Naked Church - Dreaming
Russian Bear
Father God
Nuclear  Bomb
Churches Head in Clouds
Naked Sleeping Church - Day Dreaming
Here is the picture today of
the day-dreaming Church -
they have their heads
stuck in a cloud and see
nothing! God is showing
the Russian bear left
coming in with nuclear
bombs to take out this day
dreaming naked, women
Church today for God is a
consuming Fire ...
The top left shows a cloud that someone put the head of a woman in the cloud. The cloud shows the
face of a person with two black eyes and a large black mouth showing this last day woman Church
who put Donald lying Trump into the White House of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation now ready for
nuclear war from God as he brings in the
Russian Bear to drop his nuclear fire bombs down on this
third and last Babylonian nation seen in Revelation
17:1-7 who has messed up the whole world and
killed the true Church!  (1 + 7 + 1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.)

There are
"3" Adam's as God works in groups of "3"s ... Father ... Son ... Holy Spirit! He created
man in
"3" parts as well, body, soul and spirit! He put his second Jer-USA-lem with "3" letters
"USA" in the middle of his final and "3"rd group of people, Adam, the Jews and now the Gentiles!
(All "3" messed up)  Second Jer-USA-lem has "3" coastlines ... "3" thousand miles across from
East to West and has
"3" time zones and "3" letters ... USA!

God shows
"3" Adams ... the "3"rd Adam equals Atoms that Fire God created everything out from
For God is a consuming FIRE and the last and final Baptism of Fire!  First Adam was man,
second Adam was Jesus, and now the
"3"rd Adam is God ... the fire Atom!  God uses his good
vessels to do his good work, and he uses his bad vessels to do his bad work

The Church today has their heads in the clouds and see nothing as God is showing in cloud form!  
The second cloud shows this very naked Dog, woman Church of today laying down with her head
leaning to the right showing her naked breasts. The next Open cloud shows this last day Church
setting on cloud
"9" sucking her baby finger that she is today, the baby Church of the last days who
has not grown up to maturity!

God shows the Church as a
Dolly, Baby Church in Hebrews 5:11-14 and Zechariah 5:5-11!  Zechariah
shows her in this measuring basket today with lead coming out from her mouth,
the dross of silver
which means false religion that she preaches today! Silver means Redemption from Jesus Christ and
the Church of today are just the
dross of Salvation ... lead meaning Garbage!
Left shows Jesus' face in the center of
this DOLLY named Hurricane of 2008!
This Hurricane storm from the Southern
coastline of
2008 added equal the "10"
sleeping, baby Churches of Matthew
25:6-7. This storm followed storm
Bertha the name of my Godly mother
showing the man child ... the 144,000
overcoming saints of Rev. 14:1-5 are
soon to be born ... taken to heaven just before nuclear fire comes from Almighty God! The next storm
that followed Bertha was Cristal-ball ... the sign of Satan and Witchcraft. The next storm was called by
God, storm ...

God shows his Jesus face in the center of this storm, DOLLY as I show above. I enlarged Jesus' face
looking at you in cloud form from storm
DOLLY. The next and last storm of 2008 was off the south-west
coast of second Jer-
USA-lem name Faust which refers to Satan! Now hold on to your hats as I explain
these four hurricane storms and the sleeping, DOLLY Church of today stuck in the middle of
Witchcraft of Cristal-bal and Faust, Satan!

The sleeping, baby ... Dolly Church of today are seen here by Almighty God, as a sandwitch for
Below God shows the "V" for Virgin Churches of today with his fire hand over their temples
and burning them all down! I don't mean one or two of them being burned to the ground, I mean all
of them have messed up like their mother,
the Jews messed up and God says, your
time has run out!

I am the third Adam ... Atom and I am the
God of Fire! You can see my
"5" fingered
hand now upon your
man Churches not
God Churches of today as it approaches
Midnight seen in Matthew
"25:6-7" ....

Below God's clock, showing it is almost
Midnight and his hand seen left coming
from his Hubble Telescope in his heavens
shows He...God is ready to toss out his
nuclear fire bombs coming from his bear
in Russian, Putin his fire man for the hour!
Right of the midnight clock you can see the tombstones of the
graveyard these Churches are headed for real soon! Another
conformation is seen in Ezekiel 37 added equals "10" sleeping
Virgins seen left and above that God is taking out from their Man
and not Jesus
"7" Churches of today!

God is showing above your destination if you do not leave this
whore house Church and come back to him in truth! Fire burns out
the garbage and today God has his belly full of Garbage that is now
ready to get rid of ...

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ... God says ...
"The Red Coats ...
Russia and China are coming ...