Naked Rear-end Goes Up
Three naked rear end Churches, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal soon go up in nuclear smoke
seen in the middle Open Vision from Almighty God. Notice the third naked butt left shows the crack in
her rear end matching the one in the nuclear bomb soon to go off over these "3" Naked Churches.
Are you gambling with your rear-end ... your body and soul? The dice says
"6" at the END of your
X                    X
"3" Naked Churches
very naked life that has come to an end and is now before
your very eyes and rear-ends that soon goes up in smoke.
But where does your soul go, does it go to hell for eternity
with Satan or does it go with God Almighty?

Below image of a nuclear bomb going off from God's fiery
volcano, shows these three naked women Churches
blowing up on the top part! The gay ones are seen on the
top left with their tongues sticking out the way they make
love to each other, and the woman on the top right are
those with the dice showing 6 on their rear end as gambling
at the end of days, 6000 years on God's earth. The
baby Church seen in the Open Vision of Hurricane
Dolly on the lower southern coast in year 2008, shows
the face of Jesus in this storm Dolly, are the Churches
who has never grown up to maturity who will be seen
under some protection from the hot nuclear bombs
above, leaning their heads against the stem of these
mushroom cloud bombs.

They will be here drinking poison water and eating
poison food that will kill many of them seen in
Revelation 8... a horrible way to die from this nuclear
radiation Leukemia, but these will have a time to
repent before they die while the rest die and go to

Below is the Dolly Church seen above setting under
the partial covering from this nuclear bomb ... is the
face of Jesus in the center of storm Dolly as pointed
out. Now I wonder who made this face of Jesus in the
center of this storm, Dolly if not Father God Almighty?

It was these "3" naked women Churches that put sex
maniac Donold Trump in office who iw now being sued
for raping a 13 year old girl some time ago.

A child sex-trafficking victim claims she was
recruited at Mar-A-Lago by billionaire pedophile
Jeffrey Epstein when she was just a teenager.
A lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre claims she was
handpicked at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort by Epstein
for the purpose of underage prostitution among elite
politicians and businessmen. reports: The victim claimed Epstein
repeatedly sexually abused her and that she was
considered Epstein’s ‘sex slave’.
After a settlement was reached, lawyers for both the
victim and Epstein released identical statements.
Via Politico:
“We are happy to have settled this matter without the
need for a trial and are pleased with the result.”
Virginia Giuffre, the victim, claimed that Jeffrey
Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell,
approached her and manipulated her into sex
trafficking while she was working as a towel girl at
Mar-A-Lago in 1999. Giuffre was 15 years of age at the
In the lawsuit, Maxwell was accused as a acting as a
procurer of young girls for Epstein.

The oversexed Pimp 45th president of the USA going
down the drain, was put into office by the "3" over-
sexed naked Women Churches which are soon to go
up in smoke seen heading this message by Almighty
God also seen below.
This red dice showing number
"6" means the end of this Church
and a Church of Gamblers
This Baby is soon born. The
nuclear bomb going off and
the man child children being
born seen in Isaiah 66:7. See
Dr. God ready to deliver these
144,000 sons and daughters of
Rev. 14:1-5 just before the
nuclear bomb is delivered.
Butt and or
right breast

torn, Eze.
23:32 says,
tear your
Naked Butt goes up in smoke Nuclear
I don't know how much plainer God can make it when
he shows such things ... the rear ends of the naked
woman Churches going up in nuclear bombs! Looking
at this nuclear explosion you not only see the naked
Butt of this woman Church, but you can also see her
two naked breasts. The left breast is also see as her
butt, and her right breast shows her dark nipple.
Below her two breasts you can see her stomach and
below you can see her Vagina in the shape of a "V" for
Virgins ... Vagina.

The picture left shows Melania walking like a beast,
Dog, for this is what she is seen as in 2 Peter 2:2-22
and not only a Dog but also a Pig who has returned to
their wallowing in the mud and the Dog returning to
its own
Vomit ... Virgins ... Vagina.

Left is a large rock close to my old home in the
wilderness in
shadow form by this huge Rock I
named Babylon Rock some 25 or so years ago. This is
seen only as a
shadow of the Dog Church of today, as
God is showing this
black Dog Church with demons
over her
... the two heads with yellow X's over the
Churches backs today. I had to put Tina down becasue
she was
"16" years old and had lost her eyesight,
hearing and memory.
<---Left Breast
<---V for Virgins
& Vagina.
Tina "16" years old is a sign of this nation and Church today! This "16" touches on this nation that
sets at
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. Tina is seen in Isaiah 35:5-6 after the fire has
burned all the garbage off these Dog and Pig Churches and we go into the 1000 year kingdom of
Jesus Christ, then they will
see and hear but today they are full of demons and dragon heads as
seen over my old black Tina dog, as God has said in Joel 2 and Acts 2 ... signs would appear in the
heavens above and on the earth below before the return of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.
You can see the two bright eyes of God looking this
dog Church in its face ... notice the dog's mouth.
God is holding this Dog Church over the hot fire of
wrath, the hot fire of the Abyss while he burns off
all the
Hay, Wood and Stubble from their lives per
Jesus Christ. Jesus said,
"They will be saved but
ONLY as one
ESCAPING through the flames of fire!"

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...