Nuclear Pushes Bride to Father
Vision picture in cloud
form close to my old home
in the wilderness some
years ago. It shows Father
God on the far left in dark
Left I took this Open color
and the 144,000 brides of
Christ on the right as
marked. You can see the
dark mushroom cloud
bomb on the back of the
woman Church pushing
her to Father God.
Looking at the top of the
white woman is the face of
the rest of the Church
staying behind to suffer
the 42 months of wrath.
Notice her body is tied
into the mushroom bomb
and her face is also seen
upside down on the
bottom of this mushroom.
The second wind of God is
about to blow! The cloud
picture right is about to
happen as this Bomb pushes
the Overcoming Church to
the Father while it takes out
Upside down
Head of
Church left
the Church of today who has not overcome Satan! Only the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 go to
heaven just before hell is opened up on earth which is very soon to take place! Below shows the
Church laying down with the nuclear bomb going off under her pushing her into the arms of Father
God. Below this I show the 144,000 brides of Christ God, and the woman Church left behind crying
out with her mouth wide open in surprise to what the lying pastors have told the sleeping Church of
today ... God is soon to take you out so do not worry!
Now you lying people from the Church
God, show your Open Visions from your
god's showing you are about to leave!
Where are they? You don't have them for
Satan is your little god who created
nothing but lies and murder!

Now to you people who are badmouthing
this ministry today, where is your god's
Open Visions showing you are the last
day prophet blowing your trumpet over
this nation? You do not have any, plain
and simple! To you people who are
throwing mud at me today, you had better
get on your knees soon as the first
Apostle Paul had his head cut off and
second and last Apostle Paul some
people are trying to cut off my head as
"What was before will be again, and
what is now was before
... Eccl. 1:9-11 and
Rev. 1:19.

Election day several years ago God
shows his second Apostle Paul in a
Tropical storm over this nation. You can
see God putting my head and face over
this second Jer-
USA-lem nation where I
live on the
West Coast blowing His Jesus
Trumpet over this nation ending up over
State of Florida hitting this White
Head Bald Eagle Nation in its head killing
it!  If and when you show this last day
Apostle Prophet Paul these same type of
miracles from Almighty God ... then I will
listen to you!

I don't show one or two miracles from
God Almighty, I show hundreds! Below
over Lion Rock shows the face of this
Lion Apostle Prophet of Almighty God
over Lion Rock. I was born on Leo the
Lion month of August
"22" that means
the end and the end of the Holy Bible, Revelation
22. Below my lion face in the cloud is another
face of this LION Prophet of Almighty God taken
from a storm on the Northeast corner of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation. Above this storm is
the storm showing God's last day Paul Prophet
blowing this Jesus Trumpet over this land killing
this Bald Eagle nation to be no more of what she
and her Church are. Notice this Lion on the far
left shows this ministry wearing dark glasses and
showing his heart for the people. Now look
below and you can see me in a white bed from
storm Pam  as a LION of God and
with my arm reading out to the
capital letters
"SC" for South
! I had preached from SC
in year 2000 for half an hour on
long and short wave radio telling
the world then that Russia would
nuclear bomb this nation! After
we hung up the phone of me
talking to the Prophet from SC, I picked up my Bible
to have it open to Revelation 8:1 that said,
was silent for about half an hour

Now look left at storm Pam and you can plainly see
the rock under the storm cloud Pam, looking like a
heart ... the heart seen above on the Chest of this
last day
Lion Ministry!  Left God shows another Rock
at the bottom of this huge white cloud pointing to
this last day Lion Ministry.

Above this storm Pam you can see the picture of a
LION CLOUD over Klamath soon to Fall Oregon when
I drove into this city some years ago. At the time I
put Clinton on the left and Bush on the right as the
two beasts at the time, the two faced LION of Satan.
God is also showing yours truly who lives in Klamath soon
to FAll ... USA ... Oregon also in cloud form! Left God shows
again this Lion, yours truly with two bright eyes and two
front feet from a lighting strike.

Below less than a mile east of my old home in the
wilderness for 28 years, stood this huge Lion rock maybe
60 or so feet in the air, showing the head and body of a
huge Lion. Back of the head of this huge
can see where God put the first letter
"P" for Paul with
gold around letter
"P." Left of Golden P you can see the
wheel-chair I ride in today due to loosing my legs to
walking to diabetes some 8 years ago.
L for the last letter of P au L Below
Paul you can see where I outlined
the B
lack Bull Market of this nation
going down which it is doing today!

Now we drop to the bottom right
corner to see the
Dogs Preaching
with their big mouths wide open and
barking at this last day LION
. Now far left you can see
Little LION Clinton soon to come
back into the picture. Right of this
you can see the other beast of 2
Peter 2:20-
22 the PIG that matches
DOG seen below with its head
on fire and the two capital letters
DC for Washington DC on fire now
getting ready to Burn down!

I remind you this awesome message
burned out is solid rock from God
Almighty, gives the picture for today
without a shadow of a doubt!
Up O' Sleeping Church its over!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig