Naked Golden Face Lady & Dogs
The first lady of this
naked dog pig nation
walking up the
stairs, is a match
from God that he
shows in solid rock
form burned out by
Almighty hand
and going a little
farther, shows her
lower part as well

with the
"J" for "D"
Trump getting
ready to eat this dog
Church nation today.
Notice God shows
the Red headed
Woman Church of
Rev. 17:8 who are
killing the true saints
There are "3" beast men of today! First, we see sex maniac Bill Clinton 42 behind black Satan who is
riding this very naked dog women Churches back today! Second, we see the Texan Cowboy below ...
George W. Burning Bush 43 the second head of the three beasts coming from the Presidency of this
fallen stark naked nation!
Thirdly, we see the Shark, the setting president today, Donald J. Trump
with this
red headed naked woman Church of Revelation 17:1-8 in his mouth! You can see him again
just right of this naked woman, dog Church of today's vagina!  Notice the
golden J. for Donald John
getting ready to eat this naked, dog Church of these last days on earth as God's shows above.

I did this naked dog church that God burned out in
solid rock some 20 years or so ago. Some so-
called Christians call this ministry a
Pornographic Ministry which is put over the air by Almighty God!
This even comes from my family that Jesus said,
"Your enemies will be the members of your own
," and so it is today without a shadow of a doubt!
Left God shows this woman's
vagina in another fiery volcano
and he shows the man on the
right in another one, as God
means business today way
beyond what the dogs think!
Left is a large rock close to my home burned
out by the mighty hand of God showing this
naked, male Dog Church of today stark naked!
This matches the volcano above that God also
made. All I did was at the "10" irgins ...
for God
put the "V" there for Virgins
... the sign in
Matthew 25 who are today nothing but whores
laying down on the
is soon to fall!
Russia and China comes into the picture!

Notice God put the soldier's head in the upper
right corner coming in when this trap closes
down seen in Luke 21:34-36.
Three beast men of the "666" seen in Revelation "13:18" ... "666." God confirms this in Isaiah
"66:6" as he is using these three men to take out this Dog Church of today! Next, I will show these
"3" beast men in reverse! Trump born in year "46." Bush born in year "46." Clinton born in year "46"
... now we see the
"666" of Isaiah and Revelation. We add "4 + 6" equals "10" sleeping Virgins
where they came out from unaware of the sleeping, naked Dog Churches of today! Next, hold onto
your hat for I will tie this into the
Pale Rider of DEATH in Revelation "6:7-8."

Trump was born month
"6" ... Bush was born month "7" and Clinton was born month "8."
Now what is God showing us? He is showing these "3" ... "666" beast  men are all tied into DEATH of
the sleeping Dog Churches of today!
God is also showing this naked woman, Dog
Churches of today soon to be running like the wind
looking upward as they run from the Nuclear bombs
soon to come upon this nation. Some will not make
it, for the next Open Vision from God's Hubble
telescope shows the nuclear poison hitting her in
the face spoken about in Isaiah 28:13-15. She goes
and falls backwards seen left and below stark
naked ... notice her two bare breasts and her dark
vagina area below that Almighty God is showing to
the whole world through his last day Ministry!

Below this naked woman Church is seen in cloud
form, the male man that God is showing you in no
uncertain terms as it matches the male man in rock
form above in the trap that is now closing down
upon mankind that Jesus speaks about in Luke

Below this male penis in cloud form by Almighty
God, is a picture in rock form close to my home,
shows this male penis burned out by the fire finger
of God, and the female Church behind it and also
upside down, shows the naked woman Churches of

Now turn this same picture upside down and we
see this dog faced woman Church being pushed
into the nuclear bomb, the male penis upside down
showing the Mushroom cloud bomb going off and
the naked woman Church walking into it full bore.

I wonder who made these images if not Almighty
God! The picture on the bottom left, shows the
Roman Catholic Church and tied to her bottom
upside down, is the Protestant Churches as well
that includes the Pentecostal Churches! Notice the
Protestant Churches with their heads in the corner
upside down and on her belly you can faintly see
the capital letter "V" for Virgins! You can see above
the woman in the corner upside down is the arm of
Burning Bush 43 pushing this dog Church into the
nuclear bombs.

Who made man and woman if not Almighty God who
is showing these images in sex form today at the
closing out of the 6000 years of mankind on earth
and a Church that has gone to the Dog's!
This squatting women holding onto the Red Dog is
the sign of the Dog Woman Church going to the
bathroom in their pews in their Churches today, a
stinking mess before Almighty God today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...