Moon Church & Roosters
Joseph of the dream of the Jews represents
Jesus and his Father represented the
and the
MOON represented his mother! His
"10" older brothers were seen as STARS, the
stars refers to the
"10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7.  

The SUN Father God gives the light and the
Moon woman Church only gives the reflection
from the Father! Left you can see the Moon
Church of today in Blue, laying down as
sleeping and not doing her job. You can see
her left laying down with her head on the right
looking at you and her feet on the left sleeping!

Below this Blue Moon today Goat Church you
can see where God shows her in one of his
fiery volcano's this blue goat woman Church
talking to the red pants devil presidents of this
nation. Notice over their heads is the SKULL of
a beast and right of the blue goat Church of
today is the black devil with his head in with
the "3" very evil presidents and the Goat
Church of the last days!  

It was some years ago when I came down with a
deadly disease of Leukemia of the blood that
my two doctors said, you will die because we
have no cure for what you have. I told them
that God told me before I entered the Hospital
that he would heal me, and one doctor said, if
you are going to be healed he will have to do it,
for we have no cure for what you have!  A few
days later an Indian Preacher came into my
room and laid hands on me and prayed that
God would heal me and he did and then I was
released after 30 days and below is what I saw.
While driving home one day from Klamath Falls from where i spent 30 days in the Hospital with this
deadly sickness, this is the picture God showed me across Klamath Lake
"25" miles long that
touches on the sleeping Church of Matthew
"25." I was only a short distance north of Klamath Falls
when I looked across the lake to see this White Mountain that refers to God showing the cock
Rooster Preachers today crowing from God's white Mountain. I never saw the whole picture until I
had my film developed!

Here goes! The dark sky above shows God's left arm out in front of him and his blue body trailing
out back. You can see God's white hair head over the top of the blue rooster preachers heads as
he ushers them off his high white mountain. Above the left side of God you can see the word
holding a sharp sickle seen setting on a cloud above and also seen in
Revelation 14:14 ready to
cut down these 10 sleeping wild grape Churches of today. We add 1 + 4 and 1 + 4 = "5" wise and "5"
foolish Virgins of the sleeping Matthew Church of Revelation 25:6-7. Above Jesus' head you can
see in blue form the dragon Satan who said in
Isaiah 14:14 that I Satan, will ascend to the tops of
the clouds and make myself like the Most High! Notice God shows this in
Revelation 14:14 and
Isaiah 14:14
... could this be just another accident in the Holy Bible? No way!
Left seen in fire form from Almighty God shows these Fire Roosters
crowing from on top of God's Holy mountain today full of Satan from hell.
God has got his belly full of all the garbage and lies and the end is now
before us today like never before!  

I show on the top and on the bottom of my front page of this website,
todays worst two robing Pentecostal Preachers ...
Mike Murdering
Murdock and money whore chasing women Jimmy Swaggart.
 God is
saying today in no uncertain terms ... you have come to the end of your
road of lies and you will be no more as you were! I am knocking you off my
high white mountain and I will put my SON Jesus Christ on top of it for 1000
years before we go into eternity!

In closing this message I show you another picture of the Moon Church of
today setting below with the face of the Red headed woman seen in Rev.
17:1-7. We add 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
We see this as second Jer-USA-lem. Jesus said people are
seen as trees ... notice the trees below the face of the Red
headed Woman Church seen in this picture of the MOON.

SUN ... MOON AND STARS! What do we see next? We see
the stars falling
and the moon goes down! God has given
this message to those who still have eyes to see and ears
to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist
- Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...