Moab Never To Rise Again
"The hand of the Lord will rest on this
mountain; but Moab will be trampled under
him as straw is trampled down in the
manure. They will stretch out their hands
in it, as swimmers stretch out their hands
to swim.

God will bring down their pride despite the
cleverness of their hands. He will bring
down your high fortified walls and lay them
low; he will bring them down to the
ground, to the very dust."
Isaiah 25:10-12 ..

Left shows in cloud form from Almighty God
nuclear missiles coming in to burn down this
gone mad second Jer-
USA-lem nation. Notice
under the missile bomb is a cloud that God is
bringing in the
fire nuclear bombs to take out
this nation who has turned away from God.  
Notice the cloud on the right God shows the
people of his nation when this soon begins to

Below this is a fire shaped like a man holding
onto a Tree, as fire God is seen in this fire
with his hand holding onto a tree! Jesus said,
Trees are seen as people. God is showing he
is the FIRE starting this tree nation burning!
God's Tornado hits Washington ... meaning
Washington DC ... second Jer-
Nuclear Missile
Where in the world do I get these awesome Open Visions? I
get them from my Almighty God and no one else! This
ministry of yours truly was born on Leo the Lion Month of
August "22" year "34." Number 22 means the end, the end of
God's Holy Bible ... Revelation
"22." Number "34" added
"7" Churches this last day Moses Prophet of God is
speaking to who are now being taken out of existence!

Now we go to Romans
"3:4" where we see God saying ...
"Let God be true and every man a liar!"  God is speaking
today through his last day Moses Prophet!  
"What was before
will be again, and what is now was before, there is nothing new
under the sun.
" Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ...same type of
numbers in the OT and NT by God Almighty!
The Seven Churches of today do not know the Bible in the Spirit, they only know it by the letter!
Jesus said,
"It is the letter that kills but it is the Spirit that gives the light."  I preach for God and
not for man! God says here in Roman's 3:4 ... Let God, meaning his Prophet he is speaking through
today ...
be TRUE and the sleeping, dead "7" Churches of today are liars!

These lying "7" Churches of today are seen in Isaiah 4:1. Using the old Matthew Henry large
commentary, these liars said, "
There was coming a war so large that it would kill most men." And
this passage then states ... there would be "7" women left for one man. This speaks for today and
the "7" Churches! This passage states, "In those days "7" women, meaning the "7" Churches would
take hold of one man, this once man is Jesus Christ and say,
"We will eat our own food, meaning
their own gospel which is no gospel at all ...
and we will supply our own clothing, their own covering!  
"Only let us use your name ...
meaning we only want to use your name Jesus Christ over our door
posts, take away our disgrace!

God says today, my Jesus Christ name is not written over your Churches today, the only word
written over your doors is
"Ichabod" ... meaning God has forsaken! Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2
and 3 added together is "10" ... referring to the "10" sleeping Virgins of today ,,, seen in both the OT
and the NT alike, both say the same thing! The Seven Churches today are the last and "7"th Church,
Laodicea ... Rich in need of nothing but is wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked!
Left seen in volcano smoke form from
Almighty God, shows the white headed woman
Church with her white hair blowing to the right
with her head tilted and looking left holding
her child and hooked by Satan today! I never
made this image of such, God made it! The
Church women children go with their parents
where ever their parents go unless they are
old enough to make decisions for themselves.

Below the woman Church and her babies
hooked by Satan ... are these "7" tree
Churches in a circle ready to be cut down by
the large Rock, Jesus Christ setting in the
middle of these "7" tree Churches as Jesus
once said, people are seen as trees!

This is a picture of Seven trees that stood in
front of my 42 day camp on top of Bly mountain
where the Sprague River of God came out
from his high mountain close to the town of
Bly, Oregon. These "7" tree Churches has the
Rock Axe of Jesus Christ in the center of the
these last day "7" Churches now
ready to cut them all down and toss
them into
nuclear FIRE!  The huge
Rock, Jesus Christ the Axe head
setting in the center of these "7" tree
Churches showing top left the cross
bar where they crucified Jesus the
second time around, the Jews did it
first and now the Gentiles did it
second seen in Revaluation 11:8.
"Sodom and Egypt" where also our
Lord is crucified, figuratively
. God is speaking today loud
and clear that his Jesus is now ready
to cut down the "7" tree Churches!

Left was taken from God's cameras in
his heavens on Election day a few
years ago over his second Jer-
lem Moab nation of this Tropical
storm showing his last day Prophet
from the West Coast blowing this
awesome message today of Jesus'
head hitting in the head of this Bald
Eagle nation and bald headed Church
killing them seen over the state of
Florida. I don't know how God can
make this any plainer!

I took out the rest of this picture
below showing yours truly blowing
this last day Jesus Trumpet. My latest
picture is seen right of my Jesus
Trumpet close to my age of 70.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig