Naked Church W/Crossed Legs
This is a picture of the Naked Church today
with her legs crossed for
LUCK. This is what
God is seeing today without a shadow of a
doubt! Right is a picture taken from his
Hubble space telescope showing what is
about to take place with the Russian and
China bears soon to come ashore ... eat her.
I put this image into my Adobe Photo section of my computer and seeing the image of the Chinese
men's head on the left wearing a
Wool Stocking Cap, touches on the dark haired woman Church with
her legs crossed seen on the top left. She has her arm stuck out on the right side and the bears of
Russia and China are soon to come down her arm on the left side, ready to eat her in signs as they
look at her vagina! This woman Church of today is soon to have
her legs spread apart for the
Chinese soldiers who are going to rape her
... notice her vagina right of the winter cap head of the
Chinese soldiers!  China killed many of their girl babies years ago and today there is only one woman
per seven men!
You say, where do you find this in the Bible brother Paul?

"A day of the LORD is coming, Jer-USA-lem, when your possessions will be plundered and divided up
within your very walls. I will gather all the nations to Jer
USAlem to fight against it; the city will be
the houses ransacked, and the women raped. Half of the city will go into exile, but the
rest of the people will not be taken from the city."
Zechariah 14:1-2 ...

This entire Chapter 14 of Zechariah, speaks of today without a shadow of a doubt! I have written
about this entire chapter many times, but I will pass through it quickly showing verses
8-9 ... living
water will flow half to the Eastern seaboard and half to the Western seaboard in summer and also in
winter. The Lord will be king over the entire earth. Now we go down to verses 10-11 to see from the
first gate to the corner gate ... the first gate is through the Hudson Harbor passed the stature of
Liberty, and the corner gate is San Francisco known today as the gateway to the Orient which means

Next, we see from the
Tower of Hannel, (the tall towers in NYC)  meaning God has favored, to the
Royal Wine Presses which refers to the Royal Vineyards today burning down this side of San
Francisco California.
The next verse 12 speaks about nuclear war; their eyes rotting in their sockets
and their tongues rotting in their mouths! This is what happened when this nation dropped two
Atomic bombs on Japan in 19
45. Their skin fell off their bodies while they were still standing on their
feet. Now read the rest of this chapter for it speaks of the people after this happens and at the end
of this awesome chapter we see Jesus passing out cooking pots for those who survived this last
day holocaust ... nuclear WW III brought about by Donald J. Trump the
"45"th president of this gone
mad nation ... this ties to Harry S. Truman who dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan in year
Left is the lava flow from Hawaii last year
showing the near bald preachers today with
no covering from God, talking to Satan in the
top right corner. Notice their pink face talking
to the enemy of our souls! God put a white
line round Satan's nose to show you this evil
man the Churches of today are talking to who
they think is the real God but Satan himself.
Notice what Satan is wearing on his head,
wool stocking cap
... winter winter winter.
Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ... "Pray that your flight out from the cities does no happen in
winter or on the Sabbath
! Jesus was not talking to the Jews as some of the liar preachers claim,
he is talking to the Churches of these last days! God destroyed first Israel
seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 and
verses "6-7
." Anyone reading this with an open mind, can see it! Verse "1" says God had a Vineyard
on a fertile hillside and he dug it up and removed the stones and took the choice vines, meaning
the Apostles of the Church, and replanted it ... this is where the Church of 2000 years ago came from.

God gave Israel 2000 years just like he has now given the Church 2000 years and both have gone
down the tubes. From Abraham to Jesus was 2000 years and in Matthew 1:17 you can count the
generations and they are
42. From Jesus to the anti-Christ Beast, Bill Clinton 42 where the Church
has re-crucified Jesus all over again figuratively speaking seen in Revelation 11:8, we see the
Church of the last days crucifying Jesus all over again!

Back to Isaiah
5:1-5 at harvest time today, 2000 years after God planted the Church, he went to look
for a good the crop of grapes at harvest time coming from his
SECOND VINEYARD, the Church, but
he found
ONLY BAD FRUIT .., read it! Now we turn to Matthew 25 verses "6-7" to see these 10
sleeping Virgins that fell asleep and do not wake up until
Midnight ... meaning the darkest hour
. Now we see in Isaiah 5:1-5 and in the "5"th verse, we see God saying today 2000 years after he
planted his second Vineyard, the Church, that now produces bad fruit;
"I will lift my hedge of
protection from around her and she will be destroyed
," This is now happening in the whore-house
state of Nevada and California two sister states side by side ... the first time murder like this has
ever happened before in this nation, and now the first time the Vineyard of second
now burning to the ground of Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses "6-7."

