Moab - USA - Falling!
‘Catastrophic damage: Rare tornado damages
homes in Kitsap County, Washington! 12/18/2018 ...

Washington DC is Falling! God is showing below in
Jeremiah 48:41-47 the fall of second Jer-
USA-lem ... this
last day
USA...Moab has already began to fall as God is
showing in the weather across this entire
gone to POT
nation today
"Kerioth will be captured and the strongholds taken. In that day the hearts of Moab’s warriors
will be like the heart of a woman in labor
. Moab will be destroyed as a nation
because she defied the Lord
. Terror and pit and snare await you, you people of Moab,”
declares the Lord
. “Whoever flees from the terror will fall into a pit, whoever climbs out of the pit will
be caught in a snare;
for I will bring on Moab the year of her punishment,” declares the Lord. “In
the shadow of Heshbon the fugitives stand helpless, for a fire has gone out from Heshbon,
a blaze from
the midst of Sihon;
it burns the foreheads of Moab, the skulls of the noisy boasters. Woe to
you, Moab
! The people of Chemosh are destroyed; your sons are taken into exile and your
daughters into captivity
. Yet I will restore the fortunes of Moab in days to come,”declares the
. Here ends the judgment on Moab." Jeremiah 48:41-47 ...    

We add
4 + 8 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 7 = "28" = the "28" years I lived in the high wilderness area of Klamath
County Oregon speaking to the
"2 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7 on my 3 angel
websites showing miracles from Almighty God
! I preached from Short and Long wave radio stations
out from South Carolina, and I spoke for 7 months on TV out from Louisville, Kentucky, yet the
"10" Virgin Church of Matthew 25:6-7 say I am crazy! I have written books and made tapes
and CD's and shipped them all over this nation, Europe and world only to hear from them outside the
USA, inviting me to come and preach to them, but none called me from this last day Moab, second Jer-
USA-lem nation except one woman, Katy Sasie from ST. Paul, MN. This gone to hell Moab nation seen
above now in the process of going down never called me period! Katy and this ministry are seen as
the two witnesses in Revelation 11:9-13 and not two old Jewish men the lying Churches all claim.

One has to be completely blind to truth not to see what is happening today here in second Moab,
second Jer-
USA-lem!  Fires burning all summer ... the holidays ... Thanksgiving and now Christmas
and the coming New Year ... weather like never before is taking place across this entire nation gone
down the drain. Airliner flights canceled ... snow and flooding happening ... Airplane accidents ... Car
and Bus and Train accidents!
God has lifted his hand of protection from around this Moab nation
and she is in the process of being destroyed

Isaiah 5:1-5 and Verses "6-7" Shows the Church of Today Gone Down!

The Church of today seen in Matthew 25 verses "6-7." We add Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 = "7" Churches!
Isaiah 5:1-5 begins with God destroying first Israel, first Jerusalem, the first grape Vineyard of God.
He removed the stones and took the choice Vines,
the Apostle, and replanted His Vineyard ... the
Church! Then 2000 years later,
today, he went to look for a good crop of Grapes but found ONLY BAD

Now we look at Isaiah 5:5 ... added is "10" sleeping Virgins! God says, I am lifting my hand of
protection from around her
and she will be destroyed! This is happening today without a shadow of
a doubt
! Next, we look at verse's "6-7" also seen in Matthew 25 verses "6-7" and we see God taking
away the water from this Church today ... no more pruning ... no more cultivating her and she will turn
into a
thorn patch of what she is today!

The last day "3" Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years     God is showing his hand of
protection from around his second Jer-
USA-lem is over! Storms like never before around these "3"
last days holidays of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone to POT ... and is not getting better but
worse as the days go by!

God is showing this Washington Nation is being destroyed by the Almighty Winds ... Hands of God
and the
second 2000 years of the Jews and the 2000 years of the Gentiles has come to a
drastic end
! Jesus said, "What was good for the Jews is now good for the Gentiles for God
does not show favoritism

Both wives of Jacob, meaning father God ... Leah the Jew first and Rachel the Church second seen in
Revelation 7 and Revelation 14 ... is now upon us! The
144,000 from Leah the Jews ... Revelation "7"
are being sealed before all hell is opened up on earth! The overcoming
144,000 taken to the throne
room of Jesus Christ seen in Revelation 14 ... Rachel the Church that Jacob ... God ... takes out
before all hell is opened up on earth. This is what is happening today across the second Jer-
lem nation now!!!

Rachel the Church is now getting ready to deliver her overcoming man child 144,000 seen in Isaiah
66:7. This happens just before the verse prior ... Isaiah "66:6" speaking of God taking out his
enemies, the sleeping Church who are riding the beast today. Three men all born in year "4
6" ...
Clinton 42 first ... Bush 43 second ... and Trump 45 third. These three beast men were born ... Trump
in month "6" ... Bush in month "7" and Clinton in month "8" and now we
"6-7-8." These "3" men are
the beast seen in Revelation
"6:7-8" as the Pale Rider of DEATH with hell following close behind.

Now we see Rachel giving birth to the man child Children in the next verse following Isaiah 66:6. She
gives birth before the 42 months of labor pain wrath falls down upon the Pregnant Church which is
soon to happen! Verse
"8" speaks about the Church left behind and Revelation 18 verse "8"
speaks about her again going into the fire of wrath. "In one day her plagues will overtake her ... Death
... Mourning and Famine she will be consumed by FIRE for mighty is the Lord God who judges her
Revelation 18:8 ...

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...