Naked Judas Dogs Hang
Here are 11 pictures worth 11 thousand words.
Jesus Christ's number is "11" who has "11"
letters in his name Jesus Christ. The first picture
They say a picture is worth a thousand years!
shows this Judas Church of today hanging
themselves stark naked as one these many
trees giving this message.
The second tree picture shows this tree Church in "V" form for Virgins and very dry today with no
water nor pruning nor cultivating seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses "6-7" the sleeping Church of
Matthew 25 verses "6-7." The third picture shows this tree Church of today going out in every
different directions confusing the entire true Church of today. The fourth picture show the face of
the last day Church very ugly! Back to the left side we see a man's head in this tree with what looks
like a tombstone in front of this dead head Church. The sixth picture shows a tree with two horns
the two horns of Satan beside the man and a woman who he has deceived! The
next picture, seven shows the trees, the Church of today screaming out bloody
murder when the find out who they have been worshiping for years.

The next and 8th picture shows what this naked bottom Church of today has done
with God's Ten Commandments! She has sat down stark naked on top of these
Ten Commandments and broken them. The next three Open Visions shows the
naked man and naked woman and their naked sex parts that the whole world has
seen as she has deceived the entire world seen in Revelation 17:1-8.

Upper left you can see the tree looking like the lower part of a man, naked, and
below him is the woman also naked, and below her breasts you can also see her
lower section. Below you can see these two red dogs, as the woman Church sets
also in a potty position, squatting as going
potty like the dog behind her, in God's
house which is full of toilet matter.

Below the woman Church and the two
dogs, Catholic and Protestant which also
includes the Pentecostals as well for they
are also seen as Protestants, God shows
himself ... the two bright eyes over the
dog's smiling face while he hold them over
the hot fire from the Abyss which he burns
off all the
hay, wood and stubble from their
lives as Jesus said, they will be saved
as one ESCAPING through the
flames of fire.
Notice God
showing the man's
head left of the
cut in this tree
person on fire!
God wants you to
know he is about
to cut down the
trees, people, and
set them on fire!
Notice the man's
big nose facing
left is the sign of a
tree man.
The dog Church
God is holding
over the fire from
the Abyss, are the
trees I show here
being cut down
and set on fire.
How much plainer
can and will make
it to get some of
the sleeping
Churches attention
before it all hits
the fan?
<----Face of woman church
Notice in fire form beginning left of the naked
woman on fire, you can see the letter "C" for
Church and slightly you can see in signs the letters
referring to the Churches today! The naked woman
is seen here in signs,
she is seen in the capital H
for CHurches soon to go into the fire of

I didn't make this image, God did as he made them
all just as he has made the rocks in the area when I
live showing also the messages coming upon this
last day naked, Dog Pig and Goat Churches who
follows Satan into the Abyss with him.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
C     H     U    R    c     h    e    s