Now what about verses "6-7" seen in Isaiah 5:"6-7" ... hold on to your hat because God is showing
in these next two verses,
"6-7" that he is now destroying her, the sleeping Church who never did
her job
because she went to sleep!     "I will make it a wasteland, neither pruned nor cultivated,
and briers and thorns will grow there. I will command the clouds not to rain on it
The vineyard of the LORD Almighty is the house of Israel, (God's second Vineyard the Church) and
the people of Judah
 (Judah meaning Jesus)  are the garden of his delight. And he looked for justice,
but saw bloodshed; for righteousness,
but heard cries of distress." Isaiah 5:"6-7" ...
Legs soon to be
uncrossed by China's 200
million man army Rev. 9:16
Rev. 9:16
shows China
and her 200
million man
army coming
in this nation
raping the
women seen
in Zech.
I was born "6" of "7" Children in a preachers home
and I preach from my "3"rd flying angel website seen
in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" today at Judgment
time ... at the
Left is an Open Vision God showing my old black Tina
Dog in
SHADOW FORM, meaning what was coming
upon the sleeping Churches of today, as this picture
I took one mile from my home in a huge rock I had
"Babylon Rock" shows this nation and its
Churches of today
full of evil spirits and devils from
. This picture is not a true picture of my dog Tina,
it is only in
shadow form given by Almighty God of
what his Church has become

Notice the two yellow X's above, shows this black
dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22
... now adding the 2's
separately refers to the "10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" ... are full of DEMON'S from
hell, for Satan has taken over the Churches today
without a shadow of a doubt! The first X shows a
large demon in no uncertain terms, and the second X
shows the head of the
DRAGON ... Satan!

Below the sign of my black Tina Dog in shadow form,
is another large rock close by showing the two dog
Churches of today ... Tina left and the Catholic
Church right both walking to the left. The large dog
with the golden face, represents both Churches,
Catholic and Protestant alike which also includes the
Pentecostal Churches. Notice the pretty face of
these Churches is turned around looking black Satan
in his face who they think is Jesus but Satan himself
who is riding her back. Notice below this dog church  
stark naked you can see her below part as well.
This Open Vision also ties to the top Open Vision of the Church of today soon to spread her legs for
the Soldiers of China who are short of women, as seen in Zechariah 14:1-2.

Now we see the
"666" three men who takes down the Churches seen in Isaiah "66:6." Trump born
year "4
6" ... Bush born year "46" and Clinton born year "46" now we see "666" the three men right
of this nations
Dog Women Churches of today. Trump born month "6" ... Bush born month "7" and
Clinton born month
"8" now we see "6-7-8" of Revelation "6:7-8" as the Pale Rider of DEATH
that goes after the sleeping, Dog Churches of today left behind!

First, behind the black devil Satan riding the back of the Churches, we see the first head of the "3"
beast men, Golden face Bill Clinton who had the black wound of death on him ... the black mark on
his chin seen above also seen in Revelation 13:3 ... one of the beasts had a fatal wound that healed!

Clinton 42 and Monica
that the House Impeached him but later the Senate released him, his head
wound of his impeachment to his administration healed

Under Bill is the second head of the "3" headed beast system of the 666 ... Texan cowboy Burning
Bush 43, as you can plainly see it was God who made his face and cowboy hat. Thirdly we see the
Shark of Satan, Donald John Trump 45 below with the golden X on his side, going up the leg of the
Dog Churches of today having the scarlet ... Red headed woman's head in his mouth as he goes up
her leg to her vagina! God is showing the golden letter "J" for John Trump ... the pimp today on his
"3"rd harlot wife, and he is eating up this last day
Red headed dog Church seen in Revelation 17:1-8.
This is the passage first John the Revelator could hardly believe what he was seeing ... this last day
Church of Mystery Babylon the Great killing the true saints today!

These true saints are seen as the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 also spoken about in Luke 21: 34-36 ...
not to get caught in the trap now set! We are to pray that we may be able to escape all that is about
to happen, and also pray that we may be able to stand before the Son of Man, Jesus Christ on this
throne; the 144,000 that God takes out soon and suddenly that he takes care of them during the 42
months of the soon coming wrath. These are also seen as the man child 144,000 children of God in
16:3-4.  We add 1 + 6 = "7" and 3 + 4 = "7" equals "77." I live above the D in Daniel in the foot
hills of Klamath County, Oregon seen below.
This passage is for today without a shadow of a doubt! It
begins with ...
"77" is decreed for your people and land to stop
sinning and come back to God ... then to finish these Visions
and Prophecies
(Meaning coming from this Ministry today) and
then we Anoint the Most Holy
(Jesus Christ) into his 1000 year
kingdom on earth
. Daniel 9:24 ... 9 + 24 = "33" the age of
Jesus when he died and rose again still
"33" years of age
coming into his 1000 year kingdom on earth.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
China killed
many of their
girl babies
years ago to
slow down
population now
there is one
woman per
seven men.
Seen also in
Zech. 14:1-2