Naked Church Looking For Ark
O' Naked Church who are
bowing down to little
rock Satan, notice
naked knees by little
rock Satan
's head as she
stands on Rock Jesus
Christ watching
Ark going down to the
bottom of the sea of time
No rainbow this time only
WAR BOW that brings in
Nuclear Fire ...
not water!

Below the naked woman
Church standing on rock
Jesus who bows down to
little rock Satan today
, is
waiting for Noah's Ark
which is not coming! God
shows her soon to be
standing on another rock
burning up the garbage
in these last day Churches lives. God is showing her in black
because this is what she is today,
Black before God Almighty. Notice
the gold running out from her bloomers where she went after Satan
and slept with him
, Matt. 25:6-7  making her an adulterous wife of
the last days
! The gold is running down her legs back to the two
headed serpent, now the Dragon, Satan who has two black heads
slithering to the right coming from
 the Catholics & Protestants.

This image below was given by Almighty God through one of his
fiery volcano's! Now who do you believe ... the dirty Churches of
today or Almighty God? O' you black, dirty Church heaven is soon to
be singing Hallalujah as seen in another Open Vision from God
below in cloud form. Notice the angels singing in the upper right
corner as the black
dressed woman Church
slides into
God's red fire
as she looks at you in
white hair wearing a dirty
black dress. The top of the
fire you can see the
for Virgins of Matthew 25:
"6-7." Below shows
golden Trump 45 smoking
a pipe meaning
fiery war.
Beast Bill Clinton 42 once
Governor of
Little Rock,
Ark..ansas Satan's top man for
the hour, 42 means rebellion.
Little Rock
Ark ... ansas
"The word of the Lord came to me again:
“What do you see?
”“I see a pot that is
boiling,” I answered. “It is tilting toward us
from the north.”
 (Russia & China) The Lord
said to me, “From the north disaster will be
poured out on all who live in the land.  I am
about to summon all the peoples of the
northern kingdoms,” declares the Lord.
“Their kings will come and set up their
thrones in the entrance of the gates of Jer-
USA-lem; they will come against all her
surrounding walls and against all the towns of
(Meaning Jesus)  I will pronounce my
judgments on my people because of their
wickedness in forsaking me, in burning
incense to other gods and in worshiping what
their hands have made."
Jeremiah 1:13-16 ...
Golden Trump Over Jeremiah's Boilng Pot Smoking Pipe
God is looking down on today as the boiling Pot of Nuclear War is now at hand! Golden Trum...p '45'
is now setting over the old Jeremiah boiling pot of
Jeremiah 1:13-16. dropped two Atomic
Bombs on Japan in year
"45" and God said in Obadiah ... O' U are about to dieh ... your deeds will
return upon your own head!  
Trum---p "45" and Trum---man in "45" ties to nuclear war now at hand.

You can plainly se
e Golden Trum...p "45" smoking a pipe, meaning the pot of Jeremiah is now
boiling.  Putin is looking Golden Trump in his face wearing a Pony-tail hairdo and Trump is also
wearing a Pony-tail hairdo as this speaks of the
Horsemen of the Apocolipse is now beginning. Notice
the prior Beast President, black Barack Obama 44 with his head in the corner seeing nothing and
standing on his hind legs with his black tail sticking in Trumps golden Pony-tail hairdo.

This is God's last day Jeremiah prophets message to this fallen nation and Church of the very last
days who has deceived and messed up the entire world! Second Jer-
USA-lem is seen in Revelation
17:1-8 and 18:1-8. My Jeremiah Calling came out from Mother's Bible one day after she died and went
to be with the Lord in heaven in
1985. Donald John Trump has "15" letter in his full name and
he ties to Jeremiah 1:
"13"-16 and God is telling me to Prophesy again in verse "13." Old Jeremiah
isn't coming back to prophesy again, for God has raised up another Jeremiah Prophet to stand in old
Jeremiah's gap today!

The day after mother died, my birthers and sisters all gathered at mother's home and we also passed
out all of mother's Bibles which were many. I pointed out the Bible I wanted and my sister Grace took
this Bible from my hands and we walked back to mother's bedroom and Grace said,
"Paul this is for
" as she opened the Bible and took out a piece of paper written out in long hand by mother of
old Jeremiah's calling in Jeremiah
"1:5." This also touches on the beast president today, Donald
John Trump with
"15" leters in his full name. When sister Grace Opened mother's Bible and handed
me Jeremiah's calling, I wept and wept for years later when  I would think about this!

The Lot had fallen on me like the lot had also fallen on my father to be preacher "3" days after I was
born in year "34." This is the way God called men into the ministry but today it is not like this anymore!
Today man choses men and now the Church stinks!  Not a God Church anymore, but a man's church
today full of the devil! This is also seen in Isaiah
4:1 stating: "Seven women ... meaning "7" Churches
will take hold of one man, meaning Jesus ... and say, we will feed and clothe ourselves but let us use
your name
, meaning Jesus Christ ... take away our disgrace."

This awesome passage shows this last day Church not wanting to have God Jesus teach them
anything, they will do it themselves! This has turned this last day "Seven Churches" into a man fed,
Church of today clothing themselves and seen here today putting on man's garments and not God's
Clothing. They seven woman are the seven Churches seen today in Revelation
2 and 3 an both
passages in the OT and the NT each adds up to "5" ...
add 5 + 5 = "10" sleeping, naked, harlot
Churches of today preaching a man's gospel and not God's true Gospel

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
War Bow is now here
The Seven Churches
The war bow in here! Right, God shows
this mushroom nuclear cloud war bomb is
now at the
Churches door. The window is
OPEN for this to happen! Look closely in
this window which is now open, shows
the word  
Church in cloud form in the
window that is now open!  I didn't make
this, God did!

The DIE has already been cast ... where
do you stand is this horrible picture today
at Judgment time?
Prophet Paul ...
Church your at the end of your road!