headed beast President men was and that Russia would nuclear bomb
nation.  When this Preacher called me back was a "Half Hour" later and put me on the air for
"Half Hour." We spoke over the air to the whole world for half an hour and after we spoke
"Half and Hour" we hung up the phone! After something like this happens to me, I pick up my
Bible and it opened up to Revelation 8:1 ... "
Heaven was silent for about half an hour,"

This also ties into today as God shows above his man, the apple of his eye is walking across heaven
in cloud form, wearing his dark cap ...the apple of his eye walking to the right side of God in his
heaven and not the left side of God the Sleeping Chuches of today are all doing! God shows his
144,000 overcoming saints today out from over
"7"  billion people world wide seen in Revelation
14:1-5 that God soon removes from planet earth and takes them to heaven with him while leaving  
the rest behind to be purged from their many sins! Jesus said ...
"You will be saved but ONLY as one
ESCAPING through the flames of FIRE

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...