Lying Lion-on-Bully Elephant
Normal people comb their hair from front
to back but Beast Lion...Lying Trump is
backwards, he combs his hair from back
to front to try to make himself something
that is not, a good loving man, but a liar!
The shark of all times!
I'm messing up the entire World
Look at my hair wig flying to the left in picture form like I am flying
today in Washington DC seen above. Right is what is left of
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC!
Below Hitler with his huge mouth wide open comes from the large
lava flow in Hawaii showing in rock form from God Almighty old
Hitler's famous Military solute. Right from the same lave flow, shows
this Black-Bird wild Trump with his mouth wide open as usual,
and below his open mouth you can see the lower Jaw of the white house blown off. The White HOT
nuclear bombs coming from the Russian bear of Putin blows up in Beast Trumps face! You can see
Trump Roaring down the road setting in the drivers seat of this nation with his hand on the steering
wheel and the dust rolling out behind him!

The Hand writing of God is on the Rock Wall today seen in Daniel 5:25 ...
burned out by his red hot
fire finger
! Lying Lion Elephant Donald Trump brings this nation of second Jer-USA-lem down to be
no more
, seen in Jeremiah 51:25 because she has sinned greatly before Almighty God! Using God's
awesome numbering system he shows who this is at the end of 6000 years of man running the show.
5 + 1 =
"6" thousand years and "25" added equals the "7" Churches of today who has sinned
against God greatly and to be no more
as she was!

God said in this passage,
"I am pushing you off the cliff and you will be no more" ... Jeremiah
51:25! Below God shows this old Indian nation ready to be pushed off the cleft. He then shows in fire
Trump          the           Lying   Bully
Can't you see I'm flying in circles?
Washington DC
form from one of his
, this same
Indian nation led by
Bully Lying Lion
goes out in
flames of fire! Read
again Jeremiah 51:
of Matthew
"6-7." I was
"6" of "7"
children in a preachers
home in year
preaching today to the 3 + 4 = "7" Churches at the Hour of Judgment seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." She, this old Indian nation is now going off the cleft as God shows above. God is using this
old Lying ...
Lion-Elephant-Bully beast to pull the nuclear fire pin and what you see above of this old
Indian nation
, burns up never to rise again! Below is a picture of my old Indian friend, brother Joe
Hobbs who died last
year from a car
accident at the age of
"67." God put this war
rainbow in his
heavens telling this
Nuclear  War
is Now on the Way
!  I
ride out on my
Died at "67'
Paul Revere Electric Horse today at the midnight
... telling this nation and world the Red
Coats, Red Russia and Red China are coming into
this old
Indian nation!

Joe died last year at
"67" and I was "83." I was
"16" years older than Brother Joe. This touches
on this old Indian Nation of
"16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC., and the
Red Coats are
now o
n their way ,,. Russia and China!
Left I was "67" years of age when my friend, Leo who owns the
Leo Camera shop in down down Klamath soon to Fall ... USA
Oregon, took this picture of me standing in front of my
... "God's Moving Church." Below the bumper I enlarged
my License plate number for you to see.

About 2 weeks before I received my new license plate, I had
written a newsletter titled,
"Crossing Yahweys Jordan
."  When I opened the licence plate package I had
stopped at Squaw Flates Store parking lot at the
"22" mile
marker from Klamath soon to FALL Oregon. I was born on Leo
the Lion month of August
"22." I remind you it was Leo who
owned this Camera shop when he took this picture of me at the
age of
"67." Heres the kicker, the license plate number begins
"X" for Crossing. Next we see "Y" for Yahweh and next
we see "J" for Jordan.  Here we see the title to my newsletter I had written two weeks before I
received my new licence plate. Now for the last three numers,
"892." First I remind you my GMC is
the year
2000. Now we multiply 8 X 9 = "72" X 2 or 2000 GMC = "144,000" that God soon takes out to
be with him while the rest of mankind remains behind to be purified or go to hell. This is seen in

These 144,000 soon to be taken out by God Almighty, have Jesus Chirst written on their foreheads.
Jesus Christ has
"11" letters in his name and we add Revelation 14:1-5 equals number "11." Next
we go to Joel 2:
"11" to see Jesus Chirst who is number "11" ... riding at the head of His Army whose
forces are beyond number and many are those who obey His Command!  Prior to verse 11 we see
the nuclear missels coming over the mountain tops and people's hearts failing them when they see
this ... this is also spoken about in Matthew 24.

In closing this awesome message, I have a witness to these messages, a Woman in St. Paul, MN.,
named Katy Sasie and a young man in northern California named Bryon Perez., who just turned
years of age tying in the
End!  Paul Gerig born on Leo the Lion month of August "22" and now we
see Bryon P. as the
SON ... now "22" ... the end! Who do we see Katy in these "3" signs from
Almighty God? We see her as the
HOLY SPIRIT side of God ... the woman who has the children ... "3"
girls and one boy.

God shows signs would appear in the heavens above and on the earth below. He shows himself in
people on earth as well as
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God's Ring of f/ire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...