Naked Hair-Bun Church
close to my home in the high wilderness
Volcanic area where I lived for 28 years. His
handwriting is on the
ROCK WALL seen in
Daniel 5:25. We begin in Daniel middle
number "2" two Churches numbers "5" and
"5" = "10" sleeping Virgin Churches ...
Catholics and Protestant! Jesus said,
people are seen as
TREES! God shows the
naked woman Church top left looking down
meaning down to hell as she thinks Satan
is Jesus but is the devil instead.

Notice her two naked breasts God shows in
his burned out Rock, and the dark area
makes up the naked back of the "V" for
"V"irgin back. Notice below the letter N for
Naked, on her belly shows letter
Church of these very last days are Ice Cold to Jesus Christ. This is a sign from Almighty God of this
storm in Iceland, showing the Black head of this Black storm in Iceland and the lightning strike from
Almighty God is seen here going up the nose of this Black Russian Bear and showing the eye of the
bear with the naked Church of today in their eye and she is wearing a black hair BUN.

Right of the Russian Black Bear I enlarged the eye of this black Russian bear and you can see the
woman wearing a
HAIR BUN and looking away!  You can see her back, stark naked! Notice left of
her neck you can see the lightning strike from God making up this naked hair
BUN "V"irgin woman
Church in the eye of the
Black Russian Bear!

Below the rock above, the naked "V" for "V"irgin Church top left, with the capital letter "V" on her
belly looking downward to hell, you can see in this large rock close to my old home showing this end
time Church of today walking into the rocks to hide from the Lord and the Splendor of his Majesty as
he rises to shake the earth seen in Isaiah 2:19-22. I outlined the woman wearing a winter coat turning
Hair-Bun Head looking at you! Left of her head you can see the head of a PIG looking down, this
the Pig Church of
2 Peter 2:20-22. Adding just the 2's as 2's we see "10" sleeping "V" for "Virgins."

Notice the legs of the LIONS coming down from above, top right of top left Open Vision going after
"10" sleeping Virgin Church of these last days! Below is the same rock only above the rock
above, showing the two war horses of Russia and China coming against this gone to
. this rock was so large I had to make to pictures to show you God's message.
Isaiah 2:19-22
You can plainly see God showing this Gay Nation
of old George Washington as pointed out, and the
Lions coming out from the mouth of this nation
gone to hell. The "3" lions are Clinton 42 ... Bush
43 and Trump 45! All "3" were born in year "4
6" ...
Rev. 13:18 ...
"Let him with insight calculate the
number of the beast for it is man's number, his
number is "666
." Rev. 6:7-8 speaks about the Pale
Rider of DEATH with Hell following close behind,
as Trump was born month "6" ... Bush month "7"
and Clinton month "8" ... Rev.
Next, above, we drop down to see the woman, Kim Kardasian wearing a BUN hairdo in a black
garbage bag as God is taking her out as seen by God as garbage today
. Jesus said people are seen
as trees! Right of this black garbage bag Kim Church of today God shows in cloud form, his face
telling this bare naked Church Tree, its over! You can see God's two eyes and open mouth telling
your road has come to a drastic end and will be no more!

Again in the White Cloud of God and the next Open Vision showing the road has come to an end, you
can see God;s head and nose looking to the left and his belly sticking out over the road for the
Church which has now come to an end and will be no more!
The head of the beast Trump 45
seen above is now coming into
his position to take out the
sleeping Church.
You can see
his white head top left as he
roars into position today
Above you can see Trump showing his heart for this nation in his hand form who is of Satan and not
from God. The second picture shows his desires for Woman. The next picture shows who he really
is, second Hitler. God said in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ...
"What was before will be again and what is
now was before

The next two Open Visions shows beast Trump talking to this nations two enemies, Kid Kim of North
Korea and enemy Putin the Black Russian Bear seen above. Next you can see this woman Church
nation passing the law of smoking
POT seen above, the near naked woman wearing a black bra and
smoking a bong, the law they just past in Klamath Falls making it legal for any reason.

The next Open Vision from Almighty God in cloud form, shows this Dog Church of today very soon to
be running like the wind! Below we see Trump and his two KIM's ... far left is Trump and woman KIM
wearing a
BUN hairdo with his arm around her. This ties into today and the Kim woman Church soon
to head to the rocks to hide from God. Next to this is Trump setting in his office with Kim with him.
I don't know who inserted Kim of
North Korea  beside Kim of the USA,
but they saw the same thing I am
showing. The BUN hairdo is for
today as God is using this to show
the people you had better put on
your running shoes or get on your
knees and repent of being the Dog,
Pig Goat Church of today or go to
hell! Below from another of God's
fiery volcano's he shows the Church
of today as
God made this goat from a lightning strike like he made
the top Open Vision on the right showing this woman
Church in Lightning form as well as a
GOAT. You plainly
see God made this woman Church as being a
Church and not a sheep Church. Here we see the Goat
Church of today falling to the devil who they think is
Jesus but Satan who comes as an angel of light. Notice
over the white head of Satan they are talking to, is the
white head of a beast these Goats of today are talking to.
Notice the "3" together ... the Goat Church ... the beast
presidents and black Satan!
Jesus told us 2000 years ago, "The GOATS will be on my left" ... meaning Judgment this is seen
above ...
"and my sheep will be on my right! ... meaning Mercy.  This Open Vision above shows
only the GOAT Church of today and their friends,
the Devil and the Goat Church!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Left God shows yours truly being pushed in
my wheel-chair in this storm by my in-home
care lady nurse who attends me a few times a
week. You can see her head behind my head
wearing dark glasses as she often does. In
front of my head you can see a man below
looking up to me while I blow this awesome
Jesus trumpet from heaven above to the
earth people belows.   

Prophet Paul ...
Naked tree Church
Your road is now closed