Noah - Water - Fire - Jesus
Where there's smoke there's fire! The fire fighters  
are using the water of Noah to put out the fires
God has set
! The West Coast is all under Fire today!
The hazy conditions in Southern Oregon and
Northern California are unhealthy to those
outdoors, especially those fighting the fires of
Noah ... God ... as it is God today who is setting
world on fire, not water but FIRE
. They are using
the water of Noah to
try to put out the fires of GOD
... NOAH!

Right shows the white smoke from these fires
burning today in hot Western
USA ... second
USA-lem ... as a person seen in white smoke  
looking to the right sucking in the smoke into his
lungs, very unhealthy to say the very least.

Jesus said ...
"As in the days of Noah so shall it be in
the days of the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus
Christ at the end of days
" ... today.
Only "8" were saved in Noah's day with water what the fire fighters are using today, but this last day
Jesus who is seen walking up the mountain of God above right with the
Black CROSS on his back,
is now on his way to take over
that the fallen Churches has messed up!

The Open Vision on the top right, shows
FIRE JESUS walking up God's Mountain carrying his black
CROSS!  Fire Jesus is now on his way as all can plainly see if their eyes are open! Below Jesus
walking up God's mountain
... you can see the rainbow of Noah's day, now turned sideways into a
WAR BOW, and this is now before our very eyes!  Trump of the USA and Putin of Russia are showing
Peace and Safety when the war bow breaks out ... seen in 1 Thessalonian 5::1-6.

Noah's old Ark is sinking and the naked Church of today who are worshiping Satan, the little rock,
are going down with it. Below God is showing this last day Dog Church jumping off the platform the
hrist  Jesus coming in
with cross on his back
Below, man on his knees
looking fire God Noah in
his face repenting.
Noah's rainbow is over, it has now turned
into a
war bow between Putin and Trump
...Peace and Safety ... now War ...
The war bow of Putin & Trump
woman Church is standing on and jumping into the
water of old Noah but today the fire of Jesus Christ.

Below this is a picture of the naked woman Church with
her hand holding onto the Rock ... Jesus Christ and
standing on this rock Jesus. You can see her stark
naked and at her knees, you can see God showing her
bowing them to the little rock, Satan, while she is
looking for Noah's Ark that has sunk out of sight. God
shows this naked Church, Man and Woman alike, and
the little rock Satan they are bowing their naked  knees
to today. Both are soon to disappear under the water
seen below, the two heads of the Church.
The Titanic of 1912 shows this Titanic of a
nation today going down never to returrn.
2 heads man
left woman
right going
The first head of the three headed lion beast is Bill
"42" who was Governor of Little Ark... ansas
before he became the
42nd president of this gone mad
nation. The little rock seen left are this naked Church  
who are worshipping Satan today, will soon be
worshipping Clinton who was Governor of Little Rock,
Satan. His Ark will be sinking after the 42 months of
wrath is finished seen in Revelation
13:5-7. He is given
"42" months to come against the Church and
to conquer them ... read it.

Left seen in a large rock burned out by the fire finger of
Almighty God, shows these naked, Dog Churches of
today walking left with the golden rich dog face, and her
human face is turned round looking black Satan in his
face while Satan rides the Churches backs today who
they think is Jesus.

Behind Satan is the first head of the Beast, golden face
"42." Below Clinton is the second head of the
beast, Texan cowboy G.W. Bush
"43" added together is
"67" who soon goes after the sleeping Church people
of Matthew 25 verses

Under Clinton and Bush is the shark today, Donald
"45" who eats the heads of the red headed
scarlet Churches of Revelation 17:1-7. Notice Trumps
middle initial is
J for John, and he is going up the leg of
the dog Church to the gold mine, God made this image,
not me.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...