Naked Church Lites Red Horse
The naked Church of the last days with two farmer
matches in her hand by her head, has caused the
red horseman of fire ... WAR ... to come in. Left you
can see the
Rex Cat looking at you and the name
Rex means
KING which refers to King Jesus Coming
in after the 42 months of fire burns seen in Rev. 13:
5-7. This shows the beast #42 going after the
sleeping Churches of today and conquers them ...
read it.  Below shows an image of my old Tina black
Poodle Dog that God showed her in
shadow form by Babylon Rock one mile
from my home, show
s her chewing on a
bone held between her two front paws, and
over her back you can see two devils
making up her backbone. The black dog
Churches of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22.
In front of her shows beast Bush 43 and
behind her tail shows in black, BC for Bush at the Churches head and Clinton at her tail chasing
her. I had to put Tina Down for her age of "16" years was over. My in home care lady, Pam, took Tina
to the
vet hospital to have her put to sleep and brought home to this Father Type Ministry, a "3"
year old REX cat named Rex that looks like the REX cat laying on a
RED bed of FIRE above.

You have heard of the "3" blind mice that refers to "3" blind Church mice. Today when I let REX out
because he wanted out into the 2 or 3 inches of snow laying on the ground, he came to my window
about 30 minutes later with a small mouse in his mouth. I opened the door for Rex for I thought he
would drop the mouse and come in to my warm house. Rex came into my house a sign of the
Father's house, and released the small mouse which ran and hid under my furniture. Rex, a sign of
King Jesus Coming which is not far away, will soon be taking care of the Church mice who are
ready to repent of their sins!
Naked  Church lites the horse on fire by her sins and
is now  at the door of his nation and world that burns
The cat REX as REX means KING ... KING JESUS is
over the Dog Church today ... the K9 Dog Church
needs help not from Satan but from God. My black
dog Tina seen above, God shows is full of demons
from hell, he showed this in shadow form and not
real, of what the black dog Church is full of
, the devil
from hell
. Notice the demon head on the left and the
dragon head on the right with the two letters behind
the Dragon
... BC for Bill Clinton 42 or Bush and
Clinton. You can see
GeOrGe 43 making up the head
of my Tina Dog chewing on a bone. You can see this
also in Ezekiel 38
... add George W. Bush and Bill
Clinton together and Ezekiel 38 all the letters and
numbers add up to number "11" ... Bill Clinton the first head of the beaat and George W. Bush
adds up to number
"22" that means the end of days, and we add Ezekiel 38 ... 3 + 8 = "11" added to
number 22 is
"33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose again coming into his 1000 year
kingdom on earth also seen in Daniel 9:24 added is

This passage in Daniel 9:24 begins with "77" is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning.
After this we see God's last day Prophet who preaches
Visions and Prophecies soon to come to an
was born on Leo the Lion month of August "22." After this we see REX ... KING JESUS coming
into his 1000 year Kingdom on earth still
"33" years of age.
I live in the lower foot hills over the word Daniel in the
lighter color of red. It was some years ago the Lord
told me to take a picture of this cloud
77.  At the time I
didn't know why, but I listened to God and now we all
know why he did this! Satan is not the god of numbers,
my Almighty God is the true God of numbers, period no
doubt what-so-ever! God has numbered the very hairs
on our head the Bible states and has named all the
trillions of stars in the heaven! Why does the Bible say
this? Becasue Satan in not the
God of numbers all he
does is copy God
and mess everything up.
How did I put this all together, all these numbers and all these images? It all came from Almighty
God and not from man nor Satan! Read Isaiah 14:14 added is "10" sleeping Virgins!
God wrote the
Bible not Satan
! Add 14 and 14 = "10" Sleeping Virgins! What does Satan say in this verse? He said
he would put this throne above the stars of God
! The sleeping Church say this about the stars!
They are God's angels which is a lie from Satan. Satan
, the dragon in Revelation 12 states, the
Dragon pulls a third of the stars out from the heavens and trample on them.
These are not angels!

Six thousand years ago the devil was seen as a Serpent with Eve. Eve represents the Church today
and 6000 years later, today, he is not a Serpent anymore,
but he is the Dragon of Revelation 12
pulling out from the sky a third of the stars, the Dog Churches of today
! Satan is over today's
Churches without a shadow of a doubt, period! God shows in no uncertain terms that the Churches
of today do not know nor do they understand the Bible of the last days! You must have the OT that
ties into the NT that Jesus and the Apostle spoke from before there was a NT Bible. Now I will show
you this match from Isaiah 28:8-9 to what Apostle Paul stated in Romans 9:27-29.

Isaiah 28 says, the tables are all covered with vomit and there is not one spot without filth
... who is
he trying to teach, babies? Apostle Paul in Romans  9 says this about the tables covered with
vomit, meaning today at the end of days
as he was referring to Isaiah 28 covered with vomit. Paul
said; Even though the Israelites, this includes the Church
es of today, be like the sand by the
seashore ...
ONLY THE REMNANT WILL BE SAVED. For the Lord will carry out his sentence on earth
with speed and finality! And if God had not saved the remnant it would become like Sodom and
Gomorrah ...
a total loss!

What is
a Remnant? Laying the pattern of the main clothe on the table, and here meaning
Christianity, and what falls to the floor away from the main pattern of true Christianity today, is the
Remnant that God is going to save! The pattern still on the table is covered with vomit says Isaiah
28:8-9 ... they are no more than babies never grown up in the true Spirit of God!

My Dog Tina who I put to sleep, was
"16" years old! She had lost her eyesight, hearing and much of
her memory. She is seen in Isaiah 35:5-6 ... this speaks of the 1000 year kingdom of Rex, the Lion
cat Jesus Christ when he comes into his kingdom. Notice my poodle dog above shows Bush at the
head of Tina and Clinton at the tail. This shows the White House that sets at
"16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC. It also shows this nation and its Churches today in
Shadow Form ... are full of
Satan to the rafters!
Left shows the whole picture of
at Babylon rock. You can see
in Tina's back 2 devils heads.  
Above them is the
large Dragon,
, looking to the left which is
Babylon Rock that I named some
25 years ago. Above the head of  
the Dragon, you can see in tree
form, as Jesus said, people are
seen as trees. T
he left side
shows the head of a pig looking
left. The right side of this tree
Church you can see the head of
the soon to be
Barking Dog
Church when hell is opened up
on earth.
Up to the Rafters! Notice
the rafter broken
Just below the broken rafter you can faintly see the small letter N  above the large yellow N that I
put there for you to see. After the nuclear bombs comes from Russia then it brings back into power
these two men,
GeOrGe W. Bush 43 and Bill Clinton 42 added together is "67." This last day true
prophet of Almighty God was born
"6 of 7" children in a preachers home in year "34" ... 3 + 4 = "7"
I preaches today this Eternal Gospel at the HOUR OF JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14:"6-7."
Left God shows in cloud form over
the state of Florida, the nuclear
bomb going off showing the
window for this to happen is now
at hand
! Look closely at the Open
Window and you can faintly see the
clouds of God showing the word,
"Church." You can see the first
two letters plainly for  
"Ch ----" ...

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig


The window is Open for this to
take place over this land of
second Jer-
USA-lem ... there is
no doubt ...
No doubt what-so-ever this is
now at the doors of this nation
and going after the pig-dog
Churches of today!