Mtn Kilauea - All of U - Begins
Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted in the
beginning of May and continues to spew
molten lava and destroy everything in its wake.

Houses have been burned and people are
being evacuated from the area due to
vigorous eruptions.

Over the weekend, additional ground cracking
has appeared in the Leilani Estates and lava
rivers have increased.

Pictures show a fast-moving pahoehoe lava
flow (a smooth, billowy, thin lava) that emerged
from fissure 20 and is consuming everything in
its path.
Joel 2 from the OT and Acts 2 of the NT both tell the same story, 2 and 2 put together is "22" meaning
the end of the Bible ... Revelation chapter
"22" and God's last day Prophet born on Leo the Lion
month of August
"22." Both passages say: "Signs would appear in the heavens above and on the
earth below before the return of the Son of Man, meaning Jesus Christ
. This is what this awesome
Ministry is all about today with God showing everything in signs like never before.

Kilauea also means in signs, Kill All of you! Looking at this lava river flowing down, and
spreading out looks like the capital letter "V" for Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7. This ties to God telling
this sleeping Church the Midnight hour is now coming upon you and it is time to Wake Up and
repent or go to hell with your little rock god, Satan seen in the rock pile setting at the west end of
the Ross Island bridge in Portland, Oregon when i lived and worked for "40" years until 1989 when I
moved south 300 miles to the large Rock area where God also speaks to me from his large Rock,
Jesus Christ.

Jesus said in Luke 19:39-40 ...
"If my people do not speak out, then the ROCKS will cry out as they are
doing today for the last 28 years of my life where I have been living. Jesus has also been speaking
to me from these huge rocks, not little gravel as seen in Portland, Oregon at the Ross Island sand
and gravel Co., also seen in woman form in the coldest spot in the world in
Ross Island in signs that
also ties to the
Ring of Fire seen above in our 50th state of Hawaii.

What does "50" mean? Number "50" refers to a new beginning! The world is living today at the
120th Golden Jubilee of 50 years equals a Jubilee. Multiply 50 times 120 Jubilees is "6000" years of
mankind on planet earth up to the time of the Golden Jubilee referring to the Golden Kingdom of
Jesus Christ being setup after the fire comes to an end.

Coming south from Portland, Oregon on freeway I-5 you come to the capital city of Salem, Oregon. A
few miles east of Salem, Oregon is the small county of St. Paul shown below in map form from the
map makers of Oregon. I remind you I did not make this map showing this Ministry of today, God had
it made. St. Paul is seen in red! You can also see
the larger part the map people made, shows a
RED ring about my eye as part of the messenger
showing the
Ring of Fire today that touches on
the title of this message,
"You are about to die."
Below my amazed look on my face, you can see
the grey bear of Russia and China moving down
over this pig headed nation and Church today,
covering this pigs eye seeing nothing today but
still swimming with a fishes tail as the early
Church were seen as fishers of men's souls. I
am seen her looking overhead of the Solar
Eclipse coming over meaning a new beginning
is coming in also meaning the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ soon begins after the 42 months of
wrath is over. This Solar Eclipse began in
Oregon and left at South Carolina. I spoke on short and
long wave radio in the year 2000 for about half an hour, telling the world who the coming in beast
man is and also telling the world at that time Russia was going to nuclear bomb this nation that is
now being put together before our very eyes. After we hung up the phone I opened my Bible to
have God show me Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour." Below I will show you
the huge cloud a huge storm named Pam, the name of my in-home care nurse lady who takes care of
me a few days a week.
X                 X
I made this huge storm large showing
this last day Leo the Lion Prophet of
God Almighty, laying in bed below the
red X. Above this red X ... I show
my face and right of this red X is
another Red X showing the capital
SC for South Carolina where I
spoke from in year 2000 for half an hour
telling the world who the first head of
the beast coming in is, Bill Clinton #42
and that Russia would nuclear bomb
this nation now being put together
today as the whole world can see.

Below Paul in bed we see another
storm as the wheels on my wheel-chair
shows the center of this storm, with my
nurse pushing me looking over the
back of my head wearing dark glasses
as she often wears in sunny weather.
You can see in front of the center of this storm I preach
about, is the front of my trumpet in the heavens from my
third and last flying in midair angel website seen in Rev. 14
verses "6-7" proclaiming the Eternal Gospel at the Hour of
Judgment today to the sleeping Church seen in Matthew 25
verses "6-7." Coming from the Prophet of God who was born
in a preachers home "6" of "7" children.

Notice ahead of my head you can see the man in front of me
laying sideways as from below also wearing glasses as I
preach this awesome message to the world below at the

Lastly God is showing this last day
Ring of Fire Prophet on
election day several years ago of a tropical storm over this
nation. God shows me on the West Coast side of the USA
blowing this Jesus Trumpet and the end of my Jesus trumpet
shows the head and face of Jesus Christ hitting
this eagle bird nation in the head killing it. This
is seen over the state of Florida. Notice Jesus'
face looking down on election day showing this
Eagle Bird nations Presidency soon goes. To
make this more clearly seen I took out the rest
of this picture leaving only Paul and Jesus
working together today that most people do not  
want to see or hear about.

The end time die ... death has been cast! The
red river of lava --- blood is also shaped like a
tuning fork! The tune in now coming out,
"Kill All
of You
." This tune is coming from Satan himself
who told God he would take his children which
he is trying to do today without hesitation
Never have I ever thought I would be writing such
awesome material before the end of my days, but
here it is ... showing the world and Church your have
come to the end of your days and they will soon be
no more!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...