Michael Cohen Says He Arranged
Payments to Women at Trump’s Direction
Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, made
the extraordinary admission in court on Tuesday that Mr.
Trump had directed him to arrange payments to two
women during the 2016 campaign to keep them from
speaking publicly about affairs they said they had with Mr.

Mr. Cohen acknowledged the illegal payments while
pleading guilty to breaking campaign finance laws and
other charges, a litany of crimes that revealed both his
shadowy involvement in Mr. Trump’s circle and his own
corrupt business dealings.   

The picture below is a picture of what sets in the White
House today lying to the people amd bringing in Nuclear
war over their heads! A once Godly nation that turned
Tom Arnold, right, told NBC News on
Friday that he met with Michael Cohen
in Manhattan, where they discussed
Arnold's new show "The Hunt for the
Trump Tapes." (Seth Wenig and
Richard Shotwell / AP)  
and today follow Satan to the Pit. Trumps
background and foregrownd are nude and
almost nude women and his three wives
the same. The White house has been
changed into a
whore-house in no
uncertain terms and the pimp is Billionarie
Trump 45, the end of the
"666" beasts that
all came out from this whore-house nation!
Bill Clinton 42 born in year "4
6" ... Good
looking Burning Bush 43 born in year "4
and Trump 45 born in year "4
6" ... "666."
Isaiah "
66:6" speaks of God using "3"
beast men of
"666" to take out his Church
who has become his enemies,
read it! Next
we see Trump born in month
"6" ... Bush
born in month "7" and Clinton born in month "8" and we see "6" "7" "8." This now takes us to
the NT witnesses in Revelation
"6":"7" to "8." Here we see the "3" Pale Riders of DEATH
. Three past and present Presidents all involved with these end of days today! Clinton a
sex maniac, Bush as seen, and calls himself a good Christian who belongs to the secret society of
"Skull & Bones" ... a part of the NWO, Illuminati of Satan and sex maniac, rich Donald J. Trump.
Left God shows this awesome Open
Vision in a fiery volacno, showing
Pants Burning Bush
talking in a black
microphone to the world, seen in his
purity white head as he clamins to be a
good Christian but is a liar instead. Look
above his head you can see what God put
there, the head of a beast that he is.

The sleeping Church of today who think
they are
God's Sheep but are seen as
GOATS today who must go into Judgment.
Jesus said, my sheep will be on my right,
meaning Mercy, and the goats will be on
the left meaning

Gross Liar Sex Maniac Trump and his
naked women, and it was the Naked
women Church who put this Bastard of
Satan into power as the
"45" President of
second Jer-
USA-lem. It was Harry S.
Trump who in year
"45" dropped two
nuclear bombs on Japan killing thousands
of people. Oadiah
1:15 ... added is "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This
passage means,
Obadiah ... O' but U are
about to Diah!
What it litterly says: "What you have done will be done to you ... Yours deeds will return upon your own
" To confirm this again we see both president men as this: Trum-an year "45" and Trum-P
"45" ... could this just be another accident going someplace to happen ... or was this
caused by Almighty God?  
I showed above the rearend of the naked dog
seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... adding the 2's
singularly, shows
"10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7
. What does God Almighty show in
burned out solid Rock? God shows the front part
of the naked, dog woman Church seen left. God
shows the Dog Protestants and Catholics both
stark naked today walking to the left with a dog
head and face wearing exactly nothing while
Black Satan rides their backs. This Open Vision
from God Almighty shows the Church of today with
her golden money dog face looking to the left and
her pretty woman face turned around looking
Satan in his face thinking Satan is Jesus but the
devil instead. Below the naked, dog-woman
Church of today God is showing her vagina ... and
sex maniac Donald J. Trump going up her leg to
her vagina showing the golden letter
"J" for
John Trump beside it ... a sex maniac ...
"J" Trump is the "3"rd "6" of Isaiah "66:6."
I put the Golden X on the Shark, Sex Maniac Donild J. Trump who has, as God is showing today in
solid rock form
, the head of the Red Headed Scarlett Woman Church of Revelation 17:1-7 who has
messed up the entire world and its Church, along with this second Jer-
USA-lem presidencal nation
that has gone to pot! Behind black Satan you can see the other two heads of the "666" beast, Bill
Clinton 42 and below Bill is the Texan Cowboy, George W. Burning Bush number 43. Now you see all
three beast men of the "666" of isaiah "66:6" that God is taking out becasue this Church of today
are now seen as his enemies ... read it!
Next I show you the frontal part of the man of the
seven women Churches, stark naked as well in
another large rock burned out by the Almighty
hand of God and not man doing the burning.
Here we see God showing this woman-man
naked Church today circumcided only in the
flesh and not the heart that we are suppose to
be circucised in. Notice he is laying down on the
old Bull Market ... meaning MONEY. It also refers
to golden rich Donald Trump that these Dog
Churches put this
BULL ... BULLY Donald J.
Trump into power who is soon to kill them!  
Jesus speaks about this in Luke 21:34.
Now we see God showing the woman's Vagina and the man's Penis in burned out rock form! All I did
was put these two photographs which God told me to take with my good Cannon camera and put
them into my Adobe Photo section of my Computer and do the writing seen above on both Open
Visions from Almighty God of a naked Dog Woman and a naked Donald J. Trump and a naked man
Church as well as both are seen as money people today at Judgment time.

Now look at the top right corner you can see the
Soldiers of Russia ... China along with other nation
who are enemies of this second
Jer-USA-lem nation soon to come in and take this ungodly Dog-Pig
nation down who are soon to be headed into the rocks and holes in the ground from the soon
coming in Dread of the Lord and the splendor of his Majesty when he rises to shake the earth seen
in Isaiah 2:19-22.
--- Bully Trump
Naked Catholic & Protestants rear ends
Red Pants Burning
Bush and Goat
Church of today.
Left in another large Rock from Almighty God
shows the woman Church of today who is
wearing a popular hairdo, the BUN ...
meaning today
, is heading to the rocks to
hide from God! Notice the Pig Head left of
her head looking downward to hell. She is
also wearing a heavy wool coat as this
touches on
Matthew 24:20 ... pray that your
flight moving out from the cities does not
happen in winter as winter is a terrible time
to move. You can see top right the front legs
of the Lion coming after this Church of today
soon to be hiding in the rocks!

To you people who worship this nation
today, you can see the
two war horses of
Russia and China
soon to hit the gay
forehead of this old Gay George Washington
nation gone down the tube as I pointed out.
You can see the Lion's coming out from old
George Washington and above the word
LION is the head of a dog, as this LION of
three men, are the German Swastika of
today. The Open Vision above this one
shows the legs and Swastika coming down
to get the sleeping Church of today who are
heading to the rocks and holes in the
ground from God Almighty who today is
going after the Sleeping Dog-Pig Church!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...