Naked Church Leans On Rock
The naked Red
Headed Church
leans on Rock
Jesus while she
knees down to the
little head of Satan
seen left by her
knees!    Notice
little rock Satan
looking to the
right. This Church
of today watches
the true Rock
Jesus sail away
with his 144,000
overcoming Saints seen in Luke 21:34-36 and Rev. 14:1-5
who has Jesus' and the Father's name written on their
foreheads! The rest of the sleeping Church are still under
man's number
"666" as also seen in Isaiah "66:6."
Notice the Rock Open Vision on the right, this Red Headed Woman Church with her head
turned away while the Big Rock, Jesus, begins to sail away with his 144,000 saints who have
overcome Satan to date! This huge Rock that represents Jesus Christ, appears to be moving
out to sea and taking with him his 144,000 leaving all the rest of this naked Church  today
behind to be purged of all their sins! I try hard to get the sleeping
Red headed Church of
Revelation 17:1-8 attention but they tell me to kiss their rear-end and call me a false Prophet.
John said this Red headed Scarlet Church of today has deceived the entire world.
Below this very naked rear end of these Red headed
scarlet Churches of today riding the scarlet beast
from the White House, are telling the true Church to
get lost,
kiss their rear ends! Soon to happen to her
is seen below a short distance from this last day
Prophet Moses home about a mile away. I show you
two images of the same picture below. The top one I
took with my Cannon camera with telescopic lens
and the bottom one I put into my Adobe Photo
section of my computer and outlined the image for
you to see clearly what is soon to take place! First it
shows the
Golden Dog Churches Head facing left
with the black devil riding her back
Below her naked dog
body of 2 Peter 2:20-22,
you can see her gender, a
woman with the golden
J for Donald J.
"45." You can seen
the Texan hat man,
George W. Burning Bush
43 below the head of the
first Beast, Bill Clinton 42.
George puts his hand on
the rear end of this last
day naked Dog Church
and pushes her into the
nuclear fire from the

Below this Open Vision
from God, is another
picture I took a little to the
left, showing the
mushroom cloud bomb
the beasts are pushing
this naked woman dog
Church into soon and
suddenly! You can plainly
see the devil riding her
back with Clinton behind.
Below Bill you can plainly
see the Texan Cowboy
hat on the head of
W. Burning Bush 43
his hand on her rear end.
Turning this picture over
you can see under Texan Bush,
the upside down woman Dog
Church of today showing her
two naked breasts, and on her
stomach you can see the large
"V" for Virgins of Matthew
. In the upper Open Vision
you can see Father God with his
arm pulled back ready to punch
out this dog Church of Rev.
17:1-8 who has corrupted the
entire world! You can see Father
God looking this Church in their
face who are wearing a crown
soon to be removed by war!
Above the head of God with his arm pulled
back, above the red letters I put there showing
US for the United States, shows the Bush ...
Brush pile Upside Down soon to burn!
Left is a
blown up image of the naked dog woman
Church that is seen in the lower right corner of
the Vision above ...
she is upside down today!
Notice she wears a black witch hat and her
face is looking down to Hell and Satan. Notice
also she has
RED HAIR, the Scarlet woman
Churches seen in Revelation 17:1-8 and also
seen in Revelation 18:1-8.
Remember what Jesus said,
people are also seen as
Notice left of the word,
Naked, is
TREE. Below this is another
Open Vision on the right side of
Babylon Rock a  mile from my
home. It shows in
shadow form
my Poodle Dog Tina with
demons in her back, seen over
the shadow of Tina. The first
head of the beast,
BC,  is seen in
Black burned out by the fire
finger of Almighty God. Making
up Tina's head in rock form, you
can see the image of GeOrGe
Bush of Ezekiel 38 showing GOG as the "3" GeOrGes of this nation, and GeOrGe W. Burning
Bush is the last and third
GeOrGe making up the words, the land of many Gogs ... many
GeOrGes, three in all
. The Dragon, Satan above looking to the left, is looking at the huge rock
America the third Babylon. You can faintly see  the small letter
"N" for nuclear above the
yellow letter N that I put there for your attention!  

People are seen as trees per Jesus Christ. Now look at the tree over Dragon Rock! Left you
can see the head of a
PIG looking left. On the right side you can see the head of the DOG
with its mouth wide open as usual, as these two images are seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. God told
us here, these people would have been better off if they had not heard the true way to
salvation, than to have heard it and turned their backs on it and preaching a man's gospel
today which is no gospel at all. Read Isaiah 4:1 for it states, "7" women, meaning "7"
Churches today, will take hold of
ONE MAN, meaning Jesus Christ and say: We will eat our
own food and provide our own clothing,
"Take Away our Disgrace." This means, at the end
of days these "7" women  ... "7" Churhes of Revelation 2 and 3 do not want Jesus to feed or
clothe them, they will do it themselves ... now take away our

This means the Churches of today who are preaching their own gospel which is no gospel
at all, only man's gospel which is full of lies to the hilt who has messed up the entire world
seen in Revelation 17:
1-8 and Revelation 18:1-8. Revelation 18:1-8 speaks of this nations
Politics and Churches as FALLEN ... FALLEN!  Both are seen here as full of evil spirits and
devils from hell. God speaks to his overcomers to come out from her lest you go down with
her when He destroys her soon and suddenly. This is seen in verses
"4-5" and this last day
beast, Donald J. Trump
"45" is the one running the show today for Satan.

The next two verses,
"6-7" ... the sleeping Church of Matthew 25:"6-7" states: "I set as
Queen and am not a widow and will never mourn
!" This is what this last day dog and pig
Church are saying! Now read the "8"th verse for God says something totally different!  
one day her plagues will overtake her,
consumed by fire for mighty is the Lord God who judges her

O' sleeping Churches of today you have been fed a string of lies from these dog-wolf-goat
preachers and you don't know the truth!
You are all headed into the fire pit with Satan if you
don't repent before you die

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
This scarlet Church of today
says kiss this if you will!
Rock Jesus
sails away
red naked
church stays
her knees
to little