Noah & His Boat Today Sinks
As in the days of when the lightning flashes from the east and is seen in the west, so shall it be in
the days of the coming of the Son of Man Jesus Christ Matthew 24. As in the days of Noah so shall
it be in the days of today and the rainbow is seen today as a war bow.
The hammer and sickle are now on the front lines today and God is showing his WAR BOW over
head now on its way into this nation. Notice God's two eyes over his unhappy mouth, the rainbow of
old Noah is now upside down today and looking you in the face. Notice on the left the hammer and
sickle on either end shows the
two hands of God bringing Russia and China against this nation
going down the drain as see in
Revelation 9:16. This is seen happening to "16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC.

God is looking at you above in two Open Visions, his two dark eyes over his unhappy mouth in war
bow form, as God is the
God of War! Below taken from his Hubble telescope in his heavens,
shows his five fingered hand tossing out the fires burning today and
also the nuclear fires coming from the Russian bear that he soon
uses to take out his second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone bananas.

The Open Vision above showing the hammer and sickle of the
Russian and China bears are coming and the hand of Jesus is upon
them both and others coming into this nation seen in Joel 2:
Jesus Christ has "
11" letters in his name and this passage states;

"The Lord thunders at the head of his army and his forces are
beyond number and many are those who obey his command.
The day of the Lord is great ... it is dreadful ... who can endure it
Joel 2:11 ...
The image above showing the Hammer and the Sickle
God is blocking out the
SUN to hide this from his
Church who has gone down the drain of time. You can
see him in the Carr Fire in California on the West Coast
and the water is flooding out the people on the East
Coast, and they see exactly nothing today! Notice the
large letter
"G" for God and right of G is his Hammer
ready to fall down upon this nation and Church of
second Jer-
USA-lem who has gone done the drain of
time and will be no more!
Left taken from God's Hubble telescope in his
heavens, shows this nation of today dancing to
music while
Second Rome, USA Burns!  The
first Rome in Italy ... the leader, Nero, was
playing music while First Rome Burned. God is
showing second Rome the USA is soon to burn
as the
Bright White Light ... nuclear bombs in
the center of this colorful image blows up!

Left of center ... nuclear bombs, you can see the
Red Headed Woman Church with her red hair
blowing to the left from the nuclear bombs
going off while she dances on the day of
nuclear war coming from Putin of Russia. The
Church dancing while second Rome burns! You
can see her red leg dancing close to her man
wearing blue jeans. God showed this from his
Hubble telescope and not from any person.
"One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the
punishment of the
great prostitute, who sits by many waters. With her the kings of the earth committed
adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries

Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness.
There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet
beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns
. The woman was
dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls.
(The money
She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her
.  Babylon the great the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth. I
saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore
testimony to Jesus.

John could hardly believe what God was showing him that the Church and this nation was
doing to the true Christians, kill them in spirit form

When I saw her, I was greatly astonished. Then the angel said to me: “Why are you astonished? I will
explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides, which has the
seven heads and
ten horns
." Revelation 17:1-7 ...     (1 + 7 + 1 + 7 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC)

Seven Heads and Ten Horns  refers to the Seven Churches today seen as the Ten Sleeping Virgins
of Matthew 25.  
We add 2 + 5 = "7" heads and 2 x 5 = "10" sleeping Virgins. God works in
groups of
"3"s ... Father, Son and Holy Spirit who created man in his own image, body, soul and
spirit. God put his last and
"3"rd Babylon in a land of "3" coastlines ... a land of "3" thousand miles
across from East to West. A land of
"3" time zones.

A world  of
"3" Babylon's ... First Babylon seen in Genesis 11:1-9 and seen matching this last "3"
rd Babylon of today, the USA of second Jer-USA-lem .... another "3" letters. The second Babylon is
seen in the days of the Jews in Daniel
"9:11." "All Israel has transgressed your law and turned away
refusing to obey you

Now we look at Genesis "11:1-9" the first Babylon that God took down and we see the match of the
"3"rd Babylon that God is now taking down, the last Babylon.  God began taking down this final and
"3"rd Babylon in the same numbers as the first Babylon but in reverse ... "9/11/1." Now you tell me
that God who wrote his Bible using man to do it, is not a God of numbers!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
PS:   The image of the dancing woman above shows her
red hair blowing to the left and this image shows her
hair blowing to the right. You can see her large breasts
and under her beast you can see her large pregnant
belly ready to give birth to God's overcome man child
children seen in Isaiah 66:7 and Revelation 14:1-5. This
pregnant woman Church is seen birthing the man child
children just before the labor pains of the 42 months of
wrath falls down upon her! You can see her in verse "8"
going into the 42 months of wrath soon to hit this world.
Notice left of her stomach you can see what looks like
the head of a man child baby now at the birth canal ready
to be born soon and suddenly. The fire is what brings on
the man child overcoming 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5.
We add 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 = "11" equals Jesus Christ who is
number "11" and has "11" letters in his full name and are
the true overcoming saints today ... man child children.
The Church is seen as stars and are not seen as angels the Churches of
today claim. Isaiah 14:13-14 says that Satan would put his throne above the
stars of God and rule over them, he was speaking about the Saints and not
the Angels of God. Below the woman Church of today,
now pregnant with the
Overcomes of Isaiah 66:7
... the 144,000 of Rev. 14:1-5 who has Jesus and
the Father's name written on their foreheads. She gives birth to these man
child children ... men and women alike just before her 42 months of labor pain wrath comes upon
her. The above star seen as pregnant, (I took this from a star from the Internet, the right side, and
took out the rest leaving the sign of a pregnant woman, as they are seen in the Bible as stars.
Remember Joseph's dream ... his Father was the Sun ... his mother was the Moon and his 10
brothers were the stars!
This goes for today as well.

This star above shows her black hair and face of a woman. Below her chin you can see her two
breasts. Below them you can see her pregnant belly with the sign of a head in her belly, the man
child children looking left soon to be born just before the 42 months of labor pain wrath comes upon
pregnant woman Church of today. The fire picture on the far right came from the fire showing
the naked buns of the Church of today in the fire after she gives birth to the overcoming Church
soon to be taken out! The end is now at hand ... what will you do and where will you go?   
Brother Apostle Paul ...