Lying Pig Goats & Children
The Pigs, Dogs and Goats are in the drivers seat today and
taking their children down into hell. Far left is a picture
God had the Sheriff take this of a pig setting on a drivers
lap that ties to the Preachers today. The next Open Vision
cames from one of God's fiery volcano's showing the
beast presidents with the head of beast Satan over both
of their heads. Right shows God's hand with his fingers
spread apart showing he is burning down these Pig, Dog,
Goat  Virgins of today. This fourth one shows the heads of
these Churches going into the black hole of hell!
Notice over the head of these preachers are two horns of Satan. On the far right is the head of a
GOAT looking down also with two horns as God is showing!

Last night April 1 ... known to some people as April Fools Day, I heard this Fool Preacher, a pig, dog,
goat Church preacher preaching a huge lie across the world as he preaches most every day lies to
the world! This does not refer to just him but to the Church as a whole!

This goes back to the 144,000 Jews of Leah, Jacobs first wife he worked
"7" years to get from her
father, Laban. Then came along Jacobs second wife, Rachel the prettier wife that he worked another
"7" years to get. Now in all Jacob who refers to Father God worked "14" years to get Rachel, the
Church. Revelation
7 speaks about the 12 Tribes of Israel and Revelation 14 speaks about the 12
Apostle Church

This lying goat preacher yesterday read about the 12 tribes and them as the 144,000 who are sealed
from the Jews just before hell is opened up on earth, and he ties them into the Rachel Church of
today that are seen in Revelation
14. He read Revelation 7 and then turned to Revelation 14 and put
the Jews into the Churches shoes showing these 144,000 Jews soon to be sealed and told the
people the Jews are the 144,000 taken out that refers to the Church, another  lie from hell!

Now here comes the kicker! This bastard of Satan that Jesus would call him like he called the man
in the NT a bastard,
meaning his father is the devil. This kind of garbage is preached all over the
world seen also in Revelation 17:1-7 ... as they killed the true Church and messed up the entire world
leaving only
144,000 true saints of Jesus Christ seen taken who go to heaven just before hell is
opened up on earth. This Bastard of Satan told the people he was going to preach more about this
and that you should not let your children hear his message on this because it will not be pleasant to
their ears!

I could hardly believe my ears when he said this!  God is angry with the Church of today who has
turned into an
Animal Church who do not belong to him, but belongs to Satan! You go into God's
hot fire of purification,
your children go with you!  I don't remember this lying preachers name, but
this is not just one instance, it touches most all of them. Isaiah 65:15 says ...
"You will leave your name
to my Chosen ones as a
CURSE ... the Almighty Lord will put you to DEATH and to his servants he will
another NAME."

Next we turn to the NT to back this up. Revelation 2:17 says;  "Those who overcome will receive some
of the
Hidden Manna  (This hidden manna from this Ministry)  and a white stone with a new name
written on it, known
ONLY to the one who receives it!"

Today in old Egypt sets a huge Pyramid without a top capstone. This missing capstone refers to
Jesus Christ now ready to come and set on top of God's Holy Government Pyramid. Years ago
someone stole all the 144,000 white stones that once covered this great Pyramid of God and no one
knows where they are today except God Almighty! This ties into Revelation 2:17. We add in God's
awesome numbering system and we see this; 2 + 1 + 7 =
"10" Virgins ... who has come out from the
"10" sleeping Virgins ... only the 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5. These have the name of
written on their foreheads ... Rev. 14:1-5 added is "11" ... 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 = "11." Jesus Christ has
"11" letters in his full name!

This Bastard of Satan on television last night ... April fools day ... is fooling the whole world with lies
from Satan! The Churches of today have also messed up the true words of God and put into the
Biblesn their lies! They change even to the point of only one word, leaving it out or adding it. Here
we see in this Bastard of Satan last night leaving out the word Jesus! WHY? Because the Jews never
accepted Jesus as their Messiah so why would God put Jesus' name on their foreheads of those he
takes to his throne in heaven soon and suddenly? This no doubt refers to the Overcoming true
Church of today and not the Jews who are sealed! Why would God seal 144,000 justt before hell is
opened up on earth and then see him taking them out to heaven as this does not even make sence!

God's True Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
This is no April fools joke ... it is real! This
Ring of Fire is now at the door of this nation
and world today! The seond Paul Revere
Apostle Prophet Gerig is and has been riding
out at Midnight telling the people,
"The Red
Coats. Russia and China are comimg in
the Black Bull Market is leaving as all can
see, and then the
Russia and China!