Nuclear Explosion Takes Goats
Woman ..... Man
Nuclear Explosion
God shows the goat Church of
today looking down in cloud form!
Far left shows the head of the Goat
Church looking down into the black
hell hole!

In the middle you can see the
woman, meaning woman and man
Church of today as I show them with
a white
X on their foreheads both
looking at you.
Goat head
looking down
Left of the mother you
can see her baby with a
black X on its forehead
going out with them! Left
of the Baby Goat Church
who never grew up to
Maturity, is the Goat
Church looking down into
the Red circle with the
black hole of hell they
are headed for! Far left
shows in God's fiery
volcano's the
Red Fire
pants of the beast President in power today,
Donald J. Trump 45 as he speaks to the whole
world today in the
black microphone seen in his
white head! He claims to be a good Christian but is
of the devil himself. Notice over his head you can
see the skull of a beast ...

God is showing in this smoke image above the
heads of the Goat Churches heading into the black
hole of hell. You can plainly see the face of man
with two
Goat ... Satan horns over his head as he
heads into the black hole of hell. Notice God
showing the right side of this last day Goat Church,
the large head of the Goat having two horns over
his head looking downward into hell.

God is showing this Nuclear Mushroom cloud Bomb
over the state of Florida ... Trumps favorite state in
these 50 states of second Jer-
USA-lem gone to
. Trump is the one pulling the pin for Nuclear
war with Putin of Russia. God is also showing in
this image of his cloud,
the window for this to take
place is now OPEN

If you have any sight of truth, look at the cloud God
put in this window of time, shows the word,
"Church." I took a picture of a real nuclear bomb
going off and put it sideways to show you what God
is telling this goat Church of today! Notice this Goat
Church going up into the sky by a
fiery rocket!
Notice the head of this goat Church soon to go up
in the sky, is looking to the right! Notice this Eagle
Bird nation with a golden beak,  Donald J. Trump 45,
the President today who causes nuclear war with
North Korea and Russia coming against this second
USA-lem who has gone to POT. Now look
below Billionaire Trump are
Dead Skulls.
Below the dead goat skulls you can
see the head of this Dragon beast
man, Donald J. Trump! Left taken from
a baseball game outside of Chicago,
as this last and final third ball game
of God is coming to a close ... Adam ...
Jews and now Gentiles! Notice over
the left bright lite in cloud form from
Almighty God, the picture of beast
Satan looking down over the goat
Church seen here as setting
in the mouth of
Dragon Satan.  Look
above in the picture of a Nuclear
bomb coming, you can see the head
of the
Dragon with this Duck-Goat
Church in his mouth

Left several years ago on Election
day here in second Jer-
USA-lem, this
is a picture of a Tropical storm over
this nation! God shows in this storm,
yours truly over the West Coast
preaching this awesome message,
and the end of my Jesus Trumpet you
can see the head of Jesus looking
down over the
State of Florida where
God shows Trump and the nuclear
bombs in cloud form he is
responsible for bringing over this
. Notice the head of Jesus
hitting this bald eagle nation in its
head killing it and below is the State
of Florida!  
Goat Head
Left I removed the rest of the substance from this Open Vision storm
above and leaving Prophet Paul and the head of Jesus looking down
over the State of Florida, Trumps favorite State where God is showing
where the Nuclear Bombs are instigated from, Donald J. Trump
45.  It
was President
Trum--an in year "45" who dropped two atomic bombs
on Japan. Today it is
Trum--p "45" who causes this to happen real
soon! Obadiah 1:15 added is
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC
that says,
"What you have done will be done to you, your deeds will
return upon your own head
!"  God says today without hesitation ...
Obadiah ... O' But You are about to Diah!  Who? You Goat Churches!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...