Lying Don - Wife - Son & Church
The above came from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens of what is about to happen to the
Church who put this Bastard of Satan into power ... they are getting ready to
BURN. You can see
left in God's Hubble space telescope camera in his heavens, the LION BEAST of TRUMP top left
coming in and see here as riding on a lamb, meaning a good Christian Lamb but is a LION ... LYING
BEAST soon to cause the killing of the once Lamb, Jesus Church but today are seen as

You can see this scarlet red headed woman Church with the nuclear bombs soon to go off behind
her, meaning she is oblivious to what is soon to happen to her as she dances around today to music
while second Rome burns to the ground. God is showing the people who still has eyes for him, what
is now coming upon her. These taken out to the throne of Jesus Christ just before this happens go
to the Throne room of God seen in Revelation 14:1-5 and Isaiah
66:7.  Isaiah "66:6" speaks about
the beast of the
"666" seen in Revelation 13:18 ... let him with insight calculate the number of the
beast, for his number is a man's number ...
"666" ... Donald John Trump!
   Lying    Donald     ....    Wife     ....    Son       

Red Head
Church with
her red hair
blowing to
the left by
white hot
coming from
Russia  on
the north.
Left God shows this Trump Beast in dark cloud
form riding the beast, Trump the Beast with his
huge mouth wide open all the time as he has his
hand on the throttle setting on the back of this
dark cloud beast roaring down the road today.
Notice his hand on the throttle showing below his
hand his
HEART upside down as he shows he
loves them when he is getting ready to kill them!

Right of the large center white light above, is the
nuclear bombs soon to go off, and right of the
bombs you can see this
scarlet woman Church
with her red hair head hanging down and her left
arm hanging down as the bombs take her out

God is using in the Beast Donald J. Trump who is
carrying the
AXE to cut down the Seven Tree
Churches who has turned away from him!
"66:6" speaks about the beast of
Revelation 13:18 ...
"Let him with wisdom calculate
the number of the
BEAST, for it is man's number his
number is

Isaiah "66:6" states: "What is that sound in the
city ... what is that sound coming from the Temple
(Temple meaning the Churches)  
it is the sound of
the Lord repaying his ENEMIES,
(The Churches)  all
they deserve."
Isaiah "66:6" ...

Notice the head of the Beast left that ties into the
"3" horsemen of the Apocalypse in Revelation
6:7-8 with the other 2 beast heads of the 666.
All "3" horsemen of the Apocalypse were born in
year "4
6" and we see "666." Trump 45 was born
"6" Bush 43 month "7" Clinton 42  month
"8" ... Revelation "6:7-8."

You can plainly see God making this image of the
beast with
"G" for God in the middle of its
backbone, setting on top of the
coming down on the
"7" Sleeping Churches of
today seen in Matthew
25:6-7. We add 2 + 5 = "7"
Churches and 6 X 7 =
"42" and number 42 equals
the first head of the
"3" headed Lion Beast
"42." Now we take number "6" and put it
with number "7" ...
"67" and we see the world
leaving the
"6"th Millennium of man ruling the
world and going into God ruling the world for 1000
years, number
"7" equals "67." Left are "7" trees
in a circle with the
AXE HEAD of Jesus, God
Big Mouth
Don Trump 4
heading out
in the center with a picture of the lion's head, Jesus, on the left side now ready to cut down the "7"
Tree Churches who has become enemies of God seen in Isaiah
"66:6." Jesus said some 2000 years
ago, men are seen as Trees!

"7" tree Churches stood in front of my "42" day camp on top of the Bly, Mountain of God ,.. 6
X 7 =
"42." I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year 34 ... 3 + 4 = "7" ... preaching
"33" years to the sleeping "7" Churches at the HOUR OF JUDGMENT today from my last and final
"3"rd flying in mid-air ANGEL website seen in Revelation 14 and verses "6-7."
The "7" tree Churches in a circle stood on the front right
side of my 42 day camp on God's high mountain named
Bly, mountain with his river named Sprague River coming
out from the top of his high mountain where I had
camped for
"42" days.

Left stood this "7" foot tall ... "10" foot wide Ten
Commandment Rock directly in front of my camp, by the
road coming in. It was the Jews who first broke these
"Ten Commandments," and it is the
"7" Churches that
broke them also today!

Directly right of the Ten Commandment Rock only yards
away stood Sprague River and the Rock shaped like the
Dove, Jesus Christ drinking out from God's Sprague
River, and below this is yours truly standing of Rock
Jesus giving this awesome message to those who still
have eyes and ears for Jesus Christ today!

Below yours truly peaching over the huge Rock, Jesus
Christ today, is the Wedding Ring, as the wedding of
Jesus Christ is soon to appear! This 10 foot high
Wedding Ring of God, stood beside my 20 foot long
vacation trailer on my 42 day camp on God's high
mountain. When I parked my tailer I never noticed the
Wedding Ring.
Above God again shows yours truly in a topical storm
over this nation on Election day a few years ago. I put my
name PAUL seen here over the West Coast where I live
blowing this JESUS Trumpet. You can see the head of my
Jesus Trumpet hitting this Eagle Bird nation in its head
killing it. This is seen over the State of Florida, Donald
Trumps favorite state.

Below the Wedding Ring of God is the sign of a nuclear
storm to hit this nation brought in by the above beast, big
mouth Donald J. Trump 45 over the state of Florida,
Trumps favorite state he says.  God shows the mushroom
cloud and stem bomb soon to go off. God says,
window for this to happen is now OPEN

God is confirming this and it is soon to take place!  
Look closely in this Open Window and you can faintly see
the word,
"Church." God is very plainly saying, the
Church of today as she is, is under my last and final Fire

Below the nuclear mushroom cloud bomb going off soon
and suddenly, is an awesome fiery volcano from Almighty
God. This shows the goat Church of today, talking to the
beast they put into power, Donald Trump who they put
into power by the help of Almighty God! Notice over the
white head of Trump is the Skull of a Beast that Trump is.
It was the sleeping Church who put into power the beast

Below I turned this real picture of the Mushroom cloud
bomb going off to show you the Goat Church of today
going up in this nuclear bomb soon to hit. I didn't have
this image made, God did. You can see the goat head
going up into the air by rocket form. At the top you can
see its head facing right. Right of the Goat Churches
head you can see the head of this bald-eagle nation
looking to the right.

Below the Bald Eagle you can see the white skull of the
dead people! Below the Skull you can see the head of a
Dragon ... the beast that this bald eagle nation crashing to
the ground seen below. One day when driving into
Klamath soon to Fall USA Oregon, I took this picture of
this Bald-Eagle bird nation coming down. At the time I put
the writing on this bald Eagle Bird nation what you see on
this picture and this I put there some maybe 10 years ago
which is happening today.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